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  1. As per usual. No offers for us. Clubroyale nothing there except our PRIME offers. We are both PRIME. The wife did 1500 points in the casino back in May. Still have not booked the PRIME offer. Maybe that is part of the situation.
  2. Your crown and Anchor number should be on booking invoice/cruise vacation receipt.
  3. Since this Australian cruises. Then the dollar amounts must be AUD. IF casino points are 1 for 1. Then the 10400 for inside comp is better than in USA. We have to play $12000 USD in to get the 2400 points needed for inside comp. IF it is 1 for 1. It is a great deal. Then allowing for AUD exchange rate of .69, 1.45. Then it is an even better deal. If $2 AUD in for 1 point then still is not too bad. We have to know AUD in equals one casino point. Glad that list was for Australia and not the USA. Had me worried for a while.
  4. Did they just change the casino free cruise offer ? My first week of May sailing was 2400 points inside, 3600 points oceanview, 4800 points balcony. Dollar amounts for every 400 points. Whats up ?
  5. Scott thanks for post. I had a similar phone call to Casino Royale a month or 2 back. I made a post here about it. I suspected the TA was getting/seeing my offers. Maybe getting the comp money too. I never saw an offer in 3 years. I just did not take it to CR management as you did. The service rep i spoke with said they had fixed the no offer problem. Still no offers. Every time I sailed in past year. I spot more cutbacks on RCL ships. If they keep this up. Might be time to quit.
  6. Kind of the same boat here. I get few offers. Sometimes I just call in to Casino Royale, and someone offers us something. Prime each year they had it. The wife too. Some trips 3000 - 5000 points played. A month back I asked the rep again "where are my offers ? You should be getting them." Then found out the offer emails were being sent to travel agent that booked my 2017 cruise. I didn't use that TA in 2018. Maybe some TA is getting your comps ? Just back from Liberty of Seas. Was just on her in January. I like old slots. One dollar, 5 dollar, even quarters with the reels. Now none to be found. Even the one cent 9 reel machines are gone. Took out the wonder 4's while we were aboard. All are video type with plenty of lights, sound, and action. The Video Poker are still the same. Won some money on those.
  7. Thanks. Mainly asked as my wife drinks Mexican cokes (real sugar). I drink a real sugar Dr. Pepper every now and then. Can't get this stuff on the ship.
  8. Since this is a highly informed group. I decided to ask this here. What is the latest Royal policy on bringing your bottled water, soda drinks, and wine onboard ?
  9. Then to add. Every 400 casino points gets $100 on the certificate. 2000 points played during the cruise gets $500 cert. 2400 inside cabin 3600 outside cabin 4800 balcony
  10. UPGRADES A few months back I phoned in to see about an upgrade. The agent checked JS and GS. The GS was less than JS. The agent and I could only assume the "computer" wanted to sell that GS cabin. I told my wife. She decided balcony was fine with her versus paying the $ 1000 quote for the upgrade. One never knows.
  11. OK thanks. Good info without me wasting time calling in.
  12. Her email was Feb. 2019, mine much earlier. Host on Jan cruise said we were both Prime for coming year.
  13. Has anyone their Prime, etc level cruise offer posted in Club Royale yet ? Neither my wife nor I have that posted in our Club Royale account. Yet we both have Prime emails from earlier.
  14. Win/loss: I think the fine print was Jan 31 for submission. I got the form notarized and emailed in to Royal Jan 31. I had email with Win/Loss attached a week later. The cruise Critic computer glitch has hit again. Last email for new forum posts I received Jan 29. I am having to go to each forum group now to see what is new. No emails. Just like the old system. Anyone else having this problem ?
  15. Offers: I have to agree with the total spent idea. The offers seem to come from Royal Marketing. We don't get many. We also don't buy packages, or excursions. Maybe one specialty dinner. Do pay for upgrade when needed. I think we have had a cert to cover that most times. So throwing out taxes and grats. Maybe $300 extra to RCL on most expensive trip. Sailed 3 times with RCL in 2018. Have completed one sailing in 2019. Have 2 already booked. Will have 2 PRIME offers to book. Just where do we find the time to do more ?
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