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  1. Ilene, great review!!! Bummer that you got sick but glad there were so many positives. You sailed a wonderful itinerary. Nancy
  2. I suspect it’s a charter based on the number of days. nancy
  3. Shirin, wishing you and your sister a wonderful cruise and looking forward to your posts when you have time. enjoy and safe travels Xxxx nancy
  4. FYI...the E, D and C cabins are identical to the balcony cabins minus the balcony. not sure what you mean by worst cabin. When you book a guarantee, you are guaranteed a cabin in the category you booked and always the possibility of an upgrade. nancy
  5. Ilene, welcome me home and glad you had a fantastic cruise. Nancy
  6. This program hasn’t existed for quite a few years Nancy
  7. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and glad you had a great cruise. Nancy
  8. Claudia, thanks for,sharing your thoughts and glad you had a great cruise. Nancy
  9. He did say 30th milestone in the title of his thread!!! . However, I'm sure he means the now 25th milestone "free" 7 day cruise. Nancy
  10. Howard, Thanks for sharing your thoughts and glad it was the best!!! Nancy
  11. Claudia, thanks for posting and happy to read that you and Blake are enjoying the cruise. we'll be on the symphony in September and can't wait. We really miss the Synphony and haven't been on her since 2015. While we've really enjoyed our Serenity cruises, we like the symphony just a bit more. Enjoy, Nancy
  12. Coffee coffee buzz buzz buzz is my favorite !!!! Nancy
  13. You will continue to get the box of chocolates. My husband found the chocolates to,be quite good. Nancy
  14. Goblue, thanks for the lovely photos from Victoria and Buchart gardens unreal about the people camping out at Umi Uma. Nancy
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