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  1. IMHO we need a "new rule!" Pick your eatery and stay there for all meals, except for specialty restaurants. All you people who crowd into the buffet area for breakfast and lunch and then demand to be served for dinner are ruining it for those of us who really enjoy the wide selections (on Royal class ships) and choices of ethnic foods available for the evening meals (and for lunch). The truly best places to eat in the evenings is the buffet. Lots of choice, few people, its very quiet and a table to watch the sea go by is readily available. Plus it can be timed to get to the evening shows without hassle.
  2. You might be surprised at what goes on behind the wall in the MDR and other places serving meals... It is an illusion of safety to presume everything is done with cleanliness in mind. Just those entrees sitting around under heat lamps... Yuck!
  3. The US military is not requiring the vaccine at the moment citing the EUA nature of the vaccine. The lawyers have apparently won this one. I disagree with the decision and believe everyone in the military should be vaccinated. FYI - I served in uniform for 30 years and was vaccinated against just about everything...
  4. We were upgraded to is today a Penthouse Suite for a trans-Atlantic in late 2013. Thought it was pretentious and unneeded. We are very comfortable in a Sky or what is today called a "Royal Suite." Really didn't need the extra space, dining room or hot tub...or the constant attention from the butler. Was memorable...even if a bit embarrassing since we were traveling with friends.
  5. The EUA designation is how the US military circumvents this requirement for active duty members of the US Armed Forces. It remains "voluntary" until the "emergency" designation is removed.
  6. We just had ours updated by our PCP with the Pfizer prophylaxis to go along with yellow fever, smallpox, influenza, tetanus, etc. Passports sent to US State Department for renewal. Have three cruises booked for 2022 in Europe and T/As. Ready when "they" are.
  7. Implied no such thing. That is a perception, same as with the efficacy and mission of the CDC. From my observations, and that is 42 years of data management sifting hard facts from in essence, fiction, the CDC does a wonderful job is helping the safety and well being of the American people, home and abroad. A career in intelligence givens one the ability to differentiate between innuendo and balderdash with the relevant facts. Welcome your hard facts on why the CDC is wrong in its assessments under the current leadership of Doctor Walenksy.
  8. Prejudice? Against whom? The CDC? The American people? COVID-19 Safety? We had our Pfizer vaccinations in January. Wild assumptions? Nope - "Just the facts, Ma'am." You have an obvious dislike for the CDC and its mission. We get that. However, other than innuendo and supposition, you haven't said why. Because you can't cruise? Well after over 550,000 Americans have died from COVID in a year there is reasons to follow and accept CDC guidance. Everyone should be following their guidance be it cruising or daily activities. It is the only way to stay safe.
  9. Your biases are coming out with the term "second language speakers." FYI - not all US citizens speak "American English" as a first language. And, IMHO, those who profess that "American English" must be the only language are not well traveled or educated. Second, the CDC is not into "marketing." It is not a social media site. It is an official organ of the US government and as such provides Americans with the best information available on threats to health to Americans, both in and outside of the USA. One of the challenges we have is that fully one-third of so called "educated" Americans believe the world is flat. Thirty-three (33) percent. Is that the result of our education system? Result of "fundamentalism?" Result of the absence of travel? A large percentage of Americans have never traveled outside their state of birth and many never beyond their county. Really sad. In Europe, on the other hand, people routinely travel to other countries, speak multiple languages and welcome other cultures. I know - I was raised in Europe, attended international schools and even lived in the former Yugoslavia in the 1980s attached to the US embassy. And, have set foot on all seven continents. The CDC - today at least - is a professional organization run by medical and scientific experts. The Director herself has more qualifications that most people I've met. The CDC is not obfuscating information while so-called social media sites are designed to do just that. Do agree that all Americans needs to be vaccinated. I am a proponent of required vaccinations, just as we did with smallpox which had been around infecting humans for over 3,000 years when a British doctor discovered that inoculations using cowpox from fistulas stopped the spread of the disease. It took another 160 years to claim the disease was eradicated. The US CDC is not in the marketing business. It is in the fact business. Whether you want to believe facts or not is your choice. It is not out to stop you from cruising. It does provide you with refined data of the threat to your safety, in this case to exposure to COVID-19. I personally trust the CDC and its current director. I will follow CDC guidance to keep my family and me safe.
  10. It is only the fools like some at the CDC Calling the Center for Disease Control "fools" is totally uncalled for. It is currently headed and staffed by very skilled and dedicated medical and science professionals. Dr Rochelle Walensky is supremely well qualified to run the organization charter to keep us safe. Saying she is a "fool" is a horrible comment.
  11. They are required to do this now. Its called pratique. Its been in use since 1609! The "gold standard" is and remains the WHO Carte Jaune. Its recognized world-wide and border crossing. No need to create a new record. There are already 17 different options flooding the US market. Buy this app or that app - doesn't "prove" anything more than the Carte Jaune does.
  12. Wow, Another "we need to restart cruising now!" thread on Cruise Critic. This is just like asking someone at an MLB game, who has just shelled out $100 to get in the door and $12 for a beer and $8 for a hot dog, if they like baseball. The real surprise is the number of negative answers. I find these types of "polls" disingenuous. They do nothing for the safe, repeat safe, return to some form of cruising. We need toilet the medical professionals, yes even CDC has "medical professionals," to the data collection, research and evaluation of the safety and efficacy of everything involved in a restart. Taking the cake out of the oven well before it is ready can be disastrous. That "cake" has ingredients from the cruise lines themselves which they need to address, and have been dragging their heels to accomplish. That, in itself, could be taken as a sign that cruise lines are not yet ready themselves to safely resume operations.
  13. Not that easy. Still much to consider such as vaccinations of porters, immigration and cruise line contract people ate the port. Then there are concerns over local hotel and restaurants supporting travelers, rental and car park companies, etc. Add in health screenings which will add processing time. Cruise lines remain reticent to provide any details on how they will alter/improve pre and post cruise port operations, much less the changes required on board.
  14. Two days in St Pete is enough to get a taste of Russia. We booked a 2-day shore excursion with SPB and it was fabulous. Constant contact with the owner. Easy through Russian immigration at the pier. Sailed on Celebrity Connie - perfect size for this itinerary. Weather can upset the schedule. Tallinn was wonderful. Our cruise included Rostock instead of the extra sea day and also Stockholm.
  15. My best perspective for Azamara is that its "like coming home again." Great ships and crews.
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