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  1. Oh how times have changed when we bow refer to the Explorer as a small ship.😁
  2. That’s the one . It used to be great, saved a ton of money, it’s too bad he couldn’t keep it working.
  3. Sorry, I thought I had read that it was replaced however it’s still showing on the deck plans.
  4. My own personal feeling is that Oasis 5 will command premium prices and in order to maintain that they need to be able to draw from an international market which is Miami or FLL. Putting her in Galveston isn’t going to command any higher a price and possibly even lower. On the other hand by putting Oasis or Allure in Galveston they should be able to charge more than they currently are in a Florida for those 2 ships.
  5. It hasn’t worked reliably since the last website upgrade. Definitely not worry relying on. I had 6 cruises I was Watching and received 1 notification in 6 months while there were a lot of price drops.
  6. On most ships there is a maximum of 4 guests in a regular room. On Oasis and Allure only there are regular cabins that do hold 5 guests. Look on the deckplan for the solid Diamond symbol as these rooms have a sofabed and a pullman. They are available in oceanviews and balconies. You must call to book 5 into this room. If the room description says family oceanview then it will hold 5. You must still call to book 5 into this type of room.
  7. Chlorine yes salt no. You can disagree with the chief engineer who has spent most of his life on ships and who posts here regularly.
  8. Cabin 1804 is available for TA's to book. Try calling.
  9. Sorry but they do not add salt to the water. The reason that you get swelling is not salt added to the water but a combination of heavily salted foods and the fact that as you stated they remove all minerals from the water. The absence of potassium can cause your legs and ankles to swell.
  10. Thanks, didn’t realize they raised the on board price, still showing $8.99 in the cruise planner.
  11. If you purchase a package on board the 18% will be added to the cost. if you purchase the package through the cruise planner all that it states is that gratuities are included. We have no way of knowing how much is passed on to the waiter as a gratuity. It is totally up to you to decide on how much, if any to tip based on these facts.
  12. Yep, they were definitely relaying their experience before the new policy took effect.
  13. The soda package is one thing that really isn’t a whole lot cheaper on the cruise planner vs on board. Either $8.99 or $9.99 per day plus gratuity.
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