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  1. Go for a walk around thr inner harbour and a bit up Government Street. See BC Legislature, Empress Hotel, Roger’s Chocolates, BC Museum.
  2. Just to nitpick a bit.... the length/beam ratio and the CB (block coefficient) are not the same thing. A long, skinny hull form in the general shape of a rectangular cube could very well have a CB approaching 1. The CB of QM2 is about .61 while Freedom’s is about .73. So, QM2 has ‘finer’ underwater lines than a typical cruise ship.
  3. Looks like American is the way to go with a stop in PHX. Maybe you should just rent a car fro Enterprise and drive.
  4. There is also a Best Western San Pedro but it is a lower level hotel. I’ve stayed at the Best Western on a couple of occasions and it was OK for one night. They offer a shuttle to the cruise terminal too.
  5. Just in time for the weekend....
  6. That’s pretty much what displacement tonnage is.... the weight/mass of the ship measured in tons or tonnes.
  7. Me too please! david.sitland@gmail.com
  8. Nice photos; I especially enjoyed the ‘fishing’ bears.
  9. Could be an unintended consequence of a severe wedgie.
  10. We did the tour ‘on our own’. Pre-purchased tickets on the Old Town Trolley website and took the first trolley leaving the pier (stop 17A on the tour map.... see post #2). We had no problem getting away early but I have to tell you, getting off and then back on became tough as the day went by due to the crowding. You ought to keep an alternate strategy in mind to ge back to the ship on time ie. taxi. I suggest you consider the ship’s offering if the price is in the same neighbourhood. As I recall, it wasn’t nearly as crowded and did exactly the same route.
  11. I think you’ve understood it well enough; one device at any one time. So, you and your hubby can take turns sharing the package, just alternately login and logout on your own devices.
  12. Have a great time. Good thing you’re planning on using the HOHO before your cruise... when ships are in port it’s nearly impossible to get on/off the trolleys due to the crowds.
  13. Thanks. I think the evian (specialty water) has always been in a glass bottle. The aluminum is lightweight enough that the ship’s draft ought not increase by a meter or so due to increased weight of cargo! I’m on SUMMIT next week and will see what is on offer... typically I don’t care to drink out of aluminum cans as I often get a bad taste from them. Maybe water won’t do this.
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