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  1. see, even a free cruise-- stuck in the cabin until released- How fun is that? allthe people who say they want to be a test passenger- look how long those princess cruisers were stuck in their cabins/
  2. Not for me either. I am booked for January that i am praying they cancel. I just cant get my head around how to social distance on a ship. Add that to all the restrictions- Not even worth it if it was free.
  3. I see it available for our January 25th But not trying to throw more money on this cruise
  4. the picture above with those 3 cabins are 8K too.
  5. the 8 denotes a balcony the letter denotes the level. the higher the letter the higher on the ship the more you pay. on this class ship there are regular balconies extended balconies and bowling alley type balconies THere are also obstructed balconies this is an 8K balcony
  6. glorified mini dorm fridge is what it really is
  7. Now on the LEgend if you were lucky enough to get one of the three "special" extended balcony 6232 7258 or 8232 you will have a bunch of chairs but like stated - there is only three balconies on the entire ship like that
  8. Celebration and Legend are two very different ships. An extended balcony on the legend? are you aware there are multiple different types of extended balcony. If you have a regular extended you get two chairs and a table. With the celebration- its hard to say as its not ready yet but more then likely it will have two chairs and a table/
  9. depends on the ship THe Spirit class ships (Miracle, Pride, Legend, Spirit) 6232
  10. Occidental is a buffet too. No dining places are opened at lunch time
  11. having did this on past cruise I find there are better options. Nachi Cocum Mr Sanchos
  12. I know the thread is old. But we got the tickets through the cruise lines and we got on and off as much as we wanted. We took the tour the first time around. then went around again to get off at the places that seemed interesting
  13. Did you book a hotel room or a day pass for comfort suites? I am finding no information regarding booking the day rate and wonder if it was discontinued
  14. its walkable- but do NOT head to the visitors centers as that is the long way to walk there. Exiti right out of the first exit of the gate. Keep the water to your right. The food voucher got us a burger, fries and a soda.
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