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  1. Agents will make anything up because they don't want to spend the time trying to get the right answer or alert someone to an issue. They figure that since they work there and you don't you will believe whatever they tell you. Call center 101 to get rid of a customer.
  2. It doesn't matter as you can do a closed loop cruise without a passport
  3. Or at least gives you a good idea when you should maybe question what the rep is telling you.
  4. The only issue that you have is that a FCC cannot be used for the deposit so you would have to put down a new deposit then get one larger FCC
  5. It is occupancy.. every category that starts with an odd number holds more than 2 guests. every category that start with an even number holds 2 guests. Location is determined by the letter but since all CP balconies are considered midship (between the elevators) there is only one letter associated with this category.
  6. The only other place is the suite sundeck deck 17 forward
  7. Ours only went up by about $20 on the Ovation. Ivee seen taxes go up but not by that much. Did you book this years cruise through a TA or a different TA? Some TA's like to include non comissionable cruise fare in their taxes line where Royal and some TA's include it in the cruise fare.
  8. Yes you can. Booking before Aug 1 there is no downside to a NRD if you are OK with a FCC as opposed to cash
  9. Crown and Anchor exclusive rates are different than the balcony discount and not offered on every sailing
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