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  1. wondering if sailaway rates will be available.
  2. no prize for points. just the pleasure of winning.and enjoying the games.
  3. so many points i only had 70 million. princess cut me off saying all good things must come to an end.
  4. as of today march 31 2020 play 4 fun casino from princess cruises is no longer available. it was a terrific fun gaming experience and will be greatly missed, especially now when staying at home needs as many pleasant diversions as possible.. extremely poor timing by princess.
  5. cruising on ncl escape, sharing cabin with a teen. he will do his own thing. am i able to go to solo meetings? i am single.
  6. is there a concierge phone number or desk for the latitude members who are platinum/platinum plus ? thanks and i am enjoying your great pictures.
  7. i have been on almost the ncl ships except this one. was there a white hot party?
  8. hi thanks for your review as a solo.. i am going solo on the joy for 12 nights leaving oct 27 was there a solo host on your cruise?
  9. looks to be a difference for solos.? i dont see any studios or studio lounge. wonder how the solos get to meet on the JOY
  10. i did see it in the caribbean and i want to see it again. everynight there was a different performer and i cast my vote, super entertaining and great acts.. of course my vote WON
  11. does anyone know which ship and date will have the next entertainer of the year performances and voting?
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