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  1. Congrats losers. Jasonmom, oops on the gain. family/social events are so difficult. You'll get if off. Thanks for the well wishes for my cruise. I won't be on CC after now. Too busy. Have to get haircuts, pack, etc. Ok, everyone take care. I will check in when we're back Tues. 8/27. Best, Diana
  2. Hello, Belle, wow, lots of good thoughts. I ask myself those questions all the time. I lost 1 lb. despite too much eating out, go figure. That's the other of the 2 lbs. I gained 2 weeks. In a good weight place for my cruise on Monday. Jan, good loss and total. You are doing well keeping it off. Yeah!๐Ÿ‘ Have a good day. Diana
  3. Hello, Belle, you've been busy, planning cruises is fun. When you can travel short notice or off season there are such good deals, hard to pass up. Glad you have some travels happening. I'm all packed. Ready to go. Hubby will wait until the last minute......Sunday. Hoping I will lose something tomorrow. Been working hard at the gym. Have a good day. Diana
  4. Hello everyone, Had the family lunch out for my mom's birthday. I did pretty well. Ate half my meal, skipped dessert. Belle I was wondering where Shootr and Jo are. I don't think Jo is on a cruise. Have a good evening. Diana
  5. Hello, Andrea, the important thing is to get back on track. We all have our bad times. ๐Ÿ˜ญThis is me, terrified. We tomorrow we have a family restaurant lunch to celebrate my mom's birthday. Tuesday hubby and I are going to a friend's for dinner. There will be drinks, steak and wine on the menu, uh oh. Thinking this week the best I can hope is to not gain. We'll see on Thursday....... Have a good day, Diana
  6. Robin and Jenny, you two must have been typing when I posted. Didn't see your posts until now. Congrats on losses for both of you. Ineedamaitai,congrats on the loss. Cruises42, good loss for you too. We won't have internet, sorry. Have a nice evening everyone. Diana
  7. Good Morning, Belle, great thoughts/poem. I lost 1 of the 2 lbs. I gained last week. Progress. Would like to lose a couple more as we leave Aug. 12th for Alaska. 2 week cruise so guessing I will only gain a couple lbs. Pacruise, good loss and congrats to your daughter. Job well done. Jan, good loss, going in the right direction. Good to focus on your total because it's great. Rose, welcome back. Not a horrible gain and you've done so well with the weight loss. Diana
  8. Hoping to post a loss tomorrow. See everyone tomorrow. Diana
  9. Jenny and Jan, agreed, yummy. I'm happy I love vegetables....... Diana
  10. Checking in. Kudos to those of you working so hard on the weight loss. I did a killer workout on an uphill treadmill this morning at the gym. I always feel so good when I conquer it. Did I tell you guys we are inundated with tomatoes? I planted way too many tomato seeds in Spring and now have so many plants and tomatoes. They are my crack though. Love them so much. Those are my snacks lately. Which is good....... Been eating a lot of zucchini too. Have a couple of those plants. Getting a few a week. Fortunately I love it and it's our nightly vegetable. Don't get tried of it. Especially love it on the grill. Ok, hope everyone else is enjoying some healthier summer foods. Diana
  11. Robin, no gain is good. Jasonmom, I hope you don't gain that weight back visiting family. Obviously you worked hard to lost it. Suggest is buying some healthy foods to have around and try to stay active. Jenny, thay for the head's up about calories. Not as stringent with that stuff. Ombud. Cruising tomorrow? Have a great trip. Diana
  12. Hello, Belle, great thoughts for summer. It's so hot here though we aren't outside too much. Blah. I gained 2 lbs. this week. eek, not the right direction 2 weeks before our cruise. Ugh! Maybe too much eating out or too much salt. I didn't think I ate that badly last week. Hopefully it goes away next week. Jan, know how you feel. Jasonmom, good loss. Have a good day, Diana
  13. Hello, Been busy.........cleaning/fixing things around the house. When hubby asks if I need help with anything, I better take it as it doesn't happen often enough. Wiped a few things off our list. Also planning for Alaska in 2.5 weeks. Been reading everyone's posts. It's great to share, good times and bad. Glad some had success. We've all done pretty well this week. Have a good day everyone. Diana
  14. Robin, good loss. I'm always working on going lower in weight but have a very hard time getting there.......Will probably try to stay where I am. My weight is 15 lbs. less than it was a fews years ago which I'm happy about. Good to see others are losing. Seems we all work have to work so hard and should be losing more. It's never as easy as it should be. Have a nice day everyone. Diana
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