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  1. My DH and I look forward to someday going on the Edge, when maybe the prices come down. It looks beautiful and different and intriguing. We LOVE live theater, and at least for me, if it's quirky and unusual, I usually love it (big Fringe Festival fan). Cruise lines, like all businesses, need to change with the times to stay profitable and attract new clientele.
  2. My husband and I have an excursion booked to Punta Sur Eco Park, through Celebrity Equinox. I would like to know what type of food there is in the restaurants and snack bars there. Not looking for anything fancy; I would love some fresh seafood, but hubby can't eat seafood, so burgers, chicken, whatever, would work for him. It's a fairly long excursion, and lunch isn't included. Has anyone else been here, and if so, what are your thoughts? I love ecological parks, and it was one of the few excursions (we have loads and loads of OBC to use) that wasn't just all day at an all-inclusive beach resort, or focused on snorkeling and scuba diving or tequila tasting. I can't swim, husband doesn't drink, and this place seemed perfect for the 2 of us. On our previous 2 visits to Cozumel, we took the ferry to Playa Del Carmen.
  3. Thanks. I've done guarantee cabins on Princess and Celebrity before, and always got good cabins. I've also purposely chosen partially obstructed cabins because I saved money. Gratuities are higher in ncl than on Princess or Celebrity.
  4. I just booked my first NCL cruise, Sept 23, 2021, 11 night round trip Rome to Greece, the Adriatic, and Italy, on the Getaway. My TA (1st time using a TA as well) is holding a great mid-ship cabin for us. My question is, if I go with Sailaway, what are obstructed cabins like on the Getaway. I've done partially obstructed views on the Celebrity Silhouette and the Regal Princess; both times we only had a lifeboat underneath our balcony. Another question, not related to this-does the drink packing that comes with the free perks include mocktails?
  5. I have never sailed NCL before, only Princess and Celebrity. I'm thinking about doing Mediterranean to/from Rome, including Kotor, Dubrovnik, Athens, Santorini, and Mykonos. No one has prices out past 2020, and right now, NCL is the only one of the 3 lines offering this itinerary. Any idea when these dates will be available for booking, and what can I expect from NCL, as compared to Celebrity and Princess? We have been to the Med from Barcelona to Rome on the Celebrity Silhouette, and now we want to try another part of Europe. I'd like to go either September or October 2021, for 8-12 nights.
  6. Our first Princess cruise was the Caribbean Princess, January 2015. It was our 2nd cruise, our first being with Celebrity. I needed a vacation, decided to look at cruise prices (we were hooked on cruising the moment we boarded the Constellation), and found this phenomenal deal-5 nights to Cozumel and Costa Maya, balcony cabin, $100 pp OBC, for $249 pp. It was almost like cruising for free! We then sailed the Royal in 2016, Regal in 2017, and 2 Celebrity cruises after that. Going on our 4th Princess cruise, on the Coral, to Alaska May 8 2019.
  7. We were in Cannes last year, and absolutely LOVED it! It's a very charming little seaside town, and I could actually spend several days there. For the OP-we've been on 6 cruises, 6 different ships, 2 cruise lines. I've read bad reviews of EVERY ship I've sailed on, before I sailed that ship. We have loved EVERY ship. They all have pros and cons. Some people are just whiners. Some people hate change, so when we sailed the Royal Princess, I kept hearing how awful the Royal class ships were as compared to other Princess ships. We really enjoyed the Royal and Regal. Our first cruise was on the Celebrity Constellation. "Oh, it's old and worn looking" I kept reading. We loved it so much that we were hooked on cruising from the time we boarded. I did all my research myself, even for my first cruise, and I've never used a TA, although I would consider it in the future. Figure out what you budget is, where you want to go and when, and look at which ships offer what you want, and choose from there. For families with small children, I would not recommend Princess or Celebrity. They aren't very family oriented. RCI, Disney, NCL, Carnival, seem to have loads and loads of activities for kids.
  8. I think this sounds like fun. I am a HUGE fan of the Orlando Fringe Festival, and plan to attend the Edinburgh Fringe in a couple of years, the grand daddy of all Fringe Festivals. I love interactive performance art. I also love Halloween Horror Nights (different as the goal is to scare, but it is essentially big performance art), and in fact was a "scareactor" for 3 Halloweens, and truly enjoyed my 2 years when I was a street performer and got to do fun things like this. I doubt very much they are allowed to touch guests. Loosen up a bit and enjoy it. When reading about Edge, knowing these things may occur, and it doesn't sound like your cup of tea, don't book the ship. Try interacting back. You might be surprised at how much this can be.
  9. Trivia is one of my favorite things on a cruise, and I hope it doesn't go by the wayside. On the Equinox, you collected tickets if you won trivia, and turned them in at the end of the cruise. DH and I both got t-shirts. I find that Princess does a better job at trivia, but I still enjoy it on Celebrity.
  10. I didn't think ANY 2021 prices were out, so I'm assuming that only the new ships have prices. I'm waiting for Mediterranean 2021; we want to go back to Rome, visit some Greek Islands, Kotor, and Dubrovnik. NO ONE has these prices out yet.
  11. When I wrote this, I hadn't been on CC for a week, and the only thing I had read was VTCruising's thread. So, no, I was not aware of problems.
  12. Same for us. The ship looks gorgeous; not sure about the IV, but I want to give it a try. Are there regular balcony cabins as well on this ship? I've noticed that most of the complaints, at least from people on here, are from those booked in suites or concierge class. Some of us can't afford those types of cabins on any ship, let alone a brand new one. My husband and I definitely want to try out the Edge, or Apex, but at this point we simply can't afford it. In a couple of years or more, when the novelty wears off, perhaps then we can experience it. Until then, it will be Princess or S or M class on X, or perhaps even another cruise line.
  13. I agree, I love the decor and color scheme. I like minimalism and an uncluttered look, with the occasional pop of color or great art. Times change, decor changes, and you can't expect ships to keep that old-time ship look forever. Those loungers on the balcony, however....
  14. I just checked her Instagram account, and she says nothing about when, but she does mention the naming ceremony, which I believe is tomorrow.
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