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  1. With hindsight there are things they should have probably done form the onset...... 1) Actually tested the crew and removed those who were positive from service. 2) put healthy working crew or outside help into full hazmat mode and use only outside packed MRE as food. 3) Really Test all passengers and split off Positive ones as to really keep the quarantine clean since it did become apparent quickly that you didn’t have to show any symptoms to already be spreading the virus. 4) aProblem not easily solved is Japanese culture where saying no or asking for help is deemed a failure...... otherwise the idea itself wasn’t actually bad.
  2. That however poses the biggest problem no country has a facility large enough to provide full Small group quarantine for such a number of patients! On th eu-shop you can at least keep them in small family units. There is simply nothing ashore that can provide the same kind of units.
  3. @ Hollysmokes you see I told there was probably a lot going on behind the scenes and that once they got their ducks in a row they would probably come up with a solution. Glad to hear it may have been solved for you.
  4. While I have all the sympathy in the world for those passengers currently on the Diamond in all honesty they are currently a risk to any population. Over and above that these cruise staterooms are a lot more comfortable than any army base or make shift arrangement. The cruise ship also allows small group quarantine something no other facility could offer for such a substantial number of people.
  5. Yes Sir that is currently correct (At least what we currently know) however letting this spread uncontrolled leaves the door open since a small mutation somewhere along the way could make the Spanish flu look like a walk in the part.
  6. I would not be so quick to judge. 11 of the 13 cases in Germany are the direct result of ONE SINGLE PERSON coming to a business conference. This person from China showed now signs of symptoms until this person was on the flight home. Fortunately this person was responsible enough to contact the company to let them know of the danger and the company had the foresight to rather shut down than continue to put not only their employees at risk but everyone else they come into contact with and the multiplier of that..... The company immediately shut down its HQ and home quarantined all it’s staff members and the result was still 11 positive diagnoses with some even in families.
  7. one small pointer on the side many insurer form other parts of the world NEVER include the results of such event. You might want to read that pesky fine print and see just what they EXCLUDE
  8. I get your point but where, near this port do you have the facilities to quickly quarantine 6.000 plus people safely in small groups without putting the local population and over 300 million US citizens in harms way? I am will to bet with you not even the USA is capable of such a feat.
  9. With all due respect but I think you are underestimating the severity of what is happenIng at all cruise line HQ at the moment. as I said in my original post since the OP is not in the US things may have to be checked over with legal departments in different parts of the world due to other rules and regulations in other parts of the world. This often takes time. I have personally experienced such an event outside of quickly developing global events. Patience is a virtue especially when the OP is apparently in a part of the world where this virus is playing out and disrupting day to day operations.
  10. I would have to agree - it would beyond stupid and reckless to be disembarking passengers without have test results to be sure. We are talking 5.000 passengers in quarantine to protect over 300 mil
  11. All take a deep breath it may not actually me you won’t get a refund. All cruise lines have been caught on the left foot by recent medical and political events and it may take some time to clear legal matters and some information simply takes longer to trickle down to the foreign parts of companies. Saw the same happen on a Celebrity cruise. It took more than a week to inform European guests of an embarkation port change. currently I think they are dealing with a much more important issue namely the Anthem returning with what could possibly be sick guests.
  12. I bet the Americans will do exactly the same - quarantine the whole ship, extract the already sick and test them, if positive and monitor those with direct contact with testing. There is simply no other way to protect the rest of your population. In some cases humans just cannot be trusted to do as told so you simply have to enforce it. Imagine letting 5.000 people off a cruise ship with instructions to home quarantine and just 1% doesn’t feel they need to comply. Never mind the fact that the vast majority doesn’t live at the port and needs to get home somehow. That is simply not a viable choice,
  13. @ those suggesting the US evacuate US citizens prior to the end of the quarantine get a😫 ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MINDS!?!? from me. That is the whole idea of quarantine to stop the spread! Right now these people are comfortable and as safe as they are going to be - even if they can’t see that way right now. Believe it or not a cruise ship stateroom is more comfortable than any army barracks or any makeshift confinement area. As to medical attention all those tested positive are removed from the ship and brought to hospitals ashore. Why would repatriation be so dangerous - here is the reason..... Currently of the 13 cases in Germany 11 were caused by on single person coming from China to take part in work conference. 2 are from a repatriation flight. The reason it seems ( I am saying that with the utmost precaution] we have been able to contain it to a certain extend is that the company shut down immediately and everyone had to go home to quarantine there and if anyone showed signs of illness was moved to hospital all the while still testing those in home quarantine. The repatriation flight people are also in quarantine (army base) with regular testing. We all need to be sensible here because while this corona is not as deadly as the flu it seems to be highly transmittable and all it could take is a small mutation for it to become a real killer that could make the Spanish flu look like a walk in the park,
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