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  1. RocketMan275

    EMail Address

    Appreciate the assistance from all of you guys. I couldn't find a place to change email addresses and my old address should cease to exist soon. FWIW, google fiber is great.
  2. RocketMan275

    EMail Address

    Thank you. It's certainly not clear how to do that on the CC webpage. I'm changing internet/email providers.
  3. RocketMan275

    EMail Address

    How does one change their email address?
  4. RocketMan275

    Mandatory Tipping ant

    It amazes me that anyone would think that someone else than the passengers pay for something on a cruise line.
  5. RocketMan275

    Mandatory Tipping ant

    Including grats will increase the price because, ultimately, the customer pays the complete cost of the product. No one will pay the crew costs except the passengers. Including the grats in the price of the cruise has tax implications to the crew. In many jurisdictions, gratuities are not taxable income. Salaries paid by the cruise line are taxable. Consequently, the crew costs to the cruise line will increase since the cruise line will have to increase wages to cover the costs of taxation. Therefore, either the cruise line will have lower profit or the cruise price will increase. BTW, cruise line profits are what keeps cruise lines in business. Lower profits mean fewer cruise options.
  6. RocketMan275

    Mandatory Tipping ant

    What is a 'fair wage'? The crew is from multiple countries where the prevailing wages vary widely. Should the 'fair wage' be based upon the country of origin? Should a bartender from Kosovo receive more than a bartender from Thailand? The only 'fair wage' is that for which the worker is willing to trade his time. Obviously, the crew believes their wages are 'fair'. Otherwise there wouldn't be such competition for these jobs.
  7. RocketMan275

    Mandatory Tipping ant

    It isn't that some cannot afford to tip. Some want to avoid the tip so they have more to spend on other things, ie, drinks, excursions, etc. I'm reminded of a thread a few months ago about an increase in the gratuities. It amount to less than a dollar a day. I pointed out that this was less than the cost of two beers on a seven day cruise. Other commented that they didn't want to give up the two beers, that the cruise line should pay the costs. Of course, that is the bottom line. The non-tippers believe that the cruise line should pay an 'adequate wage' so they, the passengers, won't have to compensate the crew. This is absurd since either way the passengers pay the crew. We're only debating the form taken by the compensation.
  8. RocketMan275

    Mandatory Tipping ant

    First, I notice and appreciate that you do leave tips in place. However, I do not understand why Australians find tipping "very confusing and confronting". When I was around 17, my mother suggested I ask a young lady out to dinner. She explained how tips worked. She gave me some money for the bill and a separate amount for the tipping. She made sure I understood how that tipping was expected. I simply don't understand why some find a simple task I mastered in high school is so "confusing and confronting".
  9. RocketMan275


    Perhaps. Last March, my TA forwarded an upsell offer from Holland. The TA suggested I call the Upsell Line for more information. The upsell department was happy to talk to me explaining the offer. They did explain that my acceptance would have to be through the TA. I didn't accept the offer. About a week later, Holland lowered the price of the upsell by 50%. I called my TA and she called Holland and accepted the offer. This upsell was from a Neptune to a Pinnacle Suite on a seven day cruise. The initial offer was $1500 PP. I accepted the $750 PP offer. Mostly because I figured it might be a one time chance to experience a pinnacle suite. It was nice but I would take the same offer again.
  10. A Travel Agent can be more convenient If you travel on more than one cruise line. In that case, you deal with the same agent regardless of which line you're booking.
  11. RocketMan275

    Escargot :)

    Just off Nieuw Amsterdam last week. Escargot was only on the MDR menu one night, a Gala Night. Ordered it delivered to our balcony. It wasn't on the Pinnacle Grill menu. It was offered on the Sel De Mer popup menu.
  12. RocketMan275

    OBC for FCC / FCD?

    I wish I'd known, I could have asked for you last week while we were on Nieuw Amsterdam. We filled out the form, did not have to add another card number, and they billed our card on file. Turned in the form and received copies of the FCD the next day.
  13. RocketMan275

    Corkscrews in Neptune Suites?

    There were corkscrews on Nieuw Amsterdam in Neptune suites just last week. Be advised that you can carry a corkscrew in carry on luggage on an airplane BUT only if it has no knife edge to cut the foil. You can carry any corkscrew in checked luggage.
  14. RocketMan275

    What Total Wines to Buy for Our Cruise???

    Thanks so much for your help. I signed up for the newsletter and got a 20% off coupon for more than six wines from the winery direct selection. I've redone my plans and will take advantage of that coupon. We'll be on New Amsterdam Sunday. Deck Seven aft of the elevators. We'll wave as we pass. I'll provide the list and give you our comments when we return.
  15. RocketMan275

    Virginia to Port Everglades help needed

    If you hit the road by 0700, a six hour drive puts you in the port by 1300, several hours before final boarding time.