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  1. This summer the Edge Peloton's had the pedals that were SPD on one side & the cage on the other. I didn't see any Look pedals on the bikes they had. I don't think the Reflection has got Pelotons yet. I believe they are part of the Revolutionized process. Although I don't think it takes a dry dock either for Celebrity to roll a couple bikes up the cargo entrance. So they may be there when She sails next week.
  2. Here's my understanding - cost: $99 for port day; $249 for at-sea day (USD). If there is bad weather, it is fully refundable. I believe the perks listed above is only for the E Class (free drinks etc). The Reflection still just has the basically offering (See attached). We rented one back in 2012 or so. We really enjoyed it. It was a family cruise that gave us a meeting spot (before free wifi & the ease of texting on the ship) and the kids loved playing the grass (hand stands, summersaults - all the fun stuff that made my body ache just watching). We had the drink package so we did have to flag down waitstaff to get a drink or a short walk to the sunset bar. This was prior to the movie screen. Some of commented that the screen makes it not as serene as it once was. As others have mentioned; ships now (and I'm confident in January) will still have tons chairs around the pool and other places to relax due to reduced capacity. We rented one for upcoming cruise to enjoy on a port day when we know we aren't getting off the boat. I'll be happy to share our experience in a couple weeks.
  3. If not, I'm sure this group is smart enough to sleuth it out. I'd guess Ship D was the Edge.
  4. She booked in advance. I did ask for a little more info; she said - the massage was great and the tours didn't impact her treatment at all although the atmosphere was not as serene as her visit later in the week.
  5. My other half had a 2:00 p.m. appointment (boarding began at 11:30) on our cruise in late July. They gave her 70 mins for the price of 50 mins. She really enjoyed starting our week with something so relaxing but did mention it was a little weird with all the traffic in the spa that day.
  6. While they may not dictate passenger capacity directly, they have many elements of their sailing order that become exponentially more difficult with a full boat. Contract tracing is a great example. It becomes considerably more difficult to contact trace a full S-Class boat (approx 4300) vs half filled S-Class boat or even 70%. Even by some unlikely event that eliminates the CDC order, you still face the court of public opinion on if someone is prepared to still cruise if it's 100% full.
  7. I think there are 2 elements that go into this question: 1) Does Celebrity have the ability to expand capacity? (Crew members, CDC approval etc.) 2) (And more important) - Is there a market for higher capacity cruises? I can't recall seeing a Celebrity cruise (leaving from the U.S.) sold out since the first cruises back of the Edge in late June / early July. And those sold out cruises were when the only option in continental states for a cruise was the Edge. Our family looked at a Thanksgiving cruise - Celebrity has 5 ships available for a cruise during that time. And that's not including all the other brands up and running now. And while many on here are avid cruisers it doesn't mean the casual cruiser is ready to jump back on board yet let alone one with any concerns. And I'm sure even avid cruisers feel a little more sense of comfort with a 50-60% full ship vs a full ship. So while Celebrity may want completely full ships by Nov / Dec; I'm not sure the interest will have returned by that point.
  8. If you do a search, you can find a bunch of different answers to this which mostly have to do with WHEN cruisers sailed. When this system was starting in late June / early July; many people just showed up as they had in the past (whenever they felt like it). The first couple weeks it was confusing and there was some disorder but they quickly the system got smoother. They did training, added signs w time etc. Then Delta hit & one weekend they tried to test at the port (fail) & then required a negative test with you. Once again, the system was clunky but they worked through it & for the most part it seems to have smoothed itself out (or at least minimal complaining on here). Now - come November, we will see the first time (I think) two of Celebrity's larger ships boarding the same day - Nov 6 (Reflection & Edge) and Nov 20 (Reflection & Apex). So based on staffing levels and organization at the port; there is a chance for things not to run so smooth again. Not saying it will; just saying that information shared by people who cruised in September / October - it may not be as accurate as when you sail.
  9. We are in the same boat for the Nov 20 Reflection Cruise. While I have no idea what they sub for GC, I fully expect Key West to become an At-Sea day. My guess is, Celebrity would prefer to cruise to Cozumel at half throttle & save the money on gas. I even told the other half to book a spa day bc I'm confident we aren't stopping anywhere that first day.
  10. One thing you could consider - Fort Myers has a ferry that runs to Key West. You could drive to Ft. Myers, take the ferry to KW & stay a couple days there. Just an alternate solution to driving. That drive is brutal.
  11. I noticed the most recent update for the Celebrity App (on Apple) listed the ability to upload vac documents prior to travel for select ships. Although many are just waiting to be able to check in for upcoming cruises but looks like one more area they are trying to get confirmed during the registration process.
  12. I think the policy will be extended at least as long as the Covid Assistance program is in place. If I was Celebrity and potentially having to fly Covid + passengers home via a private jet, I would want to make sure they were at least negative when they started the cruise. I have seen that program extended to Dec 31, 2021; so I'd expect the testing requirement to go that long at a minimum.
  13. Just to add - currently Celebrity is only allowing celebrity curated excursions at the Bahamas. Always subject to change just like everything these days.
  14. I'm not sure if you consider July recent but I would say about 60% were in jackets. Another 20% were wearing ties (no jacket) and then 20% were doing Chic Night their way. This is approximately 8 p.m. in the martini bar area (things tend to get less dressy as the night rolls on right?). This was just my general observation as I don't really care what people choose to wear.
  15. I don't think they have brought back the show yet ( or at least had not during our Edge cruise in July). I will echo NutsaboutGolf's comments though - the Eden meal on the Edge was OUTSTANDING. The food in presentation and taste was plenty of a show for us.
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