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  1. On one of our Celebrity cruises, a few years ago, we took a flight where we had to change planes. Something we usually do not do or will do again. Changed planes in Tampa to find that the our flight was delayed coming into Tampa by 2 hours and of course would be late leaving. Their revised arrival time in Ft. Lauderdale would put us in at about 3:00 pm which gave us little time to get to ship. We Called Celeberty to advise them of our problem. We arrived at the port at about 3:45 to find one check in desk open just for us. We were the last ones one the ship. Maybe things have changed since then, but back then, they did wait for us. I remember many years ago on the Azure Seas, we watched two ladies running for the ship as the gangway was being raised. The ship left them on the pier. Those ladies had to hire a water taxi and get on the ship while underway. Was interesting to watch. First they threw their purses onto the ship, then their shoes, then climbed up the short ladder to the service port to get onboard.

  2. ]Greetings


    Just over a week to go until our next Celebrity voyage and still no luggage tags. I have ordered them not once but twice and they still have not appeared. Yes, I know it's a nit. I can print tags or get them at the pier. But it just seems that the "2015 Best Premium Cruise Line" would pay a little more attention to some of the smaller details or remove the options from the website.


    Good Sailing



    Called Captains club about my luggage tags and got them in about a week.

  3. On Celebrity, a crew member will greet you at the end of th line and carry your tray for you to an open table, then ask if there is anything else he can get you--beverages, forgotten silverware, condiments, etc. On RCCL, once you find your table, a crew member is right there to ask you what else he can get you. On Carnival, you need to search ard for a table in the overcrowded buffet, likely find one that hasn't even been cleared or wiped off, then leave your food and go back out again to find the drink station etc. Absolutely no help or service in the buffet area...



    Well, since it's been revisited, I just want to say that on our most recent X cruise, the above description of service does not exist at all--they have followed the Carnival example. No trays, no help unless you are obviously in need (in a wheelchair, on crutches, etc.) and no help at all from staff with drinks, condiments etc. I'm not complaining, just stating a fact.


    I have sailed numerous X cruises over the years and when I first started (the Galaxy), those things you mentioned did occur. I don't remember when they stopped those services, but for the last 3 or 4 cruises there has not been any staff waiting to carry your tray (no more trays anyway) and take you to a table. No trays, just plates so you wind up juggling 2 plates and your silverware trying to navigate different stations (S Class) and then find a table.

  4. On our last two cruises embarkation has been so easy, now getting back off....a nightmare! Queuing forever, not enough officers on....


    I've been on over 20 cruises on different lines and each time it seems that there are never enough CBP officers to handle the number of disembarking passengers. When I worked at LAX, we would have up to 20 inspectors to work a flight with 350 persons on board. The last cruise I was on (Eclipse) which had over 2900 pax, there were only 2 inspectors which eventually was augmented to 4 inspectors. Granted most passengers get minimal attention, but having only 4 inspectors for 2900 pax is ridiculous.

  5. I'm playing the Devil's Advocate here...


    If you went to your Dr. at home, and IF you didn't have any insurance, I'd be inclined to think that your cost for your appointment would be in the region of over $100.00. We're all quite use to our Insurance paying for a majority of our healthcare costs.


    Years ago, I had bronchitis on a cruise. I had numerous visits to the Infirmary for inhalation treatments. The final bill was expensive. Around $900.00.


    I sent it to my Insurance company and was reimbursed everything but my "office visit" co-payment charge.


    And maybe in the future you'll bring a small bottle of cough meds with you. We do...just in case.

    Had the same problem in 2009. Went to the infirmary with bronchitis and after several days of treatment and meds it cost me almost $1900.00. So now I take out trip insurance just incase. At my age you never know what will go wrong.

  6. Hi Beth! That particular cabin feature takes me back to the not-so-good-old-days. Our very first cruises (back in the '80's) were on converted ocean liners. Some folks here may remember the Carnivale (one of Carnival's first three ships). In her own way, she was charming -- but staterooms were a nightmare. We had a long, skinny cabin, with a tiny port-hole, bunk beds, and -- yes -- the sink outside of the bathroom. All in all, it was a step up from our first cruise, on the SS Azure Seas. For that one, we had a tiny inside cabin (over the engine room). The bathroom was SO small that (no kidding) the toilet was inside the shower stall! :eek:


    I've been trying to remember the name of one of the ships I sailed years ago on a short 4 days sail out of LA. When I read your comment, the name came back to me. SS Azure Seas. Thanks for jogging my memory.:)

  7. I think it is more of an individual preference thing. I have been to Hawaii a couple of times and once on a 14 days cruise on the Century. I really have not found anything about Hawaii that I would prefer it to the Caribbean. I've been to the Caribbean at least 24 times and enjoy it far more that Hawaii. The Caribbean beaches are nicer, the people friendlier and also the shopping is better. The only thing I would miss about Hawaii is the Macadamian nuts. The cruising part is basically the same either way. Having said all that, I agree with some of the other posters that if you want to experience Hawaii, you need to just fly over there and visit for a couple weeks and take in the three main tourist islands. You can't really get a taste of the islands on a cruise.

  8. We were originally booked on the Reflection Aqua class with all of the 123 perks. We decided to upgrade to the Sky Suite and asked Captains club rep if we could keep our perks. She told us we could so we upgraded and kept all the the perks. We have not paid our final payment yet and that may make a difference.

  9. very interesting find... here's what i came up with in that regard (small excerpt):






    and here's the link to the complaint:




    ETA: it looks like they lost that case:




    i wonder if it was in fact because of that case, that the regulations are changing across the industry...

    I wondered what became of Tom Winkowski. I worked for him in the 90's when he was the assistant DD in LA for what was then called U.S Customs Service.

  10. After reading about the spring break crowd, I'm beginning to worry about my cruise scheduled for Mar 12, 2016. I've searched the internet for spring break dates for 2016, but have not found a comprehensive breakdown as there is for 2015. I see some colleges do have spring break about the Mar 12 time frame. Does anyone have a url for 2016 breakdown like the one for 2015? Thanks

  11. I've been on 20 plus cruises over the years, starting with NCL's Starward. For those who cruised back in the early 80's will remember the ship. It held about 750 some pax and even then it was a little old. I've sailed HAL and Celebrity. Of all the cruises, not one has been bad. Some better than others. One had engine problems and had to skip a port. Big deal. Still had a good time. Really slow dinner service, 2 1/2 hours for dinner and food wasn't that good. Still better than cooking it myself. Otherwise the cruise was great. The air conditioning went out on one cruise for several hours. Big deal, went out on the deck and played cards with friends and had free drinks. Had a great time. Unless the engine quits and you're floating around for days, or all the toilets backup into your room, or the ship sinks, you really can't have a bad time on a cruise. (at least I haven't). It's like life, you make of it what you want. You can chose to enjoy what life gives you or complain and be miserable.

  12. A couple of years ago there were many complaints about perhaps one of the most innocuous groups you could have on a cruise, the American Girl Dolls. I remember people were furious because the girls were sitting in the buffet with their dolls next to them taking up seats and doing the same in the theater. Apparently the parents thought this was all fun.


    A lot will depend on how large the group will be, there have been complaints that groups take up the entire late seating, close substantial numbers of rooms, etc


    Although a little different small groups can cause problems, there were reports of really poor behavior by a large family who were huge stockholders. Affected people all over the ship as they felt they could do anything.

    We were on that cruise and had a table at the MDR not far from those girls. We had no problems with them. The girls were all well mannered and were hardly noticed throughout the ship, at least by us.

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