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  1. Royal has not released any plans other than to stop more people from booking them.
  2. Happy hour specials at Hooked. Beer and a lobster roll for $10 which for you would be free. we always get the UDP and haven’t eaten in the MDR for over 5 years. I would suggest trying a different restaurant every night. Hooked Chops Giovannis Wonderland 150 Central Park...love the tenderloin for two Izumi Hibachi Izumi Sushi Use Coastal Kitchen for breakfast and lunch. Or maybe one dinner if one of the restaurants didn’t appeal to you. We do one of each but skip Izumi Sushi and do one of the others a second time
  3. I didn’t take any offence to your post and no apologies are necessary. Mine was only referring back to the person that suggested that it was because the ship had possibly reached the 50% occupancy level. just give this thread time and people will be posting about how long it’s taking to get their vaccine.😂
  4. Never. It won’t happen. People would just book cruises knowing they would be cancelled just to get points.
  5. The problem is that people are comparing all the restrictions that they have in place for Quantum which is sailing without vaccines to sailing here which no one knows when it will resume or what restrictions will get in place. If a vaccine is required I can certainly see some of those restrictions changing.
  6. Unfortunately that response wasn’t spot on. Royal hasn’t stopped sales of any cruises due to 50% occupancy as we have no idea what if any restrictions will be on occupancy especially in November after even existing CDC orders have expired. Royal will continue to take deposits from as many people as they can without regard to any hypothetical occupancy requirements and then if they do gave to refund people the6 will take their time in doing so.
  7. They extended the book by date at the same time as they extended the sail by date before.
  8. In the past if they extended anything it had always been before the date. I’m expecting an announcement next week.
  9. Deposits and payments to Royal by UK travel agents follows a different procedure than what is followed in North America.
  10. The poster is from the UK. They do things a bit different than we do on this side if the pond with respect to payments.
  11. Unknown. You will have the option to get a 100% FCC but beyond that it is unknown and hard to even guess as this situation has not come up....yet.
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