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  1. lol...I just realized that when I tried to price out the flights. No go on the return. I guess it would be better to wait till I can book both legs, rather than two one-ways, right? At the moment, it looks like all the pricing is identical for a one way flight from Miami or Orlando to Santiago when I compare Cruiseair, Expedia, and American. I will wait until my return pricing is available, and then check to see which gives me the best choices...
  2. I logged into my Silhouette reservation today to price out some flights through Cruise Air, and the button is still grayed out. I am 329 days from the cruise, so I should be able to price out flights, right? Has this happened to anyone else? Would it be easier to just call them direct?
  3. You may not even find any family suites available to book - these are usually the first cabins to sell out, especially during peak travel over the summer.
  4. We sailed on Grandeur of the Seas - same class as Rhapsody, when our son was three and five. The ship did not have much, but it was great for him. Between pool and kids club, he loved it. And as he got older, we moved to the larger ships, which had more bells and whistles.
  5. Tauck Bridges are the family-friendly tours, and I believe they were offering a Christmas Market River Cruise in 2020. They offer several family-friendly river cruises.
  6. I think it’s 10pm - the same time Adventure Ocean begins charging for late night party zone.
  7. Thanks Hank. We are not doing longer cruises like you, but we are sailing in suites - I think our last two cruises were $24k and $18k respectively, so saving 7-10% would be worth it.
  8. Try dayrooms dot com. This site is great for booking a day room, especially near major international airports. Put in the date you need a room and location, and then see what comes up.
  9. Ah. I think we sail June 11, 2021. Our son’s school starts in August and gets out at end of May. We liked that this cruise starts and ends in UK, so we can add a couple of nights in London before and after cruise. It will be our son’s first trip to Europe - he is super excited already.
  10. Yes. I would agree with PP. If the transatlantic is in Dec, then it will be a cold crossing and many of the outdoor facilities may not be usable. And if smoke is an issue, it could be further compounded by everyone staying indoors. Two options - if you wanted to do a transatlantic, you could look at Anthem of the Seas. I believe it comes back from U.K. in November, but it is cold-weather ship, so has covered pool and lots of indoor activities. You may still have fewer children, but more to do. Second option is maybe booking B2B (back to back) cruises on one of the Oasis class ships, such as Harmony, Symphony, Allure, or Oasis. In early Dec, you will pay lower rates than over school holidays, there is plenty for kids to do, and there are almost always some kids on board these bigger ships.
  11. We just booked Anthem for the 9 night Ultimate Norwegian Cruise in 2021 and planning to bring our son who will be 11. If you decide to go to Norway this summer, please let me know how your kids like it!
  12. Awesome! Thanks for the response.
  13. Hmmm... I must have used the wrong TA’s because I never got squat from the two that I have used in the past. I found them to be more trouble than they were worth - having to make any changes, book any excursions or dining through them, and then freaking out when final payment rolled around and one forgot to remind me about it. I had to call him to make sure everything got paid on time. And one I interviewed beforehand - he knew cruises, and books tons every year for folks in south Florida, but when I emailed him to book my Alaska trip, he took so long to book it that I lost the cabin I wanted and paid more than I saw online. I will admit that I have never shopped around but may try that when I get back from my Christmas cruise. It may be too late to shop around our Celebrity South America cruise as it is past 60 days but would have loved to get 8% OBC on that one 😉. That much would pay for all our excursions...lol. But maybe I can shop around our new Norway cruise that we just booked for 2021. I was completely turned off TA’s after two bad experiences, but some of these posts give me hope 🤗
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