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  1. Thanks everyone. Follow up question, for my upcoming cruise I booked through a TA, do I call my TA to purchase the packages? I have access to my cruise planner on the RCCL web site but as was said I need to purchase over the phone.
  2. I prefer getting the drink package. I love not being handed a bill/check to sign with every drink. I am not sure if I can figure out how to get the package on my next cruise though. My 22 year old son is booked in my cabin and he does not drink. Any chance RCCL lets me get the drink package and get him a lower non alcohol package? Or if not, is there a way I can avoid the whole bill/check signing with every drink? I honestly hated that and I could care less if I come out ahead or behind on the price of the package. I would be happy to just have the convenience of package if at all possible.
  3. Thanks for the info I will be there in December, hope it is done, looking forward to seeing it.
  4. The videos look great. They are adding 200 tons of material to the ship. Looks like most of that weight is going on top. I am not a naval architect but I can't help to wonder if that effects the ships stability in the water. Worst case I guess would be loss of power in high winds and rough seas. Sorry but I always try to protect against worst case so I can't help but wonder. On a brighter note, the ship does look amazing. I wonder what will be added in the sports bar? I hope they have darts, a pool table, bowling.... some fun activities. Something unique so that it isn't just another place to drink.
  5. Just off Adventure, yes a Latin band played in Boleros. I really enjoyed them and I though Boleros had the best bar tenders. I also enjoyed the Reggae band that played by the pool bar. We also had an acoustic guitar player who's venue varied but set list didn't. He was a good guitarist but it got a tired.
  6. That would be FREAKIN AWESOME !!!!! yes it adds 🤩
  7. Closely following the Navigator dry dock thread here on CC. I will check out all the pics and reviews of her first few sailings after dry dock as well. Hopefully by then our weather here improves enough to keep me busy outdoors till fall then my cruise will be just around the corner😎
  8. Loved my cruise on Adventure... the staff was the best I have ever experienced
  9. Ugh, that seems like such a long time to wait. It is nice knowing I have something booked though. anyway... Finished my Adventure cruise a couple weeks ago and I was on CC just looking around when I saw the posts about Navigator and its upgrades. Looked at couple vids on Youtube that detail whats being added. Immediately had to book lol. I chose a room on deck 11, those will be all new rooms. The cruise is the 4 day so its Nassau and Coco Cay. Not sure how I feel about the changes at Coco Cay. Loved it as a great lounge on the beach stop but now it looks like an amusement / water slide park. I could stay on board Navigator and ride water slides with no extra charge and prob no lines. Just wanted to share my excitement of a fresh booking. I can't wait to see the reviews and pics in the coming weeks.
  10. I like both Carnival and Royal. A lot of these comments mention how great the service is on Carnival, I agree that the service has been great on my Carnival cruises however on my RCCL cruise on Adventure OTS last week I experienced the best service out of all my cruises. A lot of people mention a rowdier cruiser on Carnival but the only time I have had a real problem with another passenger was on a RCCL cruise. I like guys burgers a lot and I used to think that Carnival had way better pizza but I noticed on my on my recent RCCL cruise the pizza has improved a lot. Main dinning room both lines are pretty close. I'm not a big fan of either buffet. On board experience is also very close on both. I think the biggest factor in effecting what type of experience I have had has been the length of cruise and time of the year. When I have done shorter weekend type cruises the crowd is more of a party crowd. When I cruise during a school break there are a lot more kids naturally. If I want a more traditional cruise experience with a good mix of fun and relaxation I pick a week long cruise. Then I let price and convenience help me decide. Sometimes Carnival makes more sense, sometimes Royal, sometimes another line has a great deal going when I want to sail. At this rate I will never earn a high status with any of them lol.
  11. Just off Adventure OTS last Saturday. Made my 9:40 flight at FLL with 2 hours to spare. Our ship docked in Port Everglades at about 5:30. I did the self assist walk off. No need to sign up or do anything special. We were told self assist would begin at 6:45 from the Lyric Theater. Got to the theater at about 6, placed my luggage in the line that had started to form, at 6:45 I walked off. Customs was a breeze, taxis were waiting, very short line at TSA. (prob cause cruisers take later flights lol) That was my experience. Some will say don't book before noon. Some will say stay an extra day. Everyone will say if you run into any problems you will miss your flight. That could be true for any flight time. In my case the flight options later in the day were lousy. I took the chance on the earlier flight and had a ton of time to spare.
  12. I was there last week and did the sit down. It was awesome. I saw some people doing the super man style when I got there. I asked one of the workers and he said you go faster sitting if you lean back cross your ankles and point your legs and feet straight out. I followed those instructions and went way faster than everyone in my group. But they were all sitting as well so not a true apples to apples. What ever you chose I am sure you will have a blast. Make sure you bring your phone cause its a great spot for pics but make sure you have a good secure pocket to keep it in when its time to hook up and go.
  13. I walked into the theater just before 6. There were about 10 people already there. A staff member directed me to the line of luggage that had started. People didn't stand with their bag, they placed their bag in line and had a seat. At about 6:30 people went and stood by their bag. At 6:45 we were allowed to walk off and into the terminal. Because I was toward the front of the group it was very quick to get through customs. They had several lines open. Within a few min I was in a taxi to FLL. It took me about 10 min to get through TSA (I don't have pre-check). My flight was at 9:40 and I sat at my gate for almost 2 hours before boarding.
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