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  1. Have them eat at the WJ the first night so they can attend the meet n greet. After that they really won’t miss out on much with a late dining and if there is something they really want to do let them eat at WJ or somewhere else for that night.
  2. What Royal has working in its favour is the fact that their overall capacity is increasing and that people in general are cruising more and more which means that their loyalty numbers will continue to increase. The numbers of C&A members at each level will keep increasing however as it does the new people will have lower expectations of the various levels and be perfectly happy with all the perks that they get at those levels as they weren’t around to have anything taken away from them. I’ll use myself as an example. We will get D+ at the end of the year. I knew about the CL perk but have never had it and we really won’t miss it as we only sail Oasis class ships where it hasn’t been an option for a long time anyway. I’ll be happy and appreciative to reach D+ and get the extra perks that come with it like the beer instead of soda, the Bogo dinner, the free laundry, the extra $25 balcony discount, the amenity choice, the bridge tour and I might be missing a few. I won’t be one of the D+ that is upset and bitter that the CL is being taken away as I never had it to begin with. I still know of no other cruise line that comes close to Royal in what they offer theIr upper tiers in the way of perks.
  3. I think that what they were trying to say is that if you have 2 people in your current room then only 2 people will be eligible to go into the new room regardless of its capacity. The terms of the Royal up program clearly state that only the occupants on the existing reservation will be added to the new room. You cannot combine reservations if you had 2 cabins and one won a bid for a larger cabin that could accommodate all the guests. This would be a a great option for Royal to add. Many families travel in 2 cabins. If they allowed both cabins together to bid on 1 cabin such as the 2 bedroom GS, Aquatheatre cabin or any other cabin that comfortably held 4 or more they could potentially get a higher bid amount and also then free up two additional cabins to move others into.
  4. 1D balconies allow for an occupancy of 4. Its a Royal king bed that can be separated into two twins and a sofa bed that can sleep 2. Not comfortable for 2 adults but that is how the occupancy is. That geing said they may may have reached capacity in your muster station amd even though the cabin can hold 4 they may not allow it.
  5. In a lot cases those offers go out when they do not have inventory in those cabins. They are just simply looking for people who would be willing to pay for them in the event that someone cancels . Just because you received that offer does not mean that they have a cabin that they could have upgraded you to. It is also a third party company that runs the upgrade program that would have no knowledge of what you are hoping through. Hope everything works out.
  6. I’ve also seen them temporarily list the sailing as closed while they sort out the guarantees. A couple days later it was listed back on the site again. It is also very probable that it is sold out. Unfortunately your call to Royal won’t yield you 100% accurate information. Revenue does not share the reason why the sailings are listed as closed with the front line people that you are talking to. The person that you talk to will just make something up...most likely “inventory control” which seems to be a standard response for every sailing that is listed as closed. They may also refer to it as a “code red” which means the sailing is closed to new bookings.
  7. That would be across all cruise lines and not just Royal so your % would be a lot lower.
  8. Some of the ships with RFID cards now have a special punch at guest services so that even the new cards can get punched.
  9. You made a point of saying Radiance class came before Voyageur
  10. Radiance and Voyageur class ships were constructed during the same time period. Radiance class 2001 -2004 Voyageur class 1999 - 2003 so it actually went Vision, Voyageur, Radiance, Freedom...
  11. The other issue out there is that there is a glut of plastic on the recycle market so unless it is uncontaminated and all of the same grade no one wants it. A lot of that plastic that people put out to get recycled ends up in landfills.
  12. Unfortunately the website has not been updated. The Shareholders benefits has been allowed to be combined for cruises booked after June or July 2019. The residency, seniors, military, fire and police are actually rates as opposed to discount but you do get the Balcony discount on those lower rates.
  13. They are good to have if you plan on bringing 4 bottles of wine on board.
  14. Only the first one. The second one is not used.
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