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  1. Ask your room steward or butler for deck blankets. They will leave them in your room for you to use throughout your stay. We used them out on the balcony, as well as for a nap on the couch in the afternoon, in Alaska, Canada/New England & Norway.
  2. Been cruising NCL since 2002, platinum plus - so NCL veterans, we normally eat an average of 3 meals per cruise at Cagneys. Did so on our April-May cruise on the Epic, have booked 3 nights there for our January cruise on the Getaway. We have never eaten a meal at Cagneys we didn't like. Were disappointed with a few of the menu changes they have made along the way, but the food and ambience are always a fantastic experience for us.
  3. We normally stay within a half hour of the port, we head over from our hotel between 10:00 & 10:30. By 11:30 we are usually seated in the restaurant for lunch, toasting our vacay with our first drink.
  4. You can see the prices of Shorex by port on the ‘Explore Shore Excursions’ page of the NCL website without signing into your myNCL page. At least, the 3 I have booked for my New Orleans cruise in January are all there with the prices.
  5. Thanks for the great reminder Dwayne. Never fails, we are Plat+, I call ahead and reserve our excursions to take advantage of the $50-$100 per port package discounts, but I fail to write down how much the shore excursions I booked are advertised to cost. I am fairly(?) organized about our cruises and use a template to list daily location, average temperature for the date, excursion booked, dining booked, shows booked. That may seem obsessive, but normally once we board there are no worries about planning, just relax and enjoy all the months of pre-planning. I am adding a column to include the advertised cost and the 15% discount amount so I don't leave my money on the table.
  6. My thoughts on this one.......God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change......
  7. Thank you all for your help. Sounds interesting to me, and with differing comments we can go prepared if we decide to attend (take our small bedside flashlight 😬).
  8. Can someone that has attended Escape the Big Top on the Getaway comment on this “show”? Is this a circus-type experience? Or is this like an escape room type of experience? Haven’t really noticed anyone mentioning this, don’t want to pre-book something without knowing what I’m getting into.
  9. We had $500 worth of OBC for our 15 day Transatlantic in April. We had prepaid our DSC, had $100 per port shore excursion credits already, with most everything paid for in advance, SDP, beverage package, etc., couldn't figure out how in the world we would be able to spend all that money onboard. But it really was easy. Mainly used for treats we wouldn't have wanted to spend "our money" on. Hubby drank some expensive scotch, his sunglasses broke so he bought some Ray Ban sunglasses (he would've never bought those at home), bought some photos, bought some nice shorts and tops, actually it was very easy to splurge and we ended up owing $180 when we got off the ship!!
  10. I believe what I would miss the most is the ability to show up for a nice dinner whenever you chose, without a reservation. That is the advantage of the dedicated haven dinner restaurant. We always have a meal package + latitudes vouchers to use, so each night a reservation is necessary. Sometimes it's just nice to be able to wing it, not have a plan, and still be able have a nice, quiet, dinner. We had our first "big ship" experience on the Epic in April. I must admit that the dedicated dinner restaurant & bar were a treat. When you book a haven room on the Joy, that is what you expect. I would be disappointed too.
  11. Thank you www3traveler, this will be a Carib and we are going to hit Cagneys embarkation night for dinner. We always board early, then we eat and drink plenty, just don't want to miss that show if it is offered.
  12. Prepping for our 1st sailing on an Away class ship. We always try to make the Welcome Aboard Show on embarkation night if possible. I am getting ready to make my dinner rezzies, wondering if anyone knows for sure if they have a show, and what time(s). Also looking for a link (saw one on here recently) to a current Ocean Blue menu.
  13. We will visit NO for the 1st time in mid-January, sailing on the Getaway and staying at Embassy Suites near the port. Anyone up-to-date with the construction/road delays at this point or know the projected completion date?
  14. Thank you NCL, removing the up charges to the dining package and adding back some things that people consider a real "treat" when dining on the cruise ships are great moves! Now if we could only get some coca-cola products..............................
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