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  1. Yes there is still a Dixons on board Ventura. A few weeks ago they were offering to price match anything you found on the high street that they sell and give you 10% of the difference back. Didn't shop there so can't give you the exact details and I don't know if it was something just for that particular cruise. Hope it helps
  2. Don't think they offer the drinks package on short cruises, mainly due to the fact that they attract hen and stag parties, which tend to drink ALOT.
  3. Having recently returned from Ventura I had received my final account statement. No problems. A week later a fee for ยฃ13.08 was charged to my credit card, the description was Ventura. This is the third time in four years that this has occurred so I phoned the contact centre, they said it was something I purchased after my account was closed. My other 3 cabin occupants didn't make a purchase after 10.15pm which was the last entry on my statement. I called P&O back and they then said it was for a cabin clean charge. I investigated and P&O charge considerably more for cabins left in a poor state (my cabin was left spotless BTW) I phoned them again, this time they could confirm it was a mini bar charge. Having cleared the mini bar on the fist day and got the steward to store it this was highly unlikely so I asked them to itemise what exactly I had taken from the mini bar, they couldn't do this as records were not kept once the passenger had left the ship. I asked them to investigate further. P&O have since investigated and replied " I have looked into your query and can confirm that the additional ยฃ13.08 that was charged to your account is what is known as a 'turn around day error' whereby the account for the previous occupant was not closed off prior to the embarkation of the next guest making their first transaction" I would suggest that everyone check their credit card after returning to make sure don't receive any erroneous charges.
  4. We've traveled with an autistic child on P&O for many years. Others have already provided most of the info you need. Priority boarding is essential to stop a meltdown. Email P&O disability services and request boarding help with an autistic child. They will arrange check in at the first check in desk at a specific time, have someone to escort you to the front of the security line and make sure you get through security asap. Once on board go to the MDR, the restaurant manager should be available, explain the situation. We arranged a specific table at 7pm each night. The table was right in the corner, our child could be seated facing the wall and so all other distractions were not seen. The Matire D came each evening and we could choose the meals for the following day, so our child knew what he would be given the following day. At muster drill we gave our child his earphones and let him listen to music / watch his tablet, so that the noise would be less upsetting. I would arrive at muster drill early, pick your seats, tucked away in a corner and then wait until the crowds have disappeared before returning to your cabin.
  5. You'll get away with two, there's no way they can charge for a 2 year old.
  6. I'll NOT be tipping room service per se (as the charge covers the tray) unless we get a friendly soul who engages, smiles and gets the order right ๐Ÿ™ then he/she will be tipped accordingly
  7. I'll still be tipping for service above and beyond the norm, just as I have always done
  8. Fox News in the US are reporting that a British passenger was removed from an NCL cruise in the BVI for calling a member of staff an idiot. Bit harsh, but I suspect that there will be more to the story.
  9. P&O take on additional security during the summer school holidays for approx. 10 weeks on their family friendly ships, mainly to deal with the extra teenagers on board.
  10. On the pool deck, opposite the burger, chicken, hot dog place. Last year I noticed there was a small one in the spa area near the entrance to the pool, though not sure if that was for the "healthy eaters"
  11. Just to point out that the sofa beds in Superior Deluxe cabins were replaced when Ventura went in for her refit and the beds are considerably firmer and more supportive than the tired old ones.
  12. Fancy dress has been outlawed by P&O, so I guess 60's / 70's / 80's nights are now a thing of the past. I think it's an opportunity for the Ents Team to dress up rather than the passengers. But TBF I have seen a few "original" shell suits around during the day, so the 80's could still be a winner ๐Ÿ˜‰ Tropical night seems popular with the Hawaiian shirts and so on, Leis are given out in the venues and dining rooms.
  13. P-L-B Thank you for posting the photos. At least the Executive Chef on Ventura is Trevor Glass and not Trevor Connelly when we travel. I've had the misfortune to be on two cruises when Trevor Connelly has been Executive Chef and out of my 29 cruises both times were the worst food I've had on a ship.
  14. I'm on Ventura in less than a month and I'm hoping and praying it's anyone but Hughie Taylor. Natalie or Leon or Wez or James, but just NOT Mr Taylor! ๐Ÿ™
  15. If you booked direct with them through their website you have a short window of opportunity to cancel your booking (should you wish to) without losing your deposit. They will (probably) tell you that if you cancel you will lose your deposit. This is not true. You have the right to cancel with a full refund under "Distance Selling Regulations" Contact them by phone asap explaining the situation and if they can't help cancel.
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