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  1. Does anyone who has traveled to that airport Business Class use of Wheelchair assistance get the fast track service to arrival lounge.? I have found from previous experience when I traveled economy wheelchair folks can be left hanging around at a mid point for an hour before they get help.I don't want the Princess Rep. waiting in arrival area to think I am a no show and I am left stranded at airport.?
  2. I think personally its kind of stupid.Unless you live close to the port or have overnight ed there is no way folks can keep those times.Flights and coaches for example don't arrive for the 12.00 noon usually when you are told your deck time to board.Again the cabin stewards will not have your cabin ready until your boarding time say of 1.30PM.Do they have to slow down in their section?πŸ˜πŸ€£πŸ˜πŸ˜‰
  3. Just received an e-mail from Princess giving the time folks on decks are supposed to board. Why do they bother when many board as they arrive when boarding commences ?
  4. Reading all these posts I think I should sit in on some of these Trivia events on a long cruise sea days.It is more amusing than some of the paid Comedians we have in the theaterπŸ˜‘.
  5. I don't know what the big fuss is about.I went with the flow and enjoyed my cabin door opening for me instead of putting card in.My latte was served because they saw on the scene I had paid.No extra charges,no marketing.Although an old lady I embrace new technology..........☺️.
  6. Yes I am.I have never seen folks take their luggage down to Guest Services night before debarkation as Luggage Forward have asked me to do .???
  7. Only go to Trivia once in a while.I am pleased to find out I am not the ignorant person I always felt when I only helped with 5 good answers to the group.😁.
  8. Thank Goodness better news.I have a 37 day trip coming up at end of next month....To long without a change of clothes.
  9. I usually give a couple of dollars each time the guy/gal brings my evening pot of tea.
  10. Wow! Has any one had good experiences with this Company?
  11. Luggage Forwarding have told me that the evening before debarkation to take my luggage to Guest Services not leave it outside my cabin like we usually do.I rang Princess to query this and the answer was that if this is what they tell you to do then do it? It is a busy time at Pursers desk .Do they need luggage there as well as long line-ups? I am a newbie to luggage Forwarding?
  12. I am sorry you are upset at Princesses embarking arrangements.Maybe you should write to Princess Customer relations and voice your concern.
  13. I think it quite OK for Princess to let us board and relax around the ship.It does not bother me to drop off my luggage at the cabin and leave.. Remember some other folks were in your cabin up till 8.00AM that morning. .Yes they could change the linen and let you in but would not have time to sanitary clean your cabin,remember on turn around day the employees have to change and clean all cabins,I heard allotted 20 per cabin steward . Timed to certain decks could be cleaning with extra help.These extras go from deck to deck. Give the employees a chance to do their job and let you into a properly cleaned(We hope)cabin.😊.
  14. That is due to the fact Kelvin Joy is his boss.
  15. It is the noon message that often the Captain gives us all an interesting chat about our cruise.That is the time I try hard to listen to and many times get the information.It is just on occasions regrettably I cannot understand due to the accent.It would be rude if I said that to his face so I never would that would be unkind .
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