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  1. Can you walk onboard with luggage (larger than carry-on size) in order to avoid waiting for it to be delivered to your cabin? Does it have to go thru a scanning machine?
  2. Cruise is next month and already paid in full. My sister found a stack of unused gift cards while cleaning her room so apparently, they're not that easy to manage for her. 😂. I'll go with the OBC.
  3. Because knowing my sister, she will just use the cash to buy something for my kid and I want it to be for her.
  4. Do you know if it gets refunded to her or to original payment which would be my credit card? I'd rather it go back to her.
  5. My sister is cruising in Jan 2020 and I would like to give her a Christmas gift related to her trip. I read that NCL gift cards have dormancy fees if not used. Would it be better to just give her OBC? If she doesn't use it all, can it be refunded to her or will it be forfeited?
  6. So if you book flights thru RCI, does this mean you cannot pick seats until 10 days before your flight? I would want to make sure I'm seated with my family.
  7. Can someone who has recently sailed confirm the minimum age to do the escape room is 12? It was 14 a few months ago but online it now says 12.
  8. My April 2020 Mariner sailing has the refreshment package at $28 and it hasn't budged up or down.
  9. Thank you. This helps a lot. So now I just need to figure out if the cost savings for secondary is worth the increased time/frustration if I needed to file a claim. I've purchased travel insurance in the past and never really thought about the difference between primary and secondary. Never had to file a claim either.
  10. What are the pros/cons of purchasing primary vs secondary travel insurance?
  11. We had a group of 65 people in 23 cabins on the Allure in 2017. I highly recommend a travel agent to handle the bookings. I also recommend booking as soon as the schedules come out which in our case was 1 1/2 years in advance. By doing so, we were able to get cabins next to each other and even had the balcony partitions opened up. We got the equivalent of a free cabin which we split amongst all cabins in OBC. It was a great vacation. Cruising is great for large groups because there are so many options available onboard with respect to activities, food, etc.
  12. Thank you for the helpful response. My family is going on a group cruise and the particular ship and saildate have already been determined. No studio cabins on the ship and when I do a mock booking for one, the price comes up as the same as 2 people less 1 person's taxes and fees, which is fine but I kept hearing the term "single supplement" and thought maybe there was an added fee, kind of like a penalty" for cruising solo because that's one less person paying gratuities, buying drinks, etc. Nice to hear that there is not.
  13. When you cruise solo, do you pay the price for 2 people and the taxes/fees for 1? Or does a solo cruiser end up getting charged more than for 2 people? How about tips? Do you have to pay for 2 people?
  14. My aunt is going on the Harmony next month and I would like to surprise her with a gift of OBC. Would I be able to call RCCL and add the OBC to her reservation even if I don't know her reservation number? I only know the sail date. I'm not sure if she used a TA.
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