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  1. Edit Unless they do a mirrow image of the Port side onto the Starboard side "yessydO" I just realized that the in the current photo the name is on the port side.
  2. Compared to her sister Spectrum the placement looks very low. Though ass Biker notes, it's different which is not bad. Courtesy - Andres Depping
  3. We had long craved doing the Southern Caribbean. Our first try on Adventure from San Juan we didn't quite make it to the intended ABC Islands due to ship technical issues. We tried a second time for the ABCs on Adventure again but from Fort Lauderdale and it was one of the best cruises and itineraries we have done. So much so that we are doing the S. Caribbean - Aruba and Curaçao with Labadee on Symphony and Grand Cayman on Odyssey. If you like St Maarten, you will really love Curacao. Both Aruba and Curaçao are beautiful and for us had a great vibe. RCI doesn't always have S. Caribbean sailings year round from Florida, so when they do and depending on pricing, one can save on airfare. There will always be sailings to E. Caribbean and many ships and itinaries to pick from all year long. Also, some of the sailings from San Juan can be port intensive. If it was me, I would go with Odyssey. Whatever you decide, have a great cruise.
  4. @Lloyd555 - What do you think these openings on the top section of the Loft Suites are? On other Oasis class ships I think the crew some of tat area. While its close to the funnel section, could that may be also be suite sun deck?
  5. Yes as Twangster notes too. At least part of the stateroom count difference are those very ones on decks 15 and 16 on Spectrum. As we noted earlier, there's definitely less suites on Odyssey. Edit - Have to give Twangster credit though, he noted a long time ago here that the CL will become a SL.
  6. Great find and that does clearly say, "Suite Lounge". Amongst other differences with Spectrum, it has 32 less Staterooms.
  7. Congrats on your other L&S. You've got some good ones. It sometimes helps and makes a difference to have a very good TA.
  8. Thank you both for your feedback. Back to the hunt.
  9. I suppose one can do a L&S from a ship with 9N to a 8N on Odysssey?
  10. Ken. - Thanks very much for the feedback. Yeah, I think I will look at some options and even other dates for Odyssey through April to switch to. The funny thing is, the GS non-refundable I booked on Symphony for a similar 8N S. Caribbean, was priced less than the J1 on Odyssey. Initially, I was going to email you as I thought I had your email from awhile back when it was in your signature but no worries. Thanks again.
  11. Ken - As others have noted here, thanks for sharing and explaning all things L&S. I thought someone posted that they were able to L&S from a 7N to 8N on Odyssey which is great (and congrats to all those that got great deals with L&S). I am currently booked on Odyssey in a J1 fully refundable but, now I am contemplating going to a higher suite for around the same price or less than what I paid. Any suggestions? Also, I saw mention of a "SC" earlier. What category is that on Odyssey or did I miss the reference that was being made? Thanks
  12. I didn't see that coming. They drained the pool already . Given its location, it's gong to be a crowded bar/viewing area. Still a great location. At least they have kept it somewhat symmetric with the starboard side and pool.
  13. An OS on Symphony for $3,400! Now that's a super great deal.Good for you.
  14. I just did a dummy booking for March 21, 2021 for Seaside vs Harmony. While the two ships are not comparable, still there is a huge difference in price with a Seaside YC Balcony for about $5.2k vs a GS on Harmony at $11.2k.
  15. Would you say pricier for the same amenities compared to RCI. A while back when I looked the price of the YC Suite was in the range of a JS to GS on some Oasis class. But with demand things can obviously change.
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