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  1. If you want to see rude passengers go to the kids buffet (Noddy's tea?) 5pm on family friendly ships. Sign says for kids and their families only. P&O have to put a guard on the entrance (Pudding Police) as some passengers lose the ability to read or are desperate for a jam tart or jelly and ice cream. The amount of agro and rude comments the staff get is an entertainment show in itself.
  2. Quite probably. Soda Fountain drinks are called penny pop in the industry because that's how much it costs per glass. At approx. £2 per glass on P&O it's absolutely ridiculous when they use recycled sea water to produce it. Maybe Carnival UK plan stop passengers bringing their own water on board like they have done on their US brand and reduce the costs of buying water to a supermarket level. Time will tell.
  3. I don't write on the envelope, I'm rewarding them for the service they have given me. I'm not bothered if they know if it's from me or not.
  4. On a two week cruise we take 48 cans of pop and 48 500ml bottles of water. I stack them up, stick them all together with packing tape. Print out a few extra extra large luggage labels and stick them on the top and sides of the package. They get taken by the porter with my 8 suitcases and all appear in my cabin before sailing.
  5. Started a thread after this happened to me for the third time earlier this year. The amount of "errors" is quite disturbing. If they took an extra pound off everyone after they disembarked it would amount to a tidy sum over the year. I suspect 90% of people couldn't be bothered complaining for less than a £5, so many will go either unchallenged or unnoticed. If you paid by credit card it should be refunded to your credit card. I guess the customer service rep was being facetious, but it's the principle not the amount.
  6. When someone books an Early Saver Balcony Cabin are you guaranteed an unobstructed view?
  7. Typically in the tourist industry the cheapest time to travel is during the run up to Christmas. I would suggest 2 weeks in the Caribbean during the 2nd / 3rd weeks in December, arriving home around the 22nd would probably be the cheapest. Inside, forward, lower deck for under £1000 would be the price to aim for (including flights)
  8. Unfortunately vigourous flag waving of the paper and stick versions causes breakages and waste.
  9. Iona is aimed at a strictly younger audience, who like to watch but can't ballroom dance.
  10. You can always push the lower beds together once he's up there if he goes to bed before or at the same time as you. You can position the ladder at the end of the bed provided you are careful. The only reason the steward will insist on single beds is due to health and safety as the ladder has to be attached on the bed in a certain place. Once (s)he's done you can reset the cabin how YOU want it, bit of a pain, but at least you get to sleep together.
  11. Enjoy whatever you do. I highly recommend going to watch "The Pursuit" game show when Ent Host Louis (the one that looks like Hagrid from Harry Potter) is the Pursuer. Heckle him, I've never seen anyone get the hump and throw a tantrum like he can 🤣
  12. I love your optimism 😂 😂 🤣 🤣
  13. Anyone who has cruised with P&O knows the sailaway happened at least 8 hrs before the incident. Clown costume guy is inconsequential and incidents do happen after midnight anywhere. Totally irrelevant and innocuous events tied together by a gutter journalist seeking publicity and getting paid for a story while on holiday, blown out of all proportion and picked up by rolling news. The press in their entirity have just proven to me that you can't believe anything they write anymore.
  14. Yes, but you won't get any loyalty discount using OBC
  15. Give the waiter your card and room No. if the name matches the No. they swipe your card on the IPad, no signing, no receipts, much better IMHO
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