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  1. You can probably delay leaving a Navigator until about 9:30. By the time you get your bags and are outside the terminal i5 would be close to 10. By the time you get to the terminal for Explorer it will be perfect timing for check in. There’s construction of a new terminal between where the Navigator and the Explorer will dock so walking would be difficult. If there are no shuttles just take a Taxi.
  2. It will give you the specifications once you start the photo process.
  3. And hopefully a Bella sitter on standby.
  4. Do both of the 2BR GS’s have a hot tub? They used to be the presidential suite before they split that in half so there would only be one hot tub unless they added a second during the drydock.
  5. Only the HD and captain are fortunate enough to work the 10 on 10 off schedule. The next level down need to stay on board longer before their break.
  6. I think that you will see them start to change out carpet early, that can v be done in turnaround day. After that it’s just soft furnishings that can easily be done in a day. The bathrooms...maybe at drydock. I doubt that they will be out of service.
  7. They are a category 6N. Oceanview. The suites in the corners are called Ultimate Panoramic suite
  8. Large agencies will already have their group space blocked before the cruises are released to the public and it will be available the same day as the cruises are released by Royal. Smaller agencies and individual agents who have to create their own groups have to wait until Royal releases the itineraries to the public then they can go in and create groups based on available group space as set by Royal
  9. Best just to buy it ahead of time and let your son order off the adult menu. If the restaurant give you a credit then its a bonus.
  10. FYI It is 12 and under Children between the ages of 0-5 are complimentary and ages 6-12 are $10 per child; children must order from the kids menu.
  11. How old is your child? There are two different age groups they consider. 5 and under have a true kids menu and eat free. (chicken nuggets, grilled cheese, hiot dog etc) 6-12 have a slimmed down version of the adult menu (or in some restaurants they just eat off the adult menu but they make smaller portions) and they pay $10
  12. A great reminder why not to book those 9:30 flights.
  13. The cabins above the bridge are all Oceanview.
  14. The managers are simply following the direction of the Hotel Director . A new HD came on board after your cruise and changed policies.
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