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  1. TTS, Your wife looks very regal! I concur with the port intensive vibe, its really a lot of FOMO. I don't understand the dress code enforcement policy either. I was told that the bartender has the authority to tell the offending and inappropriately dressed pax they will not be served, but this is discretionary and variable.
  2. Thanks much Mysty! Enjoyed the photos and the commentary. It was almost like being there. (I will never get DH on such a long cruise, he starts getting antsy after day 16) and thanks for including the link to the blog!!!!
  3. YOU ARE ONBOARD!!!!! enjoy. Our granddaughter will be getting on in Pireaus at the end of your cruise. She's 16 and its her first cruise. A friend invited her to go with their family!
  4. TTS, I know things will improve! Have a great time.
  5. Wonderful posts Terry, glad to hear that you made it safely! Scrumptious food pics JP. I have been to Calgary several times for depositions when I was still working. Lovely town, but for a Floridian, twas cold!
  6. The silver box arrived today... but I have a long wait. I will live vicariously through the posts of TTS, JP and Terry!
  7. Mysty Too funny. DH just asked me yesterday why dinosaurs became extinct. Now I can tell him that they literally missed the boat.
  8. Enjoying your trip very much! Thanks for taking the time to post the detailed reports and great photos.
  9. Hi Lois. Right here but not always! And yes how could there be empty seats! Good debate and I watched it all. And even some after banter. I am not sure how one scored tix. Insightful commentary by Frank Bruni in NYT this am.
  10. So enjoying your travelogue! Thank you for bringing it alive in words and photos!
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