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  1. I assume you've read the thread talking about the banning of ALL stateroom door decorations of ANY kind due to a safety issue
  2. Sorry, but this issue has been put to bed, at least BY ME but go ahead...
  3. When is NCL going to make unlimited internet the usual thing like several of its competitors ALREADY do?
  4. On Facebook???? Accuracy is sometimes quite elusive in my experience
  5. I say tipping is personal and based upon what YOU think is service above and beyond; in this case the butler...we do not tip any butler in The Haven unless we have used their services, period. Why would I tip someone who never rendered any service to me? I do tip the bartender and I do tip the Concierge for services above and beyond. And we inevitably tip the cabin person MORE than the recommended amount unless their service has been poor. Who wants to clean up somebody else's mess (witness some of those YouTube videos of cruise ship cabins which look like a tsunami just passed through) and if I werwe cleaning YOUR bathroom you bet I'd want a tip given some of the stuff I had to throw away.😍
  6. Have any of you ever heard of an aircraft that was discovered to have a "problem" before it even left the gate? "The weather" is not the only thing which can cause delays: Once we had to wait to board until the entire flight crew showed up Earlier this year we were delayed for three hours waiting for a plane which "Just arrived" to be checked over and cleaned Last year we were delayed because the copilot discovered probable "bird damage" to the fuselage during his walkaround; we had to wait for a mechanic to come out to the airport and inspect it and then for "the paperwork" to be processed Too many factors for me to fly in the day of, sorry
  7. Anyone here ever read a post from cruiser who "just LOVE those sea days?" I have and as far as there not being things to do, who can say? Abrupt changes are never welcome and I suppose the usual, "But traveling requires flexibility" scolds are around somewhere, but the whole thing with "no explanation" (quick, somebody tell us the explanation EVERYBODY would accept: perhaps, "our ship SANK" might work) leaves a bad taste and seems careless on the part of the cruise line. That along with, "We are experiencing a high call volume at the moment; somebody will be with you shortly" which probably translates into, "We refuse to hire more than two reservationists so we can maximize profit so cool your jets."
  8. Ollienbertsmum, thanks for your comments and the reminder that Cannes is a tender port. The onward flight from NCE would be to Switzerland and the reason for this entire "drama" is the fact that there is an event in the early evening we would like to attend. A train from Rome takes a considerable amount of time and N/S flights leave either too early in the day or later than I would like to be hanging around FCO waiting for. But the tender issue is important. If the tenders are running we could wait for one which is not as jammed given the lack of room for any luggage. But how do you buy a plane ticket not knowing when you will get to the airport for certain? Correct, you don't! I wish I could plan on a disembarkation time in Civitaveccia but, of course those are vague: arrival at some stated time but who knows when one can actually get off? Given the many helpful comments above and yours I am inclined to bag the whole idea, finish the cruise, make my way to Zurich and forget about that "event." Doing so will involve much less hassle so thanks to one and all again.
  9. Prices fall on discounter sites all the time whether Mr. "FDR" wants you to believe otherwise or not.
  10. I wonder how many people on this thread have ever been to the safety briefing and really listened to what was being said. A fire at sea is not funny. A bunch of frantic guests running up and down the stairwells because they "thought it would never happen" and worse, because they were too busy looking at their phone during the safety briefing is even more pathetic. And then there are those who question whether or not this is a safety issue but rather something designed to ruin their cruise. Nobody wants to listen to only your half of a phone conversation much less know your birthday or whatever else you usually plaster all over social media because you "think" it is interesting. Believe me, it isn't.
  11. Thanks for the report. I gather things have changed a bit since when we have been in The Haven we have always been escorted into a set of elevators bound for The Haven entrance but then again we have always stayed IN The Haven itself.
  12. I appreciate the additional replies. The cruise in question makes a stop in Italy prior to Cannes. I still plan to try to get something in writing from NCL before proceeding further which in this case means buying air tickets from NCE onward.
  13. Thanks all. I am very aware of the provisions of the Jones Act and I have also been told there would be no Customs clearance required at Civitaveccia (for the ship) because the cruise calls at EU ports. I agree that "having it in writing" is essential in cases such as ours: "I'm disembarking early and your company said I could do so as this document illustrates." The possible problem with that approach: the ship's Master says no way regardless of what the "company" said we could do. It is going to be a fun cruise!
  14. An UPDATE Our TA contacted Norwegian and was told that we certainly can disembark in Cannes. We would have to remove our own luggage which we always do anyway and that the early departure will not affect the total cruise cost in any way whatsoever. We simply have to notify Norwegian at least 30 days in advance of this intention.
  15. "Crowded" in the Haven restaurant or do you mean FULL? BIG difference IMO. Crowded is what that buffet in the rear of the ship gets if you do not show up early. The Haven is what it is..it costs more and IMO is worth more.
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