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  1. Pure speculation of a very small amount of money by the Saudis. Junk bond sales with interest in the teens... CCL is not a viable equity stock for the long term.
  2. Hello pinotlover, We had a June 2020 "Grand France" booked with Uniworld. Our TA and Uniworld rebooked it for May/June 202. However, at that time we are up against two issues of concern: (1) we will both be in out late 70s and bumping up against CLIA's current guidance for cruisers, and (2) concern over viability of cruise lines, especially small ones like Uniworld. I anticipate a slow restart as ships will require refurbishing, and crew retrained if not new crew hired. The "Grand France" cruise is two-weeks and involves two ships, and likely be one of the last to be resurrected. The good news is that American Airlines was quick (two weeks) to refund our full airfare. My take is that river cruising, especially in very hard hit France, will not be viable until at least winter and hopefully open for the Holiday Markets season.
  3. Closer to 96 percent as the death rate is holding steady around 3.5-4 percent.
  4. There is some truth to your comment. We adopted a 7 y/o girl from a Romanian children's home in 1990. She never got sick having been exposed to just about everything one could imagine. Today she is health and has given us 4 wonderful grand-girls. Americans are much more prone to "mall illnesses" than people in most other cultures.
  5. Good discussion/description of an American caught in the Chinese containment near Wuhan and then repatriated back to the US on an evacuation flight and placed in 14-day quarantine in California: https://www.washingtonpost.com/outlook/2020/02/18/my-14-days-coronavirus-quarantine-werent-totally-terrible/
  6. I used a wonderful picture of my English Springer Spaniel. She is beautiful. Let the people at the pier/check-in make the formal picture.
  7. Abel is paranoid. The Japanese government is not trying to "quiet" him in any manner. Improper for him to even suggest. I'm sure the "hostel" is likely more comfortable than a hospital for a couple and just as easily used to quarantine people. Remember, the quarantine is to isolate infected and possibly infected people from the population at large.
  8. The surgical type one-time-use masks can protect both you and others. Helps protect you from fingers to face contact and others from you. N95s are also good for other airborne contacts, such as anthrax. Best is to never shake hands on a cruise and to wash, wash, wash with hands soap (any kind) and water (cold or, hot - makes no difference according to CDC).
  9. Some people are not happy with anything, especially if someone else likes it. I'm still adjusting to the "cruise ships" concept over the ocean liner. I fondly recall the trans-Atlantics on the old Cunard Queens to include Queen Mary currently a floating hotel, the SS United States (I learned to swim in its inside pool) and SS America, and the original Holland-America ships. Classes were separated by louvered doors and didn't mix. Small cabins with window portholes, and a steel cover for the porthole, if needed. Entertainment was the evening horse race using wooden horses and dice to move the avatars. Everyone dressed for dinner every night - ugh! It was the only way to travel in the 1940s through the 50s until the event of the DC-7 and then jets with trans-Atlantic range. Travel convenances evolve with better technology. From my perspective the mega-ships (Oasis Class) are an abomination while the Millie class are about right for comfort, class and transits between ports. Solstice and Princess' Royal classes are equivalent - beautiful ships designed for the passenger. Tried Edge and loved the IV cabin but not much else. The "Black Forest" outside to Blu reminded me of the forests on Altair 4! Creepy. And the underlit steps were downright dangerous going down.
  10. Princess is doing a fantastic job in light of all the challenges. To essentially blame them for the outbreak of COVID-19 is disingenuous at best. Princess is taking good care of their passengers, crew and providing refunds and travel assistance where warranted. Princess has no obligation to refund anything for a change of mind regarding travel. Please reread the contract agreed to on booking.
  11. A couple of issues: - Face masks do one thing well: protect others from you. N95s are good if fitted right. Paper surgical masks can work to help prevent hand contact with your face/mouth/nose. - Quarantining is NOT to help cure those quarantined. It is designed solely to protect others from those in quarantine. It does nothing to help those not sick to avoid catching the virus. - As mentioned, the best way to avoid catching the virus is near constant vigilance and hand washing. CDC recommends 20 seconds with any kind of soap, hot or cold water makes no difference. Plus wipe down surfaces in your cabin with a good disinfectant - the German government is recommending one with hydrogen peroxide.
  12. There is nothing "wrong" with drinking tap water in your cabin. Its likely better and safer than water that has been bottled and sold by the major drink companies, such as Aquafina (Pepsi) and Dasani (Coca-Cola). These companies essentially use tap water and sell it with a fancy name. Have been drinking ship's water for well over 50 years... And, reusing the plastic bottle "saves the waves."
  13. Now wait a minute... I reached the exalted stars of "Associate Emperor" on the Klondike game on my iPad. That should get me something, right? An extra butter patty at dinner? Somewhat tired of posters who express opinions that they should have something others are enjoying. As adults and paying "guests" we should know and do better.
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