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  1. I will be here, thanks for the reminder .
  2. doone

    Cruise Docs Are Ready!!!!!

    See you onboard TexasHikers, we are on the Koningsdam March 6th as well......
  3. doone

    Cruise Docs Are Ready!!!!!

    I know but it will be here before you know it. For me can't wait for March and my cruise as its 2 degrees in New England today bbbbrrrrr
  4. I have always stayed on Main Deck mid ships on the R and S style ships and have always found this deck to be very quiet.
  5. doone

    Cruise Docs Are Ready!!!!!

    Thanks, Gsel, you as well, your a few weeks after me........................
  6. doone

    Cruise Docs Are Ready!!!!!

    Thanks ski ww, you as well
  7. doone

    Cruise Docs Are Ready!!!!!

    Me too, makes it just that much more real!!!!!! Thanks, we sure will.
  8. Cruise docs are ready, just went in and printed them and the luggage tags, I cannot wait, Koningsdam, here we come................
  9. doone


    Perfect, thanks a million
  10. doone


    This is all great info. So did I understand that if we didn't sign up for the 8 am class, we could use the spin bikes for free later on, is that correct?
  11. doone


    Great, thanks so much, will check it out onboard.......
  12. doone


    You get on a stationary bike and ride, there is a spin teacher who normally runs the class which runs about 45 minutes to an hour.
  13. doone


    I read somewhere that there are spinning classes held on the KDam, has anyone done this, if so what was the cost and how many times were these classes held during your cruise?
  14. doone

    Finalizing Check in ?

    You didn't say when your cruise is, but are your docs ready for printing? I printed my luggage tags, but my boarding passes won't be ready to print until after January 20th for my March cruise.