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  1. Going on Solstice next week and need to know if you can bring liquor(Baileys) instead of wine when you embark?
  2. I have shot skeet from the aft end of Majesty of the Seas.
  3. I always get insurance through a travel insurance broker mainly for the emergency medical evacuation part. You never want to end up in a third world hospital with a serious injury or illness and can't afford to fly back home. I met a guy a few years ago that got appendicitis while docked in Jamaica. He had $200k of emergency medical evacuation on his travel policy that paid for a private jet to fly him and his wife back home to Tampa for emergency surgery that evening.
  4. Got off Brilliance 2 weeks ago. The CL is two and a half times larger than the DL and while the DL was packed every evening the CL was almost empty every evening. The CL was never even close to being half full, Bertie and Nelson were exceptional host in the CL.
  5. WOW again! Still definition #2. See my post #129..... hope that helps.
  6. You can usually find WOW definition #2 when you search "5 deadly terms used by a woman".
  7. Women use the word WOW in two forms. The first definition means amazement, great pleasure, striking success. The second definition of the word WOW means something totally different.
  8. I concur! I'm beginning to see it more and more, I'm on vacation and the rules apply to others but not me crowd.
  9. I asked the Loyalty Ambassador if this guy was actually a Diamond member later that evening and he said he was. I'm pretty sure he rode in as a Diamond on his parents coattails.
  10. On our Majesty sailing this past week there was an incident in the pseudo Diamond Lounge. A young man in his late twenties that was a Diamond member shows up in the Diamond Lounge intoxicated, wearing a white robe with bedroom slippers and smoking a vape. He ordered 4 White Russians then got two plates of hors d'oeuvres then proceeded out of the DL and gave them to his friends. Twenty minutes later he is back ordering 4 more White Russians and the Waite staff never questions him and gives him 4 more drinks. By now several people are getting annoyed with him vaping and one lady actually went up to him and told him he was not appropriately dressed and he told her his girl friend locked him out of his cabin. After several guest started to complain to the Waite staff about this guy(myself included) the Loyalty Ambassador shows up and started to talk to him in private, 15-20 minutes later the ships security shows up and he is finally removed. Several guest were wondering why the Waite staff let him in the DL to begin with, then give him 4 drinks at one time and watch him leave the DL and then come back for more.
  11. We finally splurged and booked the Royal Suite for our anniversary cruise. My DW says we will most likely be invited to dine with the Captain one night and I should pack my tux. We were invited twice on the same cruise to dine with the Captain a few years ago on Celebrity but never on RC. Being we are in the Royal Suite and D+ what are our chances of being "invited" ?
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