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  1. Sorry, but the implication that "mature intellectual" cruisers don't enjoy all these "things" that HAL hasn't gone to is insulting to say the least.
  2. We got off this sailing in Port Antonio. I thought the ship looked great and it was already clean IMO. Service was uniformly excellent; weather around the Horn could have been sunnier but overall a great cruise; so much so we cancelled an Oceania sailing for 2020 and booked a Constellation alternative (and paid more money to do so but you only live once).
  3. The notion that somebody only visits Venice in conjunction with a cruise is insulting if nothing else.
  4. I strongly advise you NOT to base much of anything on "a cruise we did ten years ago."
  5. There are usually TWO sides to every story but I gather we will never hear " theirs." But whatever makes you comfortable.
  6. I get the impression the space will considerably improved. The whole concept appears to be a "reaction" to Norwegian Cruise Line's "The Haven" concept and if Celebrity does it as well as NCL did then it will be something to look forward to.
  7. My understanding is that the MC will be no more once the revolution takes place or am I incorrect about that?
  8. Just back from the Eclipse on its final for the season 'Round the Horn' cruise. Had the unlimited internet package and despite the ship's written notices that because of satellite positioning, etc., that "internet connections may be intermittent" it worked well throughout the entire two weeks.
  9. Cold and windy in Ushuaia; seemed warmer in Punta Arenas. The Equinox here is the beginning of FALL, not Winter
  10. Is this requirement absolute and final, yes or no?
  11. If any of you had started cruising back in the early 80's you'd KNOW what the term "cutbacks" actually means, believe me.
  12. You can squeeze about 30+ shots out of a "fifth" of liquor which the cruise line undoubtedly buys at wholesale, or better, prices. I realize there is a wide variation in what ends up being a "shot" but you get the idea. How many passengers actually come out "ahead" on beverage packages? I suspect the majority do not. A lot of people say they do but I am doubtful. They make money on booze sales and have been doing so long before there actually were any "drinks packages." Why do you suppose cruise lines forbid people to bring their own booze aboard?
  13. I live in Fort Lauderdale. Unfortunately you do not say which "weekend" you are talking about, date -wise.
  14. THAT is not true. Unless the water is BOILING and those "germs" are exposed for a certain amount of time there is no guarantee of "killing" them.
  15. I am getting a little tried of people who for whatever reason do not want to pay for a suite characterizing that decision as equating with being "unloved" (by the rest of us I guess). Whining about it is what makes people "less than cuddly" I suppose.
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