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  1. No drinks allowed. They will make you discard water, soda, alcohol, all drinks - with the exception of wine, which will cost you $15/bottle
  2. I see the Getaway just got a Syd Norman's. We have never sailed a ship that had a Syd Norman's, but will sail the Getaway out of New Orleans in January and would be interested to hear what kind of establishment that is. Food? Craft Beer? Just another Bar?
  3. The Seabreeze had vodka, cranberry juice and grapefruit juice over ice. The bushwacker was the frozen consistency of a milkshake, made from vodka, amaretto, Kahlua, Bailey’s, drizzled with chocolate (warning-habit forming), enjoyed them each day following lunch😍!
  4. Just off the Epic, and here are 2 that are similar to your likes. Since you like mudslides.....try a Bushwacker. Since you like a Cosmo......try a Seabreeze. Yummy and yummy!,
  5. We are just home from a 15 day TA on the Epic. We found the food to be very good to excellent, never one bad meal anywhere on the ship in 15 days. Never had much of a wait for drinks with the drink package either. Their great outdoors, around the pool area was a great place to eat, even had outdoor buffets at breakfast and a late lunch there. Service was good all around, entertainment fantastic, layout of the ship took a few days for us to navigate--but it was our first big ship. Cruise director Mandy was EXCELLENT. One thing to remember is to make your reservations for dinners and shows in advance, if you do that you can relax and get into venues when you want to. In some of the venues, especially the first few days onboard, you have to be persistant, they fill up fast (Headliners and The Cavern Club cannot be reserved and at first everyone wants in RIGHT NOW). On our TA the shore excursions were extremely well organized by the ships staff, they really made getting all those people off the ship at the same time easier than our last few cruises (all NCL by the way). It looked like they had great water slides. There was always something going on in the Atrium, sometimes it got crowded-but if you arrived a bit early you could get a seat. Spice H20 on the back of the ship was a neat outdoor swimming and sunning area in the afternoon, another novelty being our first big ship. We loved the Epic, I must admit that our suite was in the Haven but we certainly did not spend all our time up there. I have not had time to write my full ship/cabin review yet, but we were impressed with our TA on the Epic. Happy cruising.
  6. Since you paid in advance for your excursion, the $50 will be credited to your onboard account after you take the excursion. That credit would offset any money you spend onboard (up to $50).
  7. I certainly hope they stop making changes now to Getaway’s January itineraries. When NCL cancelled our 12 day scheduled for 1/26 we booked the 9 day sailing on 1/17. We were lucky to be able to get the same cabin, with the shorter itinerary plus the 15% discount it was quite a bit cheaper. We had already booked (pay when you stay) with Embassy Suites and were able to just change the dates, saving about $100/night. Must be a less busy time for conventions, traveling right after the holidays, etc. So happy we had not booked flights yet (unusual for this over planner), and now I am nervous about committing to flights and getting another cancellation-so will wait even though prices were looking cheap when I checked last weekend.
  8. You are welcome. Enjoy your cruise. Usually when we board the three bottles are in the room, along with a bottle of Champagne, a bottle of Prosecco (latitudes), then by the time we get our bottle of wine with the latitudes dinner voucher we feel pretty well stocked!
  9. No, all of our cruises have been 9-14 days, all OS or GV.
  10. We often go to guest services to break larger bills, sometimes several times per trip. Never had a problem doing it.
  11. Yes, they do leave 2 bottles if you're a latitudes/suite guest.
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