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  1. My wife and I have that offer. We also have cruises booked October (2), Nov, Dec, and Jan. Read RCCL news that soon 98% of staff will be repatriated. Currently at 95-96%. When a date is firmly established for cruise ship sailing. Let's say by CDC. How long will it take the cruise lines to recall ship staff, train new procedures, re-stock ships, bring terminal personnel in, etc ? Don't get me wrong. I would like to sail Oct 3. Where 2 months ago I was hopeful. Now I am doubtful even for November.
  2. Did you use one PRIME inside offer, and got the JS booking for only $516 in total ? I still have my 2019, and 2020 to use. My wife has hers 2020 to use. I have 5 cruises booked between Oct 3 and first week of January. It is looking doubtful on any making. May just go ahead and cancel some.
  3. Tonight, more bad news. Royal Caribbean Announces Global Suspension Of Cruising CLIA has announced the voluntarily suspension of U.S. cruise operations until September 15. We will share more details about this announcement with our guests early next week.
  4. Any more canceled dates will be canceled cruises for me. I have 5 booked Oct-Jan. CDC is the key. They have to let up. So far they won't even talk with CLIA. Reminds of FDA not even talking with Cigar Association in May. In light of Congressional report just released a few days ago. China knew of outbreak in October. I am calling my Congressman. The cat was out of the bag a long time ago. More Fed Gov failures in my view.
  5. NCL just announced suspended cruises through September. Is RCCL next ?
  6. I was told no, period by the southern call centers CR. However that was not totally true. CR did a replacement offer good through Feb, 21. It had an early June expiration/booking date. If I had not raised some stink, (emails and letters to MIami) and finally got Oregon CR to call me. I would not have gotten much done.
  7. As for mailed offers. Same here, none since March. I did get my canceled cruise straightened out. CR Oregon phoned me, and it was a 100% good call.
  8. Manila and quality of calls. I have had 2 calls answered by Manila. Feb 5 was the first and a booking was made. No problem although I thought strange that I got a 5 digit booking number, but it is good. My other call with Manila was late last week. Again a good quality call. Any others to CR have been bad, except guest services I assumed answered in Miami area.
  9. The lady rep that phoned me Saturday said it would be Thursday before she would be back on duty. My Sunday email to Miguel is so far un-answered. Must be the furloughs ?
  10. On my way to Louisiana casino for a short visit. Oh there was a shooting in front of Circus Circus last night. At least one officer killed.
  11. Thanks Gayle. I guess that's why (host) he gave me his email address. I sent him an email later Sunday. I have not heard back.
  12. I did the redeem feature for my first time. No place to enter requests. A surprise, I got a reply Sunday at 9:37 PM CDT from Miguel Sanchez. No proof yet, but could be not USA. I have noticed a few others during this May mess that look out of USA. I made a reply, and before 10 PM got another email. I guess working from home you can have any hours. I got a call Saturday from a rep in Oregon, working from home. A perfect call quality wise. My first one of those since mid-April.
  13. All very interesting. I have 3 questions as I have had nothing but trouble even getting a good call. Which call center did you get ? Time of day, and state you called from ?
  14. I did send email to CR. I stated what I wanted to do. Not holding my breath on getting anything done. This is really getting old. RCCL or CR really has a problem. I have sent emails and posted mail to Fain and Bayley.
  15. Well an hour trying to book that MRO offer. Phoned main CR number punched 2 for new. Finally got a young man I could hear. sadly he was not casino so had to transfer me. Got Guatemala and another bad phone connection. Echo, static, drop outs. Lots of time on hold. Nearly done when dropped. Phoned Prime number. Got Guatemala again. 1 1/2 hours lost. Was going to book Majesty. The wife and I have same OVW offer. Thought I would combine for JS upgrade. No balconies on Majesty. About ready to just give up with CR.
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