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  1. Jenny, that's a great loss pretty quickly. Congrats. Don't worry about the pizza, we all need a little splurge now and then. Diana
  2. Hello, Belle, I have been having the summer food and drinks you mention. I gained a 1 lb. this week. Too much eating out. Blah. Jan, great loss and awesome total. Andrea, good loss. Not much planned over the summer for us either. Traffic horrible, too hot outside. Have a good week everyone. Diana
  3. Congrats Jan, Jenny and pacruise on the losses. I stayed the same. Bummer. Belle, thanks for the poem. Have good a week. Diana
  4. I've been busy.....booking a cruise (what else would I do when a hundred and whatever outside......)! Hubby and I decided to try a monster ship, the NCL Bliss. I think I'll be overwhelmed by the number of passengers but we'll see. We're doing the Panama Canal (2nd time), LA to NY in November. Belle, just so quiet without you. Pacruise, glad you had a nice time. Ah, back to normalcy. Jo, I'm with you and Jan, up, down, up, down. Have a good day. Diana
  5. Hmmm, where is everyone? Hope Belle is ok. Wonder where Jo and Rob are and anyone else we're missing. Hope everyone is doing well. Diana
  6. Jenny that's great you've lost. Firguring out what works is difficult. Diana
  7. Rose, so glad your hubby is doing well. Congrats on being so close to goal. Diana
  8. Hi Belle, welcome back. Wow...free cruise. Great. Congrats. I lost 1 lb. 3 more to lose to be back to pre-cruise weight. Jan, good loss. I'm with you on the gain, lose over and over. How is everyone's weather. It is hot where we live, 100 past few days. Have a good day, Diana
  9. Hello, Pacruise, thanks for the thread. Not gaining is good. Congrats on the graduation. Have a great time on your vacation. Jan, sorry for the gain. Bummer when you work hard and show a gain. I lost 1 lb. 4 more to go to pre-cruise weight. Diana
  10. Belle, enjoy your trip. Yes, one of us will start the thread on Thursday. Not sure what my weight loss will be this week. It was hubby's birthday yesterday so lots of eating out. Back to salads tomorrow..... Hope everyone is having a nice weekend. Diana
  11. pacruise, congrats on the losing. That is great news you are having success not only with the weight loss but good lab numbers. Great your cruise is coming so soon. Have fun. Diana
  12. Hello, Nice poem Belle. Have a nice time on your cruise. Sorry your leg is not cooperating. However, sitting with a foo foo drink watching the Alaskan scenery go by is still great. Jan, good loss. My weigh-in...... I gained 5 lbs. on my 3 week trip, not the worst. Hope to get if off quicky. Wishing everyone a great day. Diana
  13. Rose, wishing your hubby well for his procedure. Belle, hope your leg is better soon. Your cruise is coming up fast. Diana
  14. Hello, I'm back. We had a great time on our cruise and in Prague. What an amazing city. Oh, and some of the food. The croissants, cheese and salamis, mmmm. I'm going to wait until next week to weigh-in. Need to detox the salt from my body. Hopefully I didn't do too bad. Glad to see some famliar folks. Glad some did well. Nice cruises some took. Diana
  15. Jan, we were doing a red eye. With the weather, Easter and Spring Break all at once I'm not sure it would have mattered going a day or even two early. Tomorrow we'll land in Miami in the afternoon and spend the night. Jo, you lost a little, good luck with your flight. Jenny, sorry for your loss. Pacruise, welcome back and congrats on the loss. I probably won't check back so will check in when we are back May 17th. Diana
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