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  1. WE just wanted to be done with it too. Our CA told us Princess told Him 30-60 days for a refund on CC...he did not mention getting a notice. That's all we have is the cancellation email. We booked our own excusriosn..one issued us a full refund, the other charges us a cancellation fee...will not book with them again. Yep it's wait and see. Good Luck to you as well and to everyone who has been affected by the virus. God Help Us All
  2. We canceled our May 16th cruise on March 19th ...we will eventually get our money back less the cancelation fee which will be applied as a FCC if/when we book another cruise. My TA said Pricess is saying CC refunds could take up to 60 days. 🤔
  3. We have decided to Cancel our May 16th Alaska cruise on the Ruby Princess for several reason....1st the govenments warning not to sail and 2nd having to go through Seattle...😢since Princess has only given us to March 31, to make the decision to cancel or not.
  4. We are sailing on the Ruby Princess Alaska inside passage in May. Will I be able to use my cell phone? Do I put it in airplane mode? I understand I will be able to use it in Alaska at the various ports...but was wondering about the ship? thanks for your help with this.
  5. Thanks for all your information and suggestions. Much appreciated.
  6. Thanks...so far so good...we are both learning...
  7. thanks for the information...thankfully he likes most veggies....but have to keep him away from the salt and the french fries
  8. So far so good on the portions, but I do worry about being on a cruise...😏where there is so much temptation
  9. Thanks I will take your suggestions.
  10. Thanks for all the information and suggestions. We greatly appreciate it.
  11. Thanks so much...I had not even thought about the IC desserts
  12. Thanks, he wil be delighted and hopefully not tempted with the other desserts.
  13. thanks....we are getting a pretty good handle of carb control...but he loves his desserts
  14. Does Princess have either sugar free desserts available or a diabetic menu? I am going to bring sugar free bread (Nature's Own Sugar Free 100% Whole Grain Bread) My husband was recently diagnosed as pre-diabetic and we are trying to research prepared foods that are good for him. Thanks
  15. thanks for this information. My husband has a National Parks Seniors pass would we still have to pay the Park pass?
  16. We are going to purchase the coffee package so we can have real brewed coffee so if I read correctly we can take our LARGE yeti mugs to get brewed coffee? thanks
  17. Thanks for making that clear. We plan to go to the Crown Grill for my DIL's birthday.
  18. WOW...crab legs....sounds great as does both Salmon and halibut. We would have loved to do a land tour with the cruise .....just couldn't happen this time. Thanks for your reply.
  19. thanks for your reply....is that new? to have upcharge items in the MDR?
  20. ' So it’s highly unlikely that Princess would serve those things but you may be able to eat some while off the ship.' Thanks for your reply and I am sure my son will seek those items when on shore... I am good with plain old beef ☺️
  21. Thanks we are so excited to be able to cruise again...and thanks for the tip...I try to limit my intake of carbs anyway!!
  22. Hi y'all, since it has been a while since we cruised we were wondering if they still served lobaster in the dining room and if so can you still order more than one? We are going on an Alaska cruise and are wondering if there are any options that are Alaskan...not sure what that would be...caribou? moose? (asking for my son) Alaskan salmon? Thanks again...as usual I appreciate all your responses.
  23. WOW that was great they sent you a private car!! I hope it's not only just the 4 of us arriving at that time...and we will certainly find that Princess logo sign ASAP. Thanks
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