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  1. I heard they may extend the expiration dates and they are trying to get new ones that are good beyond December. No idea when you'll be able to buy though. Good Luck.
  2. sandc4e - Thank you so much! You were absolutely right! First time bidding for a Royalup!
  3. Does anyone know what Offer Received means? My RoyalUp offer doesn't say pending or expired, just "Offer Received." Is this normal for offers they are not even considering?
  4. Sorry ampurp85, didn't realize there were already lots of discussions over these topics. But I really appreciate your reply. Thank you, Thank you!
  5. Anyone know if Odyssey of the Seas is offering The Key option for October sailings? Also, are we allowed to reserve show times? Thanks all!
  6. Thanks everyone for your input. Much appreciated!
  7. Only unvaccinated passengers are required to have insurance right now.
  8. Is it worth buying RCCL’s travel insurance for Odyssey of the Seas, setting sale in October 2021, and I am fully vaccinated?
  9. Does anyone know if the Crown & Anchor perks changed for Diamond members? Do you get less now?
  10. So crazy. The refunds have been coming in strange amounts. I can figure out some that added up to taxes/fees, then extra onboard packages (which made no sense but added up), then I have all these other amounts that add up to nothing and we are still short by quite a bit). Our cruise was cancelled in May! Guess I'll keep waiting for the rest with hopes it all adds up!
  11. Thanks for the explanation ChrisB. Good luck with future bookings and be safe!
  12. curious to know what happened, in case it happens to me. if you care to share.
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