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  1. I had my wedding at the Gazebo on the top floor ! The views were spectacular!
  2. I also found that when I had some (unrelated to Covid) but unusual circumstances I had to sort out with Princess, that I would get different answers depending on whether the call centre was in the U.S. or here. So also try calling different times of the day to get different countries.
  3. I find this reputation undeserving. I am sure just as many people spread norovirus through hotel buffets than cruise ships because hotel buffets don't ask people to wash their hands beforehand. But because people disperse from hotels to different places and at different times, no one is aware of an outbreak of something like norovirus.
  4. No worries. I thought you knew something I didn't know as I have booked a cruise with them this November and I am hoping it's cancelled.
  5. They have cruises on the Adventure starting in October 2020 on their site.
  6. You need to realise that unless there have been studies done (and it would never get past an ethics committee to conduct a study with some people wearing masks and the control group not wearing masks and see who catches coronavirus more often) to see how effective marks are, then usually scientists are not going to make a strong recommendation one way or another. That's how science works. The average person seems to expect scientists and medical people to make categorical recommendations, which they will not do unless they have good evidence. And so the average person gets critical and thinks they are wishy washy.There is no "who is right and who is wrong" . There is only evolving knowledge about the transmission of the conronavirus. However, WHO or other scientists may come out and make a different recommendation based on new knowledge but they usually rate the evidence they are using. So they will say this: "We recommend x but the evidence is weak".
  7. Interesting point. Makes Carnival seem far more prudent than NSW Health in handling the virus.
  8. Unfortunately the flu vax wasn't available in mid-March. So there would have been no one on board who would had it. I think they were expecting to vax to come out late March, but even then there may have delays.
  9. Well you know how self-deprecating Australians are. I can't remember where I heard this but one Aussie was told by an Indian that Australians should stop putting themselves down, they though it was a terrible trait. Also, I once worked for a Swiss boss who told me that Swiss people are embarrassed to say they are poor, but she said Aussies are embarrassed to say they are rich. People always put these traits down to our convict heritage.
  10. You know, I was looking at a Princess cruise in Aus for early next year in case my P & O gets cancelled. I had logged into the website and did some dummy bookings to see what it would cost and see the cabins available. Anyway, I think I did a three day hold but let it go. I then had a call from Princess making some extra offers. Honestly, I didn't really listen to what they were offering because I wasn't really interested. But maybe try that yourself.
  11. I've paid a deposit for HAL for next year in Europe. And then I got an email with some options. Pay in full and get 10% off the full cruise fare and $250 OBC. Pay $750 and get $250 OBC. Or pay an extra $250 for $50 OBC. I figured that as I have cancel for any reason insurance that I could take the gamble and pay more towards it, i.e. I only paid an extra $750, not the total. However, for P&O to contact me when a) I booked the cruise online myself and b) offer nothing for paying in advance was pretty rich.
  12. Does anyone know if the swabs processed in Wellington (?) were from the ship or the shore? Maybe Princess thought they could get supplies in NZ if there was a shortage here?
  13. If there is one thing I learnt in life is that you just can't believe what people tell you unfortunately. A lot of people have a half-@rsed attitude. My MIL has not been very impressed with her TA and even told them she will use me to book future holidays, as she said I can get her a better deal than they can!
  14. Except that P & O emailed me about a fortnight ago and asked if I would like to make a payment for a cruise in November. I emailed back and said why, when the balance is not due until September and I don't know if it will go ahead? I felt like they thought I had no idea about the situation. If they wanted more money they should have offered an incentive like HAL did ( $250 OBC).
  15. They have had the 30 day payment date for October cruising for a while. So your friend didn't need to pay the balance two days ago. They should have checked.
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