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  1. Personally, we's pick the right side of the north-bound bus. That is based upon our experience on the southbound train.
  2. Why not just scan the retirement orders, rather than the DD214?
  3. Here's to Big Al- his post from 2001 continues a great life! (Still makes great reading)
  4. My favorite time to sail Alaska is May (early Spring); my wife prefers September (last fall cruise, big sales onboard and in many ports businesses). Hard to make everyone in the family happy - however we dislike late June to early August due to the overload of tourists!
  5. Paris & Normandy is next on our river list; hoping for some good $$$ reasons to book again with Uniworld. We are taking Uniworld for Tulips next month!
  6. Yup, you have been spoiled! Enjoy it and keep cruising.
  7. We have enjoyed the sharing of your trip planning process and the list(s). In the decades we have traveled, we have learned much: we enjoy the planning and preparations before the trip, the feeling we are being prepared with what we deem important, and have modified what we take and how we pack over the years. It can be a lot of fun and a great learning experience all wrapped up together! Best wishes for your trip and may you have many more together.
  8. We are coming up on our second Uniworld river cruise, with a March cruise. These posts make me wonder if there will be a follow-on, as we were planning on booking onboard. Time will tell...
  9. On most of our X cruises, there was a daily 'family' time in the solarium when children were allowed in the facility.
  10. We cruised Uniworld back in 2010 and were very pleased, after tiring of the normal and usual cruises at sea. Since that time Uniworld has become more "inclusive," yet from what I read, still not fully inclusive as there is always something extra offered for more $$$. We will take river cruise #2 on Uniworld next year - this cruise is much more expensive. Reading the threads on Uniworld has me a bit concerned yet I will keep my expectations high and see what happens!
  11. Thanks for the wonderful pictures; we enjoyed them all. The Douro is high on our future bucket list, as we are moving toward river cruising from ocean cruising more often.
  12. We like both Celebrity and Azamara. You get reciprocal status with Celebrity based upon your Royal status; not so with Azamara. Azamara itineraries are typically very port intensive, lucky if you get one sea day in many of their 7 day plus trips; our 10 day eastern Med cruise required another vacation to rest up after we got home! The four different menu chef's tables offered on the Azamara Journey were absolutely fantastic (served 10 to 12 people at each dinner). Celebrity's Canyon Ranch Spas are tops (also on Oceania) and much better than we found on Azamara. Since we tend to entertain ourselves with reading, study, etc., can't say much about entertainment on either. Our suggestion - Try both, but Celebrity first due to the potential 'status' upgrade as a repeat Royal cruiser.
  13. We just returned from a trip out of New York up the east coast to Halifax and out to Bermuda and back to New York on the Insignia. I found the internet was just fine for email activity, especially early in the morning and late at night (when most others wouldn't be using it). Had excellent connectivity in the library, computer center, our room, and the Terrace Cafe.
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