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  1. I am sorry but can we stop with the ageist stuff? Sending food BACK because it isn't cooked correctly or having a Come to Jesus meeting with the person in a restaurant who actually makes a difference because the service was sub-par is not "an age thing" IM very AGED opinion. It's called growing a set and realizing that you paid for something and making sure it gets delivered. However, there seem to be a lot of people who have what most would consider to be unreasonable demands and that isn't an age thing either.
  2. The thought of walking through an airport and NOT being run over by some goon who is staring at their cellphone as they navigate is even nicer.
  3. We have sailed with Celebrity as well as IN the Haven. On our last Celebrity sailing we were in one of the two largest cabins on the ship and the service was outstanding and I would go with Celebrity again in a heartbeat. BUT all of the cruise lines are, IMO, trying to copy/emulate the whole "ship within a ship" concept that NCL came up with in the Haven. Witness the "dedicated" dining venues on Royal as well as Celebrity and now Princess; the whole "suites only" thing. As to what price would I pay to be in the Haven: whatever it costs because IMO the entire experience is superior and worth the money but to each their own. And yes you CAN get it discounted through a discounter or at least get a lot of OBC. Now, if NCL would just figure out that unlimited internet access is becoming COMMON rather than this 3 hours worth for "free" routine...
  4. Yes, thanks for these photos. We are on the Getaway again later in the year so the info is appreciated.
  5. Exactly which TA is giving you anything? Everything is coming FROM the cruise line, not the TA, including OBC. It could be a matter of a reduction in the TA commission or a perk to the TA from the cruise line for steering a great deal of business to the line but NO TA that I know of is giving you OBC.
  6. Given what people PAY for any cruise, cruising for ANY 24-hour period and not seeing the person you are supposedly tipping to clean your cabin is not only "not acceptable" it is, IMO ridiculous that anybody would think this is "the usual."
  7. Unfortunately, what has not stopped is people whining about how some people are insulting them by not dressing up.
  8. Just recently returned from an Eclipse sailing to South America. I cannot comment on any "sytematic downgrading" because our cruise was very enjoyable. We had excellent dining room service in every venue we used. In terms of being a "mass" cruise line I know there are a LOT of people on board and their expectations are truly massive.
  9. Sorry, but the implication that "mature intellectual" cruisers don't enjoy all these "things" that HAL hasn't gone to is insulting to say the least.
  10. We got off this sailing in Port Antonio. I thought the ship looked great and it was already clean IMO. Service was uniformly excellent; weather around the Horn could have been sunnier but overall a great cruise; so much so we cancelled an Oceania sailing for 2020 and booked a Constellation alternative (and paid more money to do so but you only live once).
  11. The notion that somebody only visits Venice in conjunction with a cruise is insulting if nothing else.
  12. I strongly advise you NOT to base much of anything on "a cruise we did ten years ago."
  13. There are usually TWO sides to every story but I gather we will never hear " theirs." But whatever makes you comfortable.
  14. I get the impression the space will considerably improved. The whole concept appears to be a "reaction" to Norwegian Cruise Line's "The Haven" concept and if Celebrity does it as well as NCL did then it will be something to look forward to.
  15. My understanding is that the MC will be no more once the revolution takes place or am I incorrect about that?
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