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  1. Surely you must have held a managerial position in the cruise industry to all the details of all even The Bridge.They say it is the survival of the fittest in this big world of ours.Those employees certainly deserve their gratuities.Yes there is such a word as empathy and they have mine.
  2. I do not believe that having to work 7AM to 2PM then 5.30 PM to 9 PM every day cabin stewards.Dining room waiters also working split shifts is anybodies idea of a great job.These guys and gals are doing it to send money home to their families because the salary rates are too low in their own countries.As someone mentioned above that you do not see Americans ,Canadians ,Aussies,UK folks working as waiters or cabin crew because they can earn that much at home plus get days and time off . it is closed environment but that should not mean working those hours.In the evenings were the work is light for cabin stewards why cannot they allow half of them off and let their associates cover the one evening then reverse the next night? At least gives them a bit more time to recoup from 2PM to 7AM the next morning alternate days.Most hotels on shore don't give turn down now at night ,for once they have finished in the morning your on your own.
  3. I would prefer all employees get a decent living wage(salary) I don't mind paying more for my fare.Also the days of slave labor I thought were a thing of the past why are these long working hours allowed on cruise ships ? Just because a person comes from a different country does not mean they should be treated any differently from folks living in countries which have a higher standard of living ,they should not be taken advantage off. Whether these people work on shore or on a ship they should get their time off in rotation so that they can go ashore.Cabin Stewards work 6.30AM to 2PM so why do I need a turn down in the evening? UNNECESSARY .Split shifts are a horror story it makes you feel you are always working and is unhealthy.All those hours they work whether in cabins or dining and buffet they all are so very helpful and kind though it all.These modern slaves of our cruise industry.
  4. I preferred the old menu which also always had a better selection for deserts.Its a good thing others are not picky picky like me because MDR would be empty 😮
  5. Better for me to enjoy food I love then leave a table with an empty tummy.We are all different. Rather pay more and enjoy.I love Crown Grill food it is so yummy🥰.
  6. I remember the good old days when the food in main dining room was nicely presented ad good quality. Spend my evenings now in Crown Grill were the food is good and nicely presented worth every cent of the $29 covercharge.
  7. I started cruising 18 years with Princess .Never cruised with any other cruise line.So when I am disappointed with the changes and quality of food in the Main dining room dinner menu I have learned through you guys it is the same on all the cruise lines.All have cut back pity.I admit not a big eater but a fussy picky one😒Sorry was born like that it is in the genes.Otherwise the employees on Princess are marvelous ,even to an elderly cranky disabled that I am.Cabins are kept immaculate .Entertainment is great .Oh 'The liars club' one of my favorites nearly "blank myself laughing. Its the employees that have kept me returning to Princess. Yes you get different opinions but the most important one is yours.We see things differently from one another.'What is good for the goose is not necessary good for the gander'
  8. Due to another compound fracture in spine at last minute could not go on cruise.I gave my cabin and signed my monies paid to Princess to my relatives fare.I am still charged a large cancellation fee.Princess made me sign to say I could not claim because I had signed over to relatives.I paid princess $6000 for the air fares my cousins have individually paid for theirs.This new break is due to a pre existing .$8000 is a big chunk of money to loose?
  9. Does anyone who has traveled to that airport Business Class use of Wheelchair assistance get the fast track service to arrival lounge.? I have found from previous experience when I traveled economy wheelchair folks can be left hanging around at a mid point for an hour before they get help.I don't want the Princess Rep. waiting in arrival area to think I am a no show and I am left stranded at airport.?
  10. I think personally its kind of stupid.Unless you live close to the port or have overnight ed there is no way folks can keep those times.Flights and coaches for example don't arrive for the 12.00 noon usually when you are told your deck time to board.Again the cabin stewards will not have your cabin ready until your boarding time say of 1.30PM.Do they have to slow down in their section?😁🤣😁😉
  11. Just received an e-mail from Princess giving the time folks on decks are supposed to board. Why do they bother when many board as they arrive when boarding commences ?
  12. Reading all these posts I think I should sit in on some of these Trivia events on a long cruise sea days.It is more amusing than some of the paid Comedians we have in the theater😑.
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