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  1. Rose, so sorry for the troubles. Glad things are somewhat calmer. Belle, good you're the same or slight loss. On cleaning, I try to keep the house clean. I always get motivated by visitors (not for 4 months or the foreseeable future....) so now sometimes I let things go longer but eventually I get around to it. Take care everyone, Diana
  2. Robin, at least you lost something. Jo, good loss for you. Jan, like me, the same. Sorry you are down. I think many, many people are probably feeling like. I feel it too. Pac, small gain. Not bad as you enjoyed your holiday so you are doing lots right. Take care, Diana
  3. Hi Belle, thanks for the thread/poem. I stayed the same again. No 4th of July overeating here. Hope others did well. Diana
  4. Belle, I'm here. I was busy with housework/laundry yesterday. Definitely tired of how things are now. But sadly we will be living like this for a long time. PAC, your post shopping dinner sounds great. Hope everyone is doing well. PAC, I think you're right in that people are not on the boards as much. I think we are all coming to the realization that cruising will not resume any time soon. We put a hold on a cruise in January cruise but let it go. Hope everyone has a good day, Diana
  5. Pac, ooh s'mores. So much yummy sugar. I would settle for the roast marshmallows too. Liz, glad you enjoyed your birthday. Good to be back to better eating. Belle, hope you're doing well. I'm so glad 4th of July is over. The boom, boom, boom from neighbors fireworks was positively deafening and scary as we have many empty grass fields in our area. Cruises42, sending you positives for healing. Have a nice evening, Diana
  6. Happy 4th of July. Stay safe and healthy. I agree with you Belle. We all need to do certain things to keep each other safe. Too bad some think it doesn't apply to them. Also, saw the headline that U.S. officials will announce soon that we will have to live with the virus, it isn't going away, gee really? Guess we'll hide under the covers until the vaccine, many months from now. We have some strawberry nectar and fruit punch so think I'll celebrate today with either a strawberry margarita or rum punch. Yum. Best, Diana
  7. Jo, I like your thinking, go with maintain then you'll post a loss next week. Jan, good loss. Nice you got to see your daughter. Enjoy the new grill. Jan, I think (I hope) people will just get used to it like us. It is just part of life. Most people in NorCal where we are are wearing masks. Those that aren't are very few and far between. I went to a bank the other day and in the strip mall (I was in line outside) I was "people watching", everyone I saw had a mask on. There was one guy in the bank without a mask. Belle, good loss for you too. Our gym is still open. In our county they are not finding virus cases coming from things like salon visits, dentist visits, gyms or even restaurants. It is specifically gatherings with others outside people's immediate household. So, I don't know how long the gym will stay open. I think at some point they will close gyms and dine-in at restaurants but for now those things are still allowed. I have hot dogs for us for tomorrow night's dinner. On the grill of course. Not healthy but a July 4th staple. Have a nice day, Diana
  8. Hello everyone, Thanks Belle always for your words of wisdom. I stayed the same. Pac, nice loss. Glad the workout soreness is gone. Mel, at least not a horrible gain. Nice you are thinking about improving the backyard, sounds like a nice plan. Take care, Diana
  9. Nice reading what everyone is up to. Happy Canada Day to our Northern neighbors. Hubby and I are staying home over the weekend, not even planning to go grocery shopping, doing that tomorrow so we can avoid too many people. Lufe is cancelled here so nowhere to go anyway. Whatever anyone is doing stay safe out there. Diana
  10. Liz, well yes, that sore is a good sore. Bummer your co-worker is being difficult. But at least now she has seen the light. Mel, wow, your kids are doing great with the exercise games. And seems like they're having fun. That's great. Belle, hope your doing well. On the subject of masks........our state has a mask mandate. Our local grocery store hired 1) a monitor at the front door to make sure people wear a mask into the store and 2) the local police dept who have a person outside the store and inside the store to deal with people being difficult about the masks. Oh brother. It's not that bad and we protect each other. Hubby and I have been wearing masks since March anytime we are outside our house. Have a good day, Diana
  11. Hi Belle and everyone, Food eating pretty good. Exercise good. Going to the gym today. Still only handful of people during senior hour and all staying away from others. Working well. Not too much to report. Not doing too much today. Hope everyone is having a good Sunday. Diana
  12. Hello, Saturday Morning, Yesterday after reading the news about virus increases, sad, really sad. Our peak in CA is Oct. 1st or later. Ugh. Our heat wave will ease today. Today's temp only 90. Yesterday was 106. Robin, glad the back is better. Know you can reach your goal. Jo, no gain is good. Liz, 3 lbs.is a great loss no matter what from! Belle and Mel, good losses. Jan, sorry you gained. Stay healthy, Diana
  13. Hello, I stayed the same. Ok. Belle, thanks for the poem. And when I read it, my stomach sank at the part where you said we've been home 4 months. That seems so shocking to me. Who would have thought our lives would be this way. So sad. Pacruise, maintaining is good. 10 lb. total loss so far is great. Jenny, Your down a good amount in the past few months. Congrats. Take care and stay healthy, Diana
  14. Gym report: we went during senior hour today 2-3pm. Was great, 7 people (including us) in the gym. Loved it. Will probably stick to that time to avoid people. It's super hot during that time of day but we live really close to the gym and because there's hardly anyone there it is easy to get a shady parking spot. Jenny, glad you are getting away from so much news. It just gets so depressing. Good to stay informed but I don't think we need to watch hours of news. Glad you've found some things to bide your time and bring you joy. Robin, hope your back gets better soon! Have a nice evening everyone, Diana
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