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  1. Yep, that rules out travel for most. Theres a push not only by Air Canada (who has been testing this for the last couple of months) and by other airlines around the world to eliminate the 24 day quarantine period in favour of testing upon arrival.
  2. It’s not at this port. There is another port that is exclusive to one o& the cruise lines...I can’t remember which one.
  3. Ropes around a flock of Canada geese as they head south.
  4. I’ve been saying that for quite a while. They gave us 3 drinks to use anywhere and if some want to fight over seats in the lounge then so be it.
  5. definitely not the west coast. About 3 time zones difference.
  6. I wish. I fear if we get caught walking across we will be in jail. The actual border crossings are also closed to foot traffic.
  7. The border is open for flights, its only closed for driving
  8. However that page is very confusing and IMO is what started all the debate earlier today and yesterday. It lists 4 or 5 promotions including the double points and only has one set of terms and conditions that do not apply to everything listed. The double points is a brand program and not a promotion and has no combinability restrictions which reading that link you would think it does.
  9. Yes, as long as they sail in 2021. cancelled cruises obviously would not count
  10. But the three adults are not $1300 each. First 2 guests pay more and. 3/4 pay a reduced rate. Also add in the fact that even though the child is free they still pay taxes which can be $150
  11. It sure how the company casino points will work. I suggest calling the casino line....maybe several times
  12. @molly361 any thoughts? Sorry I thought Melbourne was talking cc points
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