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  1. I agree. I honestly have no idea what they’re doing.
  2. same I think the extra $200 is from the cancellation penalty of $100 per person waived for the lift & shift. Have you gotten a response from Royal? I emailed, I don’t have the energy or the time to spend another 2 hrs on hold dealing with something like this
  3. No it should only be the $500. I think they’re including the $100 per person change fee that is waived for the lift and shift as part of the penalty which is ridiculous and definitely not what we were told.
  4. I also received an updated invoice with the same line added for a junior suite booking that was not on the original. I’ve emailed and I’m waiting for a response.
  5. Somehow in Royal Caribbean's infinite talents, removing a FCC of $867 from a booking with an original balance of $2249 (before the application of the FCC in the first place) results in a new balance of $4328. So I am on hold again trying to correct my future bookings for 3rd time this week. 🤪
  6. I didn't realize this caveat until today. It took 3 attempts to get the FCC to the correct amount but it was not split evenly between the hubby and I, which meant I had FCC to use on both of our cruises for next year. Not a huge deal as we had cruises rebooked for 2021. Called to apply the FCC and they said no problem to applying the FCC split between both sailings. I later received an email stating my FCC had already been redeemed so I couldn't use it on my February sailing. They processed the FCC on the August 2021 cruise first and the balance wouldn't be reissued until AFTER we sailed.
  7. I'm debating purchasing some RCL stock, I'm surprised at how the stock has held and wondering if it'll go back down to $25 and under?
  8. If I have 3 days or more pre or post cruise, I would chose Rome. It is quite aways from the port (an hour to an hour and a half each way) and has so much to offer. A day does not do it justice. We chose Barcelona because we'll be lucky to have a day maybe two at either end because of work schedules and because we have companion vouchers to use with an airline that only has direct flights to Barcelona.
  9. We did a lift & shift from the Explorer out of Rome to the Harmony out of Barcelona. 7 night West Med was good enough. Just call back.
  10. I noticed that too. It'll be interesting to see if it changes the vibe of the cruise. I opted for Barcelona because I have some companion vouchers to use with WestJet and they offer direct to Barcelona but not to Rome. I'm also really looking forward to a couple days in Barcelona.
  11. The explorer is doing 7 night west med, Harmony is the alternative for 2021. It's also doing a 7 night greek isles itinerary, so the alternative would be the Rhapsody. There are no comparable 8 or 9 night sailings but again you may get a different response when you call.
  12. I think Coco Cay may be an issue because those sailings are marketed at 7 Day West/East Caribbean PLUS Perfect Day
  13. I was told it had to be the same itinerary, destinations and length within the same 4 week time period the following year (departure ports and ships can be different). In our case we had the explorer of the seas 7 night Western Mediterranean out of Rome and we shifted to a 7 night West Med on Harmony out of Barcelona. Same category J4 to J4. The representative I spoke to indicated that the itinerary (ports of call) itself is what makes eligible for the lift and shift.
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