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  1. I have had the opinion for 1 -2 years that cruise boat casino was better for us. Always get something back. I can't say that for Caesar's. The wife can't go and do as much as I can. She just does not feel well enough to. She has Sjogrens Syndrome, and I think it is getting to her. We like Nola. Lots to do besides the casino. Speaking of trips. She still gets free charter air to Laughlin. There is a trip out of our airport late this month. Another in October out of Shreveport. Had 2 booked last year, but Harrahs had Legionaires disease there and we cancelled. Cancelled one last month too. Could rent car and go to Vegas, but Vegas is not what it used to be. Right now have 2 RCCL to book. Have one NCL to book. If she gets to feeling better will book the RCCL. Don't know about booking the NCL. Might book trip to Tahoe. She likes Tahoe. But need to get done roofing this house first. Big storm in May really got a lot houses in my area. Still waiting on roofer to start. Oh have 1 RCCL to go on late Sept that I booked last Dec.
  2. Who knows what CZR will do after Jan 1 ? In conference call, they mentioned the NOLA Hotel will be impacted by renovations until December. It is obvious over the past year they have focused on Vegas. Sailing on Getaway ? We had a terrible time on Breakaway in March.
  3. Yes to players, and Yes to comments from hosts. It might be just going on outside of Vegas. Keep the marketing costs down as 2 quarters in a row they announced marketing reductions. One host told me he had seen over a dozen that way. That was Bossier. In fact the woman he had been talking with prior to me had been one. This was early June after being flagged in Jan or Feb. My wife as 7* a year ago got blocked. Don't know why. Just said to heck with them. I think it is pretty obvious that even the NCL cruises have been cut back. Speaking of RCCL. Mirage Casinos will match a RCCL players card.
  4. Well another update. We were at Harrahs NOLA in June. Had July booked, but the Hurricane caused us to cancel. Palm Room: some nights the grub is not too bad. You can make a meal of it. I spoke with food manager. He said they make from scratch the salad dressings. I had this picture in my mind of institutional canned junk. Drinks: 4 and 8 max. This is for the entire property, every bar total. Drinks while playing do not count toward total. Better liquor at some of the other bars instead Palm/Diamond room. Also the steakhouse bar one can not use their card for a drink. Bummer!
  5. I should add that I actually phoned Vegas VP Customer Loyalty. She confirmed that a bad addr will stop offers. Had no comment on why folks are getting hit with it. That is by which system or person doing the flagging.
  6. The deal still has to be completed. Expected completion is summer 2020. Employees: I did see the severance pay schedule from Caesar's if an employee gets the axe from the Eldorado deal. Also since first of the year. Some Caesar's players are getting their TR marketing accounts suspended out of the blue. Play does not matter. Several hosts and players have informed me of this. Account gets flagged as "BAD ADDRESS". Then marketing offers quit. You know comps, free play, show tickets, dinners, etc. One has to suspect something. Then see host to get "BAD ADDRESS" removed. Things really stink with Caesar's. Since this is CAS forum. We have gotten some direct NCL offers. However we have not used them. Now prefer RCCL.
  7. Sure do, and just did. ANNUAL CRUISE BENEFIT for my wife and I each. If we get a certificate from the casino. It will show up as well.
  8. Club Royale offers ? It seems some of us have been addressing before. I earned PRIME on 1 cruise. Also got a balcony certificate from the casino host. Never got a club royale offer that year. I earned PRIME again last year. I went on 2 cruises after March 2018 in 2018. I got a cert for another cruise. My wife also earned PRIME in 2018 while doing 2 cruises. We did an April cruise that my wife earned. She played and I did not. Here we are in July and neither of us get email or snail mail for any casino Royale offers. What is the secret ? We get the email for all the junk offers, add ons. Please spend more money enticements. We have a Sept cruise coming up that I booked from last year's casino cert. Neither of us have booked the FREE PRIME cruise.
  9. Jan 2018 I played enough to get balcony cert from casino. A few days after I got home from trip. I phoned Casino Royale. I asked if I had a cruise coming. I did not say I had the cert. Reply was yes, and a balcony. So I booked it. Called in the next evening, and I used the cert. Go figure. I have not tried that again. I do think if you are ready for another cruise. Play in the casino. It seems the latest trip is what they rate you on.
  10. Nov cruise got cert which I used for upcoming Sept cruise. Balcony on LOS. Still have not used the 2 Prime offers. Used last year's Prime offer to book completed Jan cruise.
  11. First Prime, one trip. Second Prime 2 trips. Wife was 2 trips. Never anything at offers except recent cruise cert or the Prime cruise.
  12. Are my wife and I the only ones to not get any of these offers ? Both are PRIME members two years running. Never any snail mail or email about an event or cruise. Except of course the annual PRIME cruise. Get the emails about buying this package or that.
  13. RFID at the tables, interesting. This explains my last Liberty trip in May. I saw a junket group get their special chips. Their "play" was going to be tracked through the RFID system. Don't even have to worry about the pit boss. Just hope he gets your card assigned to right spot at the table.
  14. As per usual. No offers for us. Clubroyale nothing there except our PRIME offers. We are both PRIME. The wife did 1500 points in the casino back in May. Still have not booked the PRIME offer. Maybe that is part of the situation.
  15. Your crown and Anchor number should be on booking invoice/cruise vacation receipt.
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