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  1. I would say a light sweater. The closer you sit to the ice too is colder. It’s definitely colder than the rest of the ship, but not freezing.
  2. She will have a lot to keep her busy! Incidentally, a 3-1/2 year old isn’t a toddler - just mentioning because unless people catch the age in your original comment they are going to give you information for younger kids. She is old enough for Adventure Ocean, if you want to send her. Lots to do for the whole family.
  3. Someone just posted this photo on another cruise website showing a TSA line outside the building at FLL with an approximate 1 to 2 hour wait to check bags and clear TSA. I guess it doesn’t always work so easily!
  4. Would suggest working with the TA who booked the cruise, or RC directly if you didn’t use a TA. Some things might depend on muster stations and also said you “think” your cabin sleeps 4 - no one can advise you without knowing for sure how many the cabin holds. If it doesn’t hold 3 or 4 you cannot add a person. I think you need to start with that and go from there regarding drink package. You are also looking at different pricing for the cabin, and also penalties for canceling.
  5. Be aware that an 18-year-old is an adult. May not have access to teen club. RC’s teen center does not allow18-year-olds.
  6. Used out of Miami last year in April - Navigator of the Seas.
  7. Excellent program. It’s called luggage valet and is available through certain airlines. Highly recommend.
  8. You move to the next level after you complete your cruise.
  9. Unfortunately the sharing of packages by many cruisers, especially the alcoholic drinks, made the rules necessary. At least if you call you have the option of one alcoholic package and one refreshment package.
  10. Just FYI the refreshment package covers much more than coffee and soda. Refreshment package includes fresh squeezed orange juice, bottled water, specialty coffee, soda, virgin cocktails, etc. Bottled water is useful for taking on shore.
  11. Post is from 2018. Very few hard copies any more, including at travel agents. I am not an expert in digital media and I have no problem saving what I need or writing down in a notebook - surely if you are an expert you should be able to manage! Brochures were outdated as soon as they were published.
  12. Another point that no one has mentioned. I honestly feel that RC like many other businesses is in a no win situation. Original poster is upset that an “American “ company didn’t celebrate how he expected Christmas to be celebrated with appropriate (to him) Christmas food. He places a lot of blame on the Americans! Unfortunately it’s not politically correct any more to mention the word “Christmas.” It’s not a Christmas dinner - it’s a holiday dinner; it’s a holiday tree; and my goodness don’t wish anyone a Merry Christmas. I don’t think RC advertises Christmas cruises - it’s a holiday cruise. Another thread was complaining about the lack of Hanukkah celebrations. Christmas carols are religious songs. i think any company in this day and age has to tread a very fine line. Personally don’t agree but it’s the way it is.
  13. Understanding that the 18-year-old is an adult and can take care of himself, I would still recommend anyone traveling with a friend (of any age), or a family member whom they don’t really know/see frequently, have basic medical information on that person. In an emergency if the person is hurt, unconscious, it can be very helpful to know if someone has allergies, has a medical condition, etc. to pass along to attending physician.
  14. Depends how many people need/have requested wheelchairs. They only have so many available to use. Wheelchair people are usually located together and have to wait until a passenger is wheeled on board, taken to where they requested, e.g. Windjammer, and then “pusher” returns to the area for the next person.
  15. Haven’t done a Christmas cruise, but I wouldn’t expect turkey. Thanksgiving is when Americans eat turkey! More likely to get beef/ham or in US. By the way, I am British by birth - my family eats turkey, Yorkshire pudding, Christmas cake and Christmas pudding !
  16. If you book on line you both have to purchase the package. However, if you call RC they will allow one person to purchase the alcohol package and one person to purchase the Refreshment package, which includes bottled water, soda, fresh squeezed juice, virgin cocktails and specialty coffee.
  17. Love the MDR for breakfast. You can order off the menu, or there is an extensive buffet; you can do a little of both.
  18. On the Navigator the DL was converted into a concierge/suite lounge - I am referring to the one with the beautiful windows and outdoor area on deck 13 - Viking Lounge are. The cigar lounge is now the DL on deck 5 - small - no windows etc. Star lounge was used as an overflow lounge some nights, but definitely not as nice to sit in during the day. Access was for Pinnacle and suite guests only - diamond plus was not allowed access. Old CL lounge appeared to be used by loyalty ambassador, and people booking cruises, but not sure if this is permanent.
  19. Sounds like you are not getting good advice from your travel agent. A guarantee cabin can be anywhere - pretty much the leftovers that no one has booked - that’s why they are cheaper. TA should have explained. Again, TA should have booked you in to first or second seating for dinner in the MDR; or My Time Dining. Would recommend first seating if you have young children; second seating is usually too late for kids. There is no special section in the dining room, but you can request your own table. My Time Dining you can eat at different times each evening and make a reservation, or just show up.
  20. Don’t remember when it changed - but quite a while back. Some of the websites don’t have updated information.
  21. Mini bars are no longer stocked - coolers are empty.
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