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  1. Most passengers do not consider themselves to be part of the entertainment. Princess has formal nights for those who wish to dress formally. Yet they allow less than formal wear for those who do not wish to dress formally. This is the best of both worlds. If most passengers wanted a dress code like Cunard, then one would see more formal dress on Princess.
  2. Thank you. We could live with that. I'm assuming the balconies vary in size. Perhaps the Dolphin are the biggest? Do wish they had more over head cover.
  3. How about the balcony? Was it large and comfortable?
  4. There is absolutely no way I would embark on a cruise reliant upon the ship to provide the quantity and types of books I would want to read. When we pack, we download several books to our kindles. That way we're ensured to have plenty of reading material.
  5. It's even less trouble to ignore how others dress.
  6. I believe it works for more than Holland. Call them.
  7. This solution has been proposed many times. Some have rejected this solution because their party had persons that wanted to dress up for formal and some that did not thus splitting their party into two groups for dinner. Most cruise lines have employed a lax enforcement policies to allow those passengers to dress pretty much as they please.
  8. We had one of the aft neptunes on deck eight for our recent alaskan cruise. They were Neptune suites. We had absolutely no noise from the Lido.
  9. My office once was required to send a person to a conference in Hawaii. All expenses paid. The office claimed it was a 'free trip' to Hawaii for the lucky person selected. I declined to be considered because I knew I couldn't afford a 'free, all expenses paid' trip. That 'free' trip cost my friend over $4000 since he had to take his wife, three sons, and they wanted to stay additional days.
  10. I fully agree with you. 'Free' things are more appropriately called 'included'. Even all of those 'free' things listed in this article have costs. Taxes to support parks and libraries or cost you time. And, then there are "opportunity" costs. If you spend money/time/resources on one thing, then you usually can't spend them on another thing. You've incurred an opportunity cost. Suppose there was such a thing as a 'free concert' in the park. You attend but it cost you the opportunity to take a nap instead. Everything costs something. Any student of marketing will tell you that the best/quickest way to make a sale is to convince the customer that they're getting something for 'free'.
  11. I wasn't aware that one had to leave the ship early to use this option??? https://www.maketraveleasier.com/holland
  12. Simple solution: These folks will take your bag or bags at your home airport and deliver them to your stateroom. Nominal cost. https://www.maketraveleasier.com/holland
  13. So, what activities would you suggest the spa should offer that would appeal to the 20-40 year old demographic?
  14. I like the part where the cruise lines state the "free drink package is valued at $70 per passenger per day." We normally spend less than $25 per passenger per day without risking death by thirst. Just wait, there are some politicians that would charge your for the air you breathe. (For the children, of course.)
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