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  1. The Equinox really got the short end of the stick with the upgrades and is now being overlooked. A week dry dock to finish up doesn't seem unreasonable. Celebrity could have picked any week before releasing the 2021 - 2022 schedule. I like the short 6 day itineraries, which are offered on the Equinox. I have two cruises booked so I'm not really outraged by the incomplete dry dock. 😉
  2. On a port day, I ordered food using "Ocean Now" in the Medallion app. Ocean Now allows you to order whatever you need and have it delivered to you. I really liked this. The only downside (if you can call it that) is that you have to order a drink that is on the list. You can not craft your own drink. Note - The drink is complementary because I had the drink package. Placed order at 3:56 PM. Received order at 4:02 PM. Server able to locate me by my Medallion Definitely a win for Princess.
  3. For those who like afternoon tea... quite a bit of a selection
  4. Ocean Terrance Seafood Bar - small venue with a limited menu for an extra charge. There were 3 sushi rolls. California rolls...
  5. Ice cream is not self served. There is an ice-cream counter with a server.
  6. I ordered complementary room service breakfast on the TV. Both times the food was delivered on time but cold.
  7. Trident Grill also outside on the pool deck and opened to 11 PM. Garnishes Bacon, Guacamole, Salsa, Chopped Onions, Sweet Relish, Pickle Dill Chips and standard condiments (Ketchup, Mustard, Mayo)
  8. Prego Pizzeria is located on the pool deck. It closes at 11pm not 24 hours. I ate a lot of pizza from here. It must have been the sauce. Kinda of reminded me of NYC pizza. USA Today agrees.
  9. Alfredo's Pizzeria is a complimentary sit down pizza restaurant located inside. I had soup and salad.
  10. Crown Grill was excellent for half the price of Chops. I ordered a Crab Cake, French Onion soup and Ribeye. I did not want dessert but the server brought out a sampler. This was the only place on the ship that gave a receipt to sign.
  11. Sabatini's an Italian restaurant and the Crown Grill a steakhouse are the two speciality restaurants. The cover charge for both is only $29. The food at Sabatini's was tasty and the service wasn't slow. I went the 2nd night around 8:00 PM and there were a lot of empty tables.
  12. FOOD I think the food is comparable. I only ate in the MDR twice towards the end of the cruise. I cannot remember what I had the first night. Nothing seemed appealing on the menu the 2nd night so I opted for the Linguine with Alfredo in the Princess classic side and added chicken. The worst meal I had onboard. My friend ordered the pork belly, which was good.
  13. I usually sail Royal or Celebrity but mostly Royal. All cruise lines have good and bad except for Carnival, which I just think is bad.. lol. Seriously, I can go with the flow. I did not care for the Enchantment and someone couldn't pay me to sail on her again. However, I met a lot of great people that I I am still in contact with today.
  14. I had no issues searching the web but the wifi wasn't great for watching a movie.
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