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  1. It was originally said October 2nd so I will believe it when I see it...lol
  2. Our transatlantic on the Enchanted in April 2020 was canceled. We were told it would sail now in May and it would open for booking on October 2. Needless to say, October 2 has come and gone and nothing has shown up. I do realize it is showing Caribbean cruises in January forward but with several weeks of gaps in the scheduling. So, it leaves to wonder if the Enchanted will really come to the US at all. Please no rude comments as they really aren't necessary.
  3. I am not too terribly interesting in cruising if I have to follow the submission that RCL and Norwegian presented. Our next cruise is a 14 day Caribbean cruise and they are suggesting nothing longer than 10 days) and if we can't get off the ship except to go on a ship arranged excursion, I will pass. I take Caribbean cruises to go shopping and have seen most of all of the sites in islands I want to see.
  4. Can anyone provide with me with what might be the obstruction from the balcony in M104? It is called "Deluxe Balcony Stateroom (Obstructed View)" but I cannot see what the obstruction is. Thanks for any help.
  5. 2021 I might agree, but I think stretching it out to 2022 might be a little too long.
  6. I am sure this has been answered many times, but I have looked back and can't find it right now and I am in hurry. Can I bring a 12 pack of soda on board with me? Thanks in advance for your polite replies.
  7. I wish Princess would improve their desserts! Not a real Carnival fan but their desserts put Princess desserts to shame.
  8. I realize that was just noting it was an invitation and not a phone call as someone had mention.
  9. I was on the Crown in March and we got a notice in our cabin with the day and time. No phone call.
  10. If it is anything like the last three cruises I have been on, you don't exactly have to hurry to book the Sanctuary. It was never full on any particular day. On about 6 different occasions I walked right up and was able to book the same day for morning or afternoon. I was on a Caribbean, Transatlantic, and another Caribbean cruise.
  11. Just returned EZ Air from Barcelona on May 18th. Had an American flight at 9:35 am and had absolutely NO problem. In fact, we sat waiting to board the flight for over 1 1/2 hours after checking our luggage and getting to the gate. Relax and book it!
  12. No, the TV system was NOT upgraded. Same old, same old.
  13. This is EXACTLY what I was told by our waitstaff in the dining room. We gave him additional gratuity on the last night and he asked for our room number. He told us he had to turn it in and if we had left the gratuities on our shipboard account, the extra would be returned to him. We assured him we had left them on the account and he said he really appreciated the extra.
  14. We booked TA that is leaving on 5/3 and got $400 onboard credit, free gratuties, and cabin upgrade. And then being a stockholder, we got an additional $250 onboard credit.
  15. Almost every major airport I have been in has an ATM machine.
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