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  1. I'm hoping that track changes since we live two miles from the port. Plus UCF plays Stanford on Saturday - we need this storm to veer away from us. 🙂 I haven't seen any advisories yet, either from the port or our city other than a text saying they're monitoring the tropical depression. The current projection has it becoming a tropical storm early Saturday morning but that could change. At this point, it's still a bit unpredictable.
  2. Another vote for Radisson Resort at the Port. Our son and DIL got married on our beach in May and had their reception at the Radisson. Despite living less than two miles away, we'd never been on the hotel property until then. The rooms I saw were nice and the pool area is great. https://www.radissonhotels.com/en-us/hotels/radisson-resort-cape-canaveral-port
  3. It's funny because we've only been on one Spirit class ship so far and the Legend was by far our least favorite ship. The layout just made the ship seem dead most of the time and I thought the decor was depressing. That being said, we'll be on Spirit next April for 10 days so we'll have plenty of time for her to change my mind about the layout. 🙂
  4. We're on the same cruise next year. Xmansmom has a review in progress of the same itinerary on Carnival Legend from April of this year and she said they had to be on board by 6:00 pm.
  5. Xmansmom, I do hope you'll come back and tell us about the rest of your sea days on the way to Vancouver when you have the time. This has been a very enjoyable review and I so appreciate you taking the time to post!
  6. Any time there's a question about dress code, people definitely have opinions. 🙂 I'm several years older than you, a lifelong Floridian (now living on the beach) and I live in sparkly flip flops. I just call them sandals - problem solved. In fact, on Amazon, when I type in Yellow Box Sandals, my favorite flip flops come up so I'm comfortable with my decision to wear them in the MDR. 😎
  7. We'll see what it's like on the 528 when we return to work tomorrow after the long weekend. The love bugs have pretty much disappeared where we live on the beach in Cape Canaveral but were still heavy on the Beachline Friday afternoon when we left work in Orlando.
  8. We've only been on one Spirit class ship to date but will be on Spirit next year. The Legend NEVER felt crowded at all. The layout is definitely different than the other class ships and it wasn't my favorite but we sometimes felt like there weren't many other people on the ship.
  9. They're still terrible here! Last Monday 5/6 we drove from Cape Canaveral to Key West. Washed them all off the windshield when we stopped for gas in Florida City and didn't see another love bug from there down to Key West (washed them off the rest of the car when we got there). We had a great love bug -free week. 🙂 Left Key West Sunday 5/12 and again didn't see any love bugs until we hit the mainland. They're all over the place in Cape Canaveral. We work in Orlando so my car is a constant mess from driving on the Beachline. Can't wait until these stinkers die off.
  10. Our son and brand new daughter-in-law were on their honeymoon on this cruise. They got married on the beach Sunday morning, had a brunch reception at the Radisson then we dropped them off at the port. We went back to Grill's just in time to wave goodbye to them in the rain as the ship sailed out. 😎 Sounds like they had a great time.
  11. We have one of these balcony cabins (7258) on Spirit on this same itinerary next April - so excited we were able to get it! Can't wait to hear how the weather was for you on sea days on the way to Vancouver and if you were able to fully enjoy this amazing balcony. 🙂 Sounds like embarkation day was a real mess - good to know so we'll be prepared to be patient and arrive later. My husband and I are both Platinum but my sister-in-law and niece are not so we were planning to board later with them anyway. Selfishly, I'm almost happy there was no priority line. lol
  12. We booked our 10 night Honolulu to Vancouver (4/10/20) cruise in February and every time I checked the prices were higher. My SIL has a different cabin type and her price dropped last month which took $438 off her cabin. I just looked today and prices had dropped for ours - I called Carnival tonight and got our price reduced by $600! In all our past cruises, I don't recall prices ever dropping that much. 😍
  13. Thank you so much for posting all this! I'm excited to hear all about your cruise since we're on Spirit next year on the same itinerary. We'll be spending six days in Hawaii before the cruise but not sure yet where. I'm on a wait list for a timeshare resort in Maui but have a hotel booked in Oahu as a backup. So I'm trying to research both. 🙂 I'm loving your review and pictures!
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