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  1. Well that just makes it easier 😊
  2. There have been some great suggestions. The pictures from Cunard “what to wear” were most helpful. Going through my closet I found dressy black pants and jacket. With a while silk or lacy top I think it would work. DH has to buy a new jacket anyway so we will look for a nice black one. I am sure I can find a bow tie and cummerbund. If this could work for Gala nights we would be very happy to attend! I have a silk cocktail dress that would probably be good too. None of this weighs much or takes much room so maybe it will work.
  3. Great advice. I wasn’t aware of the storage service. Do you know where I could find the cost to store one case for about 3 weeks?
  4. We are in a similar position. DH and I have booked QM2 eastbound April 2020. We will be touring England and Ireland for three weeks and returning late May on the westbound trip. Because we will be lugging our cases on trains, ferry and buses without porters we must pack light. Absolutely no room for formal wear. We plan to wear smart casual including sports jacket for DH for dinner in Britannia on non gala evenings. Regretfully, we will have to dine elsewhere on gala nights. This will be our first trip on Cunard. This trip involves a great deal of planning so I am trying to not obsess about our wardrobe not being quite up to the standard. Really looking forward to traveling on QM2!
  5. Thanks to all for the recommendations for National Coach. And for the private cars as well. I will add them to my notes. I have a folder with all the great info I get here.
  6. Hello Mr Toad. I see you are from Chester. We will be staying a few days with friends who live in Crewe. When we leave Crewe we plan on taking a ferry to Dublin. Does the train from Chester go to Holyhead? There is a ferry from Liverpool but it is much longer than the one from Holyhead. I think our friends would drive us to either Chester or Liverpool. We are looking forward to seeing this part of the UK with our friends. Thanks for any information.
  7. Yes. While we are greatly looking forward to the Cunard experience it is primarily our transport to Ireland and the UK. One of us does not fly🙁. We will be spending 3 weeks over there. We are retired, not wealthy so this trip is a pretty big deal. Any info or advice appreciated.
  8. Yes I am concerned about luggage. We will likely reserve the coach offered by Cunard for our brief stay in London. Since we will be traveling by train after that I think we shall have to be careful about packing. I did read there are self service laundry facilities on board so that will help.
  9. Now that we have our cruise booked it’s time to make travel plans for our arrival in Southampton. So far I have heard about the Victoria Coach to London at $140 for two people. Has anyone used other transportation such as train or other motor coach to get to London? Cost? Convenience? We are concerned about toting all our luggage around.
  10. It is as I suspected. I spoke to someone with Cunard. Bookings in the IF (lowest) are not eligible for upgrades with the promo we booked with. I wasn’t aware it was Chinese New Year promotion but no matter we got the $888 rate for eastbound and $1188 for our westbound return on May 24, 2020. I am happy with my booking. But not so thrilled with the online agency giving me incorrect information. Lesson learned. We are planning land tours of England and Ireland and visiting friends in Cheshire while we are there so lots of planning ahead. Thanks to all who posted.
  11. Thanks Bigmike. We just booked two days ago and haven’t filled out the voyager personalizer yet but will get to it first thing tomorrow. Also I will call the booking agent for some clarification.
  12. Thanks for responding. We booked with an online agency. We were told we were eligible for double upgrade. We are currently booked into an IF. I thought it was a bit unusual as I always see upgrades like that on the Cunard site as only available to IA or above bookings. We have cruised on three other mainstream lines but have not dealt with this type of booking. I just wondered if anyone else had been in this situation.
  13. We are new to Cunard. We have just booked the eastbound transatlantic for April 2020. We booked an inside with a bonus double upgrade to a balcony. I imagine it will be obstruted view which is fine. Does anyone know what the usual notification is as to what cabin we will be assigned and about how far from sailing date we will be notified?
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