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  1. It was on the Carnival Cruiseline board but it looks like it got moved here to the Alaska board.
  2. Bugs were not an issue. I heard that they really don’t get mosquitos there probably because it stays so cold a lot of the year. We didn’t do the dogsledding just stopped at a bunch of places up to the Emerald Lake. Sounds like it might be frozen in May though from what others said. Any of the excursions requiring planes or helicopters are crazy expensive. We splurged on the small boat tour (~250pp) but stayed cheaper on the rest. The planes were even more money like $400pp. We see bears and whales here in New England so we didn’t do those excursions. We loved Alaska and would go again. So much to do, I would recommend going to the Alaska board, tons of info on there.
  3. We cruised on NCL for Alaska in August but I can give you some general tips. Juneau: first thing we went up to Mendenhall glacier on our own and hiked down to the falls, very easy hike. It was beautiful. Definitely do this. We also saw bears on the side of the road and salmon jumping here. Took the white bus back to port area for shopping a bit. We then did the small boat excursion in the afternoon with NCL to the Sawyer glacier up close. That was really cool, I would suggest this if Carnival has something similar. In Skagway (I think) we took an independent Yukon tour up to the Emerald Lake and stopped in many places. Saw eagles, bears, cubs, it was wonderful. And the lake was so pretty. Ketchiken we did a little hiking then shopping, watching the salmon jumping in the river. This was a neat area for shopping and hiking. I assume May will be much cooler and bring rain gear and layers. We lucked out and had NO rain the whole time we were there. The cruise director kept saying how lucky we were and that never happens.
  4. KarimaJ

    NCL Review after 10 Carnival Cruises

    I really like NCL but their newer ships also lack some of this openness on the decks. They do have the waterfront deck which goes around most of the ship, but not the front! But it is nice to sit there for drinks or just chill out watching the sea go by.
  5. KarimaJ

    Carnival vs RCI and NCL

    Yes the same 2 nights that the buffet has it. We like it.
  6. KarimaJ


    We went to Paradise Beach, kids loved the inflatables in the water and the huge pool. Next time we might try Chanckanab Park . We also got dropped off close to downtown and shopped around. We really like Cozumel.
  7. Great. We do have FTTF but my parents who booked later do not. We all got 11:30 embark times. I was actually thinking of cancelling FTTF since we have early embark times and don’t have any tender ports. So I was wondering if it was even worth it.
  8. Good to hear this, I hope we have good luck too! Excited to get out of this cold. Brrr....
  9. Hi. We are going on our first Carnival cruise on the Breeze next month. I just read a review that said embark and disembark were awful. Is this true? I thought they now have timed embark which should be very quick and easy. We will be doing self disembark, is that usually painless or is it a hot mess? Thanks!
  10. First by date since my daughter is still in school I pick by NEW ports to us (Don't want a lot of repeat ports unless there's something I want to do) I pick by ship (one that has waterslides and things my daughter enjoys) I pick by the itinerary as a whole I pick by the departure port (Usually not San Juan as it costs more to fly into) I pick by cruise line I pick by ports we love
  11. KarimaJ

    Buying amber pieces

    Thanks all, I think I'll skip this.
  12. KarimaJ

    Amber Cove & La Romana, DR

    I meant to say, one way to look for things to do is to got he cruiseline website and check excursions for the ports. I then research outside vendors and can usually find other things to do in the process.
  13. KarimaJ

    Amber Cove & La Romana, DR

    The waterfalls is Amber Cove port. I'm debating if we want to do this. I heard about the cable car in Puerta Plata (Amber Cove) but I'm leery of this. You could get great views and pictures on that.
  14. KarimaJ

    NCL Review after 10 Carnival Cruises

    We feel like you have NCL down pretty good. We love the curry/Indian options on NCL buffet too and think they have a great buffet in general. They did have buffet around 11:00pm with pizza, a few entrees, crepes, etc is that late night venue. All the cruises I took they had a family comedy show and late night show a few times per week but it was more then once. And yes the shows are good with NCL. And the almost free drink perk is great! Now going on my first Carnival cruise next month woo-hoo!!!
  15. KarimaJ

    Buying amber pieces

    I know about the amber museum, still trying to decide if we will go there. My question is, do they sell the amber pieces anywhere else in port? And for those who went to the museum what was the price range of the pieces? Thanks!!