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  1. Oh, no I would not fly out there now or in April. I was just saying I would rather go to Tahoe than a cruise, not that I will actually be going there any time soon.
  2. I really hope if they cancel my April 12th cruise on the Encore that I can get my money back. I think Lake Tahoe sounds better to me.
  3. I'm on this sailing also. Going for a wedding that is supposed to take place on St. Thomas on April 15th. I really don't want to go either. I want to see my friend get married and that was the only reason I was even going on a cruise in the first place. I'm sort of done with the whole idea of a cruise. I MAY do one more Baltic sea cruise next year and only because when I was on the Getaway two years ago I was with an EX and it was awful haha. So, I may do that solo next year then I will probably never go on a cruise again.
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