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  1. BC announced yesterday, that Seniors 70+ and Indigenous people 12+ are eligible starting in November; as well as people receiving care, health care workers and rural and remote Indigenous communities. Starting in January 2022, booster shots will commence for the general population; booking invites will be sent out between 6 to 8 months after the date of the second dose. Moderna or Pfizer vaccines will be given.
  2. We've been on 10+ and only found the Scavenger hunt on two: both 14 days cruises. One was the Mexican Riviera (Holiday cruise) 2016/2017 onboard the Sirena and the other was Australia-NZ (Jan-Feb 2020) onboard the Regatta. The Scavenger card was located where the daily Sudoku cards were placed. Cruise Director (or staff) took photos of items around the ship e.g., partial part of vase or oil painting, top of railing, towels in fitness, portion of display in boutique etc. Lots of fun and some crew would give hints as we were on the hunt and getting warm. O points rewarded.
  3. If your cruise has a day or two of sea days with time to spare, the Scavenger Hunt is lots of fun!
  4. Part was a little hilly however, it was not too steep of a walk. If you opt to stay in (lower) part of the Old Town Square, it is flat and nice to walk around. We stopped at the oldest cafe for delicious pastry and coffee. Our ship, Oceania Marina docked a 10-15 walk to the city walls and to the main square. Also, there was an interesting souvernir style market beside the pier which we browsed before returning to the ship.
  5. We stayed at 71 Nyhavn Hotel and loved it in June. One night we could hear some noise but, didn't disturb us. When they found out it was our anniversary, they upgraded our room and had a bucket of sparkling wine chilled waiting for us! The breakfast was delicious as well. Mostly, the location was great within steps to a river cruise, restaurants and cafes. We walked to the Little Mermaid, to Tivoli Gardens (longer walk) and the main shopping street, Stroget (stop at Royal Copenhagen store for Christmas ornament souvenir). Also recommend Copenhagen Free Walking Tours. We hope to return next year (fingers crossed).
  6. Another vote for Alla. We booked a 2 day Imperial Splendors and Faberge Museum group tour. Their communication was excellent and answered all of our questions quickly. We booked a group tour however, when we were met by the tour guide, he informed us that there were only the two of us who booked this tour on our ship which meant we had a private tour in a comfortable Mercedes. Lunch was included each day and we were seated at a table for two each time. Wonderful tour guide, driver and the sights were so impressive. As well, we only paid for the tour while on the tour - no deposit when booking required. Hope you are successful!
  7. As we all know, 'essential' travel by air has been permitted between Canada and US throughout the pandemic. Canada opened land borders to fully vaccinated Americans with test in August however, the US has yet to open the land borders to fully vaccinated Canadians? The border problem is up to the US Government to resolve. Of note, Canadian Gov't website reports as of Oct 2nd, 81% of Canadians 12 and older are fully vaccinated (believe US has total of 65% fully vaccinated per NY Times).
  8. All four are great however, we've ranked our favourites: 1, Red Ginger 2, Jacques 3, Toscana and 4, Polo.
  9. Like you, our Vista cruise doesn't have PPG. Our 2022 doesn't either however, it does have a Distinctive Voyages Hosted offer which we have never experienced (uncertain if this is restricted to Canadian TAs). Our TA said it is typically equal (or more) to the value of PPG: Elevate your clients cruise experience on one of our Distinctive Voyages Hosted Cruises. All of our Distinctive Voyages are filled with rich experiences and complimentary indulgences. This exclusive collection includes extra amenities paired with exceptional cruises, at no additional cost to you or your clients. Each sailing features: The services of a Distinctive Voyages Host An invitation to a Private Welcome Reception An Exclusive Amenity that may include one of the following: An Exclusive Shore Event An Onboard Event
  10. Once you have a confirmed Booking with O, check online, under Manage Booking, Shore Excursions. Recall that once you select the defined # (in your case 6), the 25% off is automatically calculated - there is no charge to select this package. A benefit is that if you select more than your allotment, the additional excursions can be purchased at the 25% reduced rate.
  11. Correct re shore excursions, they now can be booked 365 days out. Just confirmed by checking our 2022 October cruise.
  12. We fly from Vancouver direct (non-stop) to Europe and the few times we've used O air, it has never been a problem - we've paid the Air Differential for day of travel and if O Air doesn't have routing (e.g. with Air Canada as per your example) we want e.g., direct nonstop Canada to Europe, then, we pay a Custom air fee as well. In the past, it worked out in cost compared to going via our TA or on our own. We always compare the cost for all options. Just booked our 2023 cruise and actually surprised at O Bus Class rate when we compared it to Bus Class rate of airline that has a direct flight Vancouver to Istanbul (Turkish Airlines). Knowing we have time to finalize, our TA added O Bus Class outbound and O PE inbound to our booking and we will reassess 270+ days prior and she can remove the O Air if we find a better deal. Per O website FAQ page: Custom air requests for specific airlines, routings, flights, etc can be requested once payment has been made on the booking and no earlier than 270 days prior to sailing. The cost to request custom air is $175 per guest per request plus any applicable air differential. The $175 service fee is non-refundable once the custom air is accepted. Restricted business class air is business class on the intercontinental portions of the flight only. All other portions of the flight would be in economy class.
  13. We mostly never use O air unless it is a short distance air trip. However, with Covid we've decided to use O air on the inbound flight with the promotional upgrade to Premium Economy for our flight in 2022 and 2023. We will pay deviation fee as we like to arrive a day (or more) prior to embarking. For our outbound flight, we will book ourselves a Business class ticket or, with our TA. At this time, we feel better to have Oceania take care of our air for our return flight in the event of a Covid event. We have booked a pre-cruise land tour with Oceania for 2022 which includes transfers (the detail write-up states this). In the past, we have stayed at an Oceania hotel pre-Cruise which included transfers (private car at airport to hotel and a bus for group from ship to airport) - everything went very smoothly.
  14. What an amazing list of some of your favourites! We will use this summary to guide us in our research of places to see. Thank you for taking the time to provide this fantastic outline of your highlights. Much appreciated.
  15. Thank you as this is exactly what we were wondering. Having visited twice, what were your most memorable sites or, were there too many to state?
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