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  1. You certainly can. Most TA benefits are in addition to those offered by HAL. Try it, you'll like it. FCC is future cruise credit. There is a HAL representative on the ship. Normally, located close to guest services. You will also receive a notice of when the person will be available in your room. You can book a cruise through that person. Normally, there is a small amount of OBC as an incentive. You can also purchase a Future Cruise Credit. This is useful if you don't want to make up your mind on the exact cruise but you want the OBC. A FCC costs $100 PP IIRC. The FCC then can be used as a deposit on the cruise when you decide to book saving you a large amount on the deposit. The FCC also counts as a $100 off the price of the cruise. You also receive a variable amount of OBC. You can use the FCC directly with HAL or through a TA.
  2. I currently have a cruise booked for September which I booked through my favorite TA. After booking the cruise, I used Flight Ease to book the air travel. Funny thing, I was also looking at booking a hotel room through HAL. The hotel I wanted was available but I decided I would check about booking the hotel directly. I came back to HAL and booked the flights. When I went to book the hotel room, the website, all of a sudden, said I had to call HAL. HAL said I couldn't book the hotel room using their website since I was using a TA. I could book the flights but not the hotel? Then, I pointed out that until I booked the flights, I could book the hotel but not after booking the flights???
  3. We prefer to choose our cabins at booking. Typically, we choose SB, the aft wraps. Furthermore, we have specific decks we want. Just not worth the chance that we'd have to take a cabin we wouldn't prefer. Or, even not get an upsell. Just like a guarantee, take a chance on the cabin while getting a discount on the rate.
  4. Dealing with a PCC to get upsells seem rather like booking guarantee cabins. You do get a bit of a price break but you can only choose among the cabins left after everyone else has picked the better ones.
  5. I can understand that. We use a TA that sounds very much like yours. Why give up 10% savings on every cruise? Our TA is a small business who treats us just as good as any PCC. She also has the advantage of booking on any cruise line (still get the 10%) which is something no PCC can do.
  6. I would suggest you find a very good Travel Agent that discounts River Cruises (yes, my does) and who has taken several river cruises. Get her opinion.
  7. We were able to snag a Pinnacle Suite for +$750 PP for a seven day cruise. Probably wouldn't do it again but it seemed like it might be our only opportunity. A bucket list thing more or less.
  8. A neptune suite will accommodate your party and solve these problems.
  9. Point well taken. IIRC, when we had a Pinnacle on Rotterdam, the table seated either 8 or 10. Pretty expensive way to serve breakfast. Another factor, Room Service for a large group implies some rather large tips...
  10. That is a solution. Be aware there is only one table seating four... and not a lot of room to sit the plates for serving... chairs are limited. Depending upon how many people, you're probably better off going to the MDR.
  11. I appreciate your concern and your dilemma. However, being family isn't the only reason for linking reservations. Once the word got out that groups can book one neptune and everyone gets suite privileges ... I think you see the point. BTW, this comes up fairly often. For example, a family of four wants to book one neptune for mom and dad and a veranda for the kids. Especially when the kids are young and there must be an adult booked in each room. Only one adult and one child has privilege. It also comes up about bringing the whole group to the neptune lounge.
  12. I can't think of a thing that would be more subject to abuse. It's a very short step too 'why can't we bring our very good friends we met last night to have breakfast with us.' BTW, you can still have breakfast with your family in the MDR.
  13. Celebrity did something similar with their Luminaire (or perhaps it was their Blu) where they partitioned off a portion of their MDR. IIRC, at first it was just an area separated by a rope that was later replaced by a solid wall. It was not welcomed since it was perceived as taking from non-suites to suites passengers. If it is available on NA and it is a part of the MDR, we will not patronize it.
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