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  1. So far, everyone has done pretty well this week. That's great. It's been raining like crazy where we live. Yesterday we had a dry, beautiful day, 62 degrees. I worked in the backyard for 3 hours. That was quite the workout. Diana
  2. Pacruise, thanks for starting the weekly thread. As you said, your gain was small. I think at this time of year we have to just do the best we can...... I gained 5 lbs. (yikes!) on my 3 week cruise that we came back from last week. I better get busy losing. next up is a 44 day South American cruise March 15th, 2020. I need to lose the 5 lbs. plus more...…... Have a good day everyone. Diana
  3. Hello everyone, Happy Thanksgiving, Jan, thanks for the thread. Glad you had a good time on your cruise. Am back from our 3 week cruise. I am going to wait until next to weigh myself. Think I gained about 5 lbs. but will report next week. Everyone have a great holiday. Diana
  4. Hello, Belle, great poem. I think you leave again soon, have a great time. I am down 1 lb., that's 7 lbs. since the end of August, happy. We leave on our cruise on Saturday. 3 weeks. Hope I can keep my gain to about 3 lbs. Jan, at least you lost something. Have a terrific cruise next week. Robin, oops on the gain but it's small, will come off soon. Have a good day everyone. Diana
  5. Welcome Sprint, good job on losing. Belle, yes we lived 2 blocks from the Shiloh Regional Park that had some vegetation burning nears homes. I miss that area so much. So pretty there. But right now, thankful we aren't there. Read that firefighters were able to fend off the flames and save all the homes. Nothing short of a miracle...….. Diana
  6. Rose, I missed your first post. .6 gain is not horrible and you were able to get to goal weight which is great. It will go away fast. Robin, congrats on the loss. Pacruise, well, small gain. Glad your knee is better. Glad you were able to go to the gym. Hubby and I are retired. I don't know what I would do without our gym. I always feel better when we go. Diana
  7. Hello everyone, Belle thanks for the poem. We don't keep candy in our house...... I lost 1 lb., that's 6 lbs. in the last 8 weeks. I'm at my scale number that I don't like to be over so that's good. Jenny, good loss and congrats on fitting into those pants. Yeah. Jan, staying the same is a win. Have a good day everyone, Diana
  8. Belle, wow good losing in just a few days. Ooh your Caribbean cruise sounds great. We are going Nov. 3rd to 24th on NCL Bliss Long Beach, CA to NY though the Panama Canal. Some ports in Mexico, Columbia, Aruba, Curacao, St. Maarten. Basically they are all repeat ports but that's ok. Have a good day all. Diana
  9. Belle, well, it's only 2 lbs. That's nothing! Where are you off to next? pacruise, you stayed the same like. Robin, sorry for the gain. Katmu and Melmar, good losses. Melmar, congrats on that total loss, awesome. Rose, ok mainitaining. That's difficult too. Hope everyone has a nice rest of the weekend, Diana
  10. Hello, Belle, thanks for the poem, glad you're back. Let us know how you did with gain, loss or stay the same. I stayed the same this week. Not surprised, BBQ last weekend and eating out...…..I cruise in 2 weeks for 21 days. Hope I lose a couple lbs. by then but may have to go to Plan B...….eat less! Heathersmoo, yes keep at it. Jenny, good loss. Jan, glad you had a loss. I do a lot of losing and gaining the same few lbs...……... Have a good everyone, Diana
  11. Belle, welcome back. Glad you had a good time. Somehow I don't think you'll have much of a gain. Diana
  12. Hope everyone is having a good week. Welcome to the new posters. We went to an end of summer BBQ over the weekend. I parked myself far away from the food table. No snacks just a burger, salad and pasta salad. No seconds. A small piece of carrot cake and a couple mini Halloween candies found their way on my plate though😲. Diana
  13. Hello, Thanks pacruise for the thread. And glad you lost. Oh what I would give to weigh what I did when hubby and I got married. Sadly I think that's too difficult at this point. But I'm rooting for you. 😉 I lost 1lb. Great but I need to lose more, cruising again in 3 weeks. Katmu, good loss. Jan and Jenny, at least no gain. Diana
  14. Hello, Belle, nice you popped in. I was thinking about you the other day. We were in Mexico in October a couple of years ago and the humidity was so bad, I was wondering you were faring. But beyond that, just the heat alone was enough to send me back to the ship. The heat of the sidewalks was burning my feet through my shoes...…... I'm wishing you a no gain weigh-in. Diana
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