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  1. This is at least the third similar post in as many weeks. Yes, agenda.
  2. I think the stateroom is a tad smaller for the Deck Five SBs. We didn't notice because we loved the huge covered balcony so much. We've had deck five SBs on Westy and Oosterdam. We have booked a Deck Five SB for our next cruise on Zwiederdam. We did book on deck eight for our next cruise on Nieuw Amsterdam because those are the most covered on those ships. NAM doesn't have the huge balconies on five.
  3. Also, be careful when you select flights. You may think you're booking First Class when some of the flights are in Economy.
  4. Had a friend who was selected to attend a business meeting in Hawaii. That 'free trip' cost him almost $4000. Had to take his wife, two kids, and stayed four extra days to enjoy the islands. I had turned that trip down because I couldn't afford a 'free trip'.
  5. You're not the only ones who do not travel in Economy.
  6. My point was as long as the airlines continue to devalue the points, the better cash will look.
  7. Looks like 'increasing the value of the return' is becoming quite difficult. Cash OTOH....
  8. Cash back cards looking better and better.
  9. Take a look at GeoBlue by BlueCross Blue Shield. https://www.geobluetravelinsurance.com/products/single-trip/voyager-compare-plans-single.cfm If you're frequently cruising, you can get a one year plan. Much cheaper than most insurance plans but this plan does not do cancellation just medical and evacuation. we're in our seventies and we bought a plan last year for our Mar 19 cruise, it will still be in effect for our Sep 19 cruise. Around $200 as I recall. Not bad for two cruises.
  10. Seven Seas, As you can see above, Slider Girl was the one who mentioned the "probably tablecloths". I really don't care whether CO has tablecloths, probable or not. I simply do not find a roped off area of the MDR attractive.
  11. There are many threads about the advantages of using a travel agent. The search function works - sometimes. A couple of hints since we can't mention actual names of travel agents due to the posting guidelines. - It can be worth finding a good travel agent, one who gives an 8-10% discount or equivalent in OBC. - Don't get hung up on having a local travel agent. Mine is Pennsylvania. She answers calls promptly and gives great service and advice. - You might think about various associations you already have. Many speak highly of a membership discount store with a travel service. It's often referred to as the big box store. If you belong to one, you might check to see if they offer travel services.
  12. Now that you've admitted that the real objective is the imposition of taxes and fines to remove the "big obstacle" that is "freedom", please go on and describe exactly how many taxes and fines are required and the level of freedom that will be permitted. Question: That large consumer society that is the biggest obstacle, would that happen to be the USA?
  13. How do the prices within the portal compare to prices for airfare through the airlines or cruise from the cruise lines?
  14. Yes, it could be awhile before he gets to start eating. Suppose there is a slight delay in getting seated. Suppose your table mates are late and the waiters do not take orders (See above). It could easily add up to almost an hour.
  15. We don't book cruises on board but we do buy what Holland calls Future Cruise Credits. Cost $100 per person. We get one to three for each of us. We can use them in lieu of placing a deposit plus they come with $50 PP PFCC. IOW, we pay $200 for two FCC. We book a seven day cruise through our travel agent and do not have to put down a deposit and we get $100 OBC. If you don't use the FCC the funds are returned to you after I think 3 or 4 years. You get them through the same person who books cruises on board.
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