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  1. RocketMan275

    New Club Orange

    There's a big uproar on cruise critic every time the time changes.
  2. RocketMan275

    New Club Orange

    Sounds very attractive to ourselves. We don't like crowded and much prefer quiet.
  3. RocketMan275

    Update on Koningsdam Library

    I can't imagine why an avid reader would want to be reliant upon the ships library to have something they would want to read. I'd much rather bring something I know I want to read. Personally, I've found e-readers to be far better than bound books. I can easily find what I want on Amazon, down load it to my e-reader, and be set to go. HAL is dropping the libraries is another reflection of the changing tastes of the cruising public.
  4. RocketMan275

    Help! No passport, no birth certificate!

    Personal story. In the late sixties, my brother married a Canadian citizen. They had issues with the paperwork to move to the US. In fact, they were told not to try to enter for an indefinite time until this was fixed. My mother used to do minor campaign stuff for our representative (Carl Albert, speaker of the house). She called Mr. Albert's office who called my brother. The Speaker's office gathered some information and promised to help if possible but to continue to plan on entering the US. The State Department called the day before the flight and apologized for not having the paper ready but told them to board the aircraft without the correct paper and that they would be met at the gate in Denver. A State Department representative presented them with the paper and escorted them through immigration. My sister in law did not naturalize but she has had no more immigration issues. She reports that when ever she enters the country, the agent processing her appears startled at the information on his display and becomes very polite.
  5. RocketMan275

    Horrible experience at Hyatt Place 17th Street

    Best post, most useful post, in this thread.
  6. RocketMan275

    Help! No passport, no birth certificate!

    My father was born in Indian Territory, now Oklahoma, prior to statehood. There was no requirement for a B/C. In fact, the Oklahoma website says that the requirement was not uniformly enforced until the 1940's. It also says B/C's only became important when people started needing them to file for Social Security. I have a copy of my father's B/C issued when he was almost 40 years old.
  7. RocketMan275

    Help! No passport, no birth certificate!

    Had a similar problem with the spelling of my middle name. My B/C and my D/L disagreed on the spelling. First, I got a birth certificate which established the correct spelling. (You may prefer something else but the B/C is the gold standard.) Short of a court legally changing your name, you don't have a choice in the spelling. Second, I took the B/C and went to DMV. I told them I needed a D/L that matched my B/C explaining that somehow/somewhere/I know not where a mistake was made. Third, with the corrected D/L and the B/C, I was able to get a passport. There's no quick and easy solution. You have to clear this up. Remember, once the new driver's license requirements (Star) kicks in, you won't be able to get a new D/L. Without a new D/L, you won't be able to get on a plane. You'll have big difficulties in any engagement with the government, even local, ie, getting utilities, paying taxes, etc.
  8. RocketMan275

    Best evenings for specialty dining?

    It's been our experience that the Gala Night MDR menu items are also available on the buffet.
  9. RocketMan275

    Transfer to TA/Wow!

    You can google those terms and get some fairly accurate definitions.
  10. RocketMan275

    Our Chances on Booking A Sold Out Category

    Even if that category becomes available on that date, there is no assurance that the 'great price' will be available then. Perhaps, you might want to reserve another room and switch if the old offer becomes available again. (Careful on the non-refundable deposits.)
  11. RocketMan275

    Transfer to TA/Wow!

    Here's another reason to use a TA. I had two cruises booked on separate cruise lines (A&B) when we decided to change both cruises to a different line (C). If I had booked with the cruise lines directly, I would have had to make three separate calls. How long would that have taken? I called my TA and she made the changes in less than five minutes. I had the cancellation receipts and new cruise confirmations in less than 30 minutes.
  12. RocketMan275

    Transfer to TA/Wow!

    It's not that difficult. Read threads like this. Read between the lines. You can figure it out in a couple of hours.
  13. RocketMan275

    Transfer to TA/Wow!

    The OBC from the Big Box is approximately the same as your cash back. Pretty much a wash. I do like the credit card from the Big Box which gives 3% back on all travel including cruises, airlines, hotels and restaurants. Add it up, 2% for executive members, 8-9% for the OBC, and 3% cash back for using the credit card. My TA offers 8-9% discount. I usually go with her since I prefer the discount since we rarely would spend that much in OBC. You really have to look at both and make the decision that fits you best.
  14. Not sure what difference that makes. Coverage is limited to $3000 Per Person Per Trip or the amount charged to the Card.
  15. Funny thing. One can find most of the Holland MDR entrees on the Lido Buffet.