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  1. These might work: https://www.amazon.com/Mobility-Daily-Living-Aids/b/ref=dp_bc_aui_C_3?ie=UTF8&node=8624314011
  2. Lois, Hope you find the coconut oil helpful. I just had my 7 week post sugery appointment and the doctor wants me to continue to use the coconut oil 1-2 times a day. My scare a re looking and feeling great!
  3. Lois, I am glad you seem to be healing well. I had recent surgery with a plastic surgeon. She strongly recommends using coconut oil on the healing incision and surrounding area. It’s usually available in the baking area or natural foods area at the supermarket, and looks a lot like Crisco. She says it is much better than Vitamin E because after a while the Vitamin E oil can irate the skin and cause redness. My incision is healing nicely, and seems to me to be healing more quickly than I would have expected. Hope your last days before retirement go quickly, and that you enjoy the holiday season.
  4. I have also been missing you, Jeff, and Sophie as well. Thank you for letting us all know that you are fine! I hope you will touch base occasionally. Many of us enjoy your posts!
  5. If I make a reservation when the new itinerary first comes out, is it possible to get the onboard booking credit for an already reserved cruise? We are not cruising until January.
  6. If you happen to be applying for or renewing a US passport, there is a box to check at the top of the application for a passport with twice as many pages - no extra charge.
  7. Are you going FLL to Lima on the shadow, January 24, 2020?
  8. Consider trying Bonine rather than Dramamine. It’s longer lasting dose, and doesn’t make you drowsy. It’s over the counter where the Dramamine is.
  9. Thank you so much for your wonderful reporting. I read every entry and loved following along!
  10. Thank you for sharing the link, Misty. They are inspiring!
  11. We have just reserved suite 625, as the most midship suite still available on the Shadow. It will be the most forward location we have been in. On sea days, did you notice motion a lot in your 626? My husband is very susceptible to motion sickness, so I am wondering if you think that might be a problem. I have especially enjoyed your report of your cruise. Thank you very much for taking the time to share your insights!
  12. We used Harv and Marv’s, small boats - we were only 4 onboard. They were WONDERFUL! https://www.harvandmarvs-juneau-whale-watching.com/
  13. Was the gentleman who fell possibly Alec, from the UK? We sailed with him and it seems to me he often was on world cruises. He was delightful. If he was the person who fell, I do hope he is able to rejoin you. He has many stories to tell!
  14. We Loved Harv and Marv’s whale watching tour in Juneau. It was a small boat, 6 max, and we saw many whales and lots of other wildlife. Our captain was wonderful, and shared lots of local information.
  15. Your travel agent may already have your box. If your agent booked the cruise, the box may have been sent there. I would ask for the agent to forward to get it to you.
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