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  1. We did not get good butler service aft. All we wanted was regular ice deliveries. We ended bringing our bucket to a bar. That at may have been butler specific. Your needs are pretty modest and should be met.
  2. The royal suite is a splurge; we did it once and loved it, but I don’t thin I would do it again - the regular YC experience is wonderful “enough”. The YC public spaces are so great one doesn’t need the extra room in the royal suite. If if I were you and price sensitive, I would rebook. Enjoy the regular YC first and at some point if you want to splurge ....
  3. Since they call it a delivery fee you can bet it isn’t paid over as a gratuity. Wht really balls me is that it is on each item, so if you order eg two bottles, it is one trip but a gigantic fee. Also since it is based on a percentage of cost of the purchased item, bears no relationship to the cost of the delivery service incurred by CCL. I abandoned my order last cruise when the fee got tacked on and will never order again. Given the ridiculous mark up on a bottle I would have willingly paid, they are losing profit with their fee strategy.
  4. Vishnu rocks! One of the best ever.
  5. Sailed her twice in the 1960s as SS France 😊 🇫🇷
  6. Just off the Sunshine and I confirm that you can no longer be dropped off and simply walk on the ship at market street. There is now a “drop off” route just south by a couple of hundred feet from the regular parking line. It snakes around and brings you to large building where now everyone must check in. From there everyone takes shuttle to ship.
  7. Carnival misses the mark on this one. Not even extra points towards loyalty status, something common elsewhere in recognition of the greater cost relative to the suite. We’ve stopped booking suites on Carnival; almost always book them when we sail on other lines ...
  8. If you are looking for a different experience, absolutely go for the Seaside! I respectfully disagree with the earlier responder. The food is as good or better than Carnival. Just make sure you know there are two buffets, one much larger, and to go all the way around looking for the options.
  9. We are on Sunshine now and loving it! The Serenity area is amazing. About 5 times the size of some other ships. Love the Havana bar area for expanded dining and hanging out. Crew is fantastically friendly. Charleston embarkation is back to being a mess though, as they have changed the process yet again and no one directing traffic has a clue.
  10. Actually, it is not dumb. Trees are a renewable resource. Trees used in paper-making in Europe and US are cultivated forests that have been in dedicated use - cut and replanted - for many generations. If these acres were not dedicated as a source for paper mills, they would likely be shopping malls, apartment buildings, roads ... because trees for paper making give economic value to the forest (which is really like a tree farm), the forest is in fact preserved, rather than destroyed. Also US and European paper companies operate under very strict rules how to manage their forests. Can’t cut within several hundred yards of streams, must identify and preserve critical habitats etc. having said that, the actual paper making process itself is not particularly environmentally friendly. Very high energy usages and certainly while improved there are noxious emissions. That should be the real concern over the move to paper, not the trees.
  11. They are using facial recognition. Lightning speed. No need to show travel docs or go though traditional customs. (No global entry needed given the speed the new system has.)
  12. If you are literally wandering around a very local port and your kids are reasonably mature, for me it would be fine. For example, strolling within a few blocks in Nassau ... I’m kind of a free ranger ...
  13. yes; get dropped off on east bay at market. You will see the check in tent. Super easy. Don’t follow the “cruise” signage on east bay as that directs into the further away and paid parking. Unless something has changed in the last six months the other responder is incorrect. If you are dropped off near the customs house (east bay/market) you check in your bags at a small tent and walk on the ship. No shuttle. There is a shuttle from the parking area.
  14. Agree completely with many. I stopped sailing NCL because I only want the Haven, I won’t pay the artificially high ‘rack rate’, and I won’t book with the hope that I may get a decent price in a bid. And I insist on picking out my own Cabin, so that pretty much rules out MSC now as well. Fortunately I have 4 YC cruises booked. After that, we will likely look at the luxury lines as someone else posted.
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