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  1. For us it looked like there were at least 4 ships in that day but never found it uncomfortable at all. We weren’t seated on top of anyone, our 5 chairs were together in the shade. It looked like chairs close to the water may have been closer together in full sun... if you want the feeling of seclusion and complete privacy- I would stay away from this strip.... It was a great vibe.
  2. @c-leg5 Wow really? In Steve’s emails he sent with pics, I recognized Capt Charlie as we walked up to the cab stand. Even better he had a name badge 😂 but it was chaotic busy with cruisers and cabbies so I could see him being difficult to spot;) and why yes, I did! YNWA 😃
  3. Not sure if this helps but we paid $2 per person for a taxi. There are no taxi pricing boards like in Cozumel. We went to see Capt Charlie at the Taxi stand outside of the port and he ensured the pricing and arranged the cab for our family of 5. Lots of drivers were trying to orchestrate their own rides and go out of queue.
  4. We just got back from our Cruise and based on so many great referrals and reviews, we spent our day at Tropicante, having made advance reservations with owner, Steve Uhl. (Just a sidebar- We did not want an All inclusive beach club as not all our party would eat or drink worthy of the package price) Take us back to Tropicante!!!! We simply had the best day and cannot praise the wonderful Tropicante team enough for what felt like they had welcomed us into their home. The service is outstanding- the best we have experienced bar none at any beach club, and there was nothing that the team wouldn't do to ensure guest comfort. Steve, Charly, Ivan and Rafael just made our day from beginning to end. So much so, we ensured our next cruise we just booked would stop back in Costa Maya so we could look forward to seeing the fabulous Tropicante team once again. Food= incredibly delicious and so so reasonable Drinks= always flowing when needed Beach- so clean, restrooms onsite, lots of shade available, vendors present but not bothersome. Snorkel: They can help secure tours if needed. Beach Massage: Available onsite Sargassum/Seaweed: We had ZERO seaweed, Sargassum or anything remotely similar. Apparently January was a good month to visit. The ocean was crystal clear and calm. No seaweed on the beach either, at least nowhere to be seen around Tropicante or beach club on either side. Cannot recommend Tropicante enough! Happy to answer any specific questions should anyone have. Kudos to the Tropicante team!!!
  5. We also did our research prior and were quoted several hundred dollars more by NEXT for the same cabins/category. This was just pulling out the cell phone and going to RCCL website. There was zero incentive (other than the smaller deposit) to book onboard with NEXT. Third time this has occurred when going in for quotes.
  6. SO good on symphony and became our go to after returning from each port. Burritos, tacos, quesadillas, build your own nachos and all condiments/toppings! Great addition and while the lines can be long it moves very quickly.
  7. Wow shocked by all the negative reviews. To each their own for sure- especially food related opinions. Of all the oasis class ships (and we were on all of them), Symphony was our absolute favourite of all, so much so, we will be cruising in her again this January. never felt crowded (unless you show up to the pool deck late morning, but that’s most ships to get pool chairs) We enjoyed the food throughout the ship (did not heat at Hooked) - El Loco Fresh (replacing mini bites) was such a great added feature with build your own nachos, etc. Smaller ships and oasis Class ships are two very different experiences. Keep an open minds She’s a Beautiful ship, has amazing crew, , great entertainment....don’t read too much into reviews as again it’s very personal- Just go have a great cruise.... I know we are counting down till we sail her again!
  8. Yes we had the same thing. They asked at the front which service you would prefer. They would then seat you in the appropriate area of the dining room 🙂
  9. Symphony had a continental breakfast each morning in the Diamond lounge on deck 4, for a couple of hours and specialty coffee machine open all day. Happy Hour with drinks and hors D'oeuvres for 3 hours in the evening. The dining room (daily breakfast for all guests) on Symphony had a great breakfast and you can enjoy a la carte specialty items (amazing french toast, etc) along with the buffet and made to order eggs, etc. We loved Symphony so much we are headed back in a couple of months! 🙂
  10. Whenever we have Labadee as one of our Ports of call, we always secure the Over the Water cabanas. As Cabanas are only assigned upon arrival at the beach, in past, all of the cabanas on or around the entry to the water along the beach were deemed "over the water" and all Cabanas that were situated on the actual beach were deemed "Beachfront Cabanas". Onsite we have seen guests who secured over the water but were at the base of the hill at the entry into the water and were upset. Now it seems to alleviate the disappointment upon arrival if guests did not get their preferred cabana location they further broke down the categories and price points. I interpret: Over the water cabanas are the ones with ladder/step entry into the ocean. Waterfront are the cabanas (along the base perimeter of the hill) Beachfront: All cabanas located directly on the beach with the loungers. Have the BEST time at Labadee!!!!
  11. Bang on! Working in the hotel industry within food & beverage, we are also Diamond status. While we haven't encountered the swiping of our cards in the lounge, they have always asked us to see our seapass upon entering the and rightfully so. These "inventory" swipes of the seapass card will yield a whole story line as to guests usage, preferences, time of consumption and location on-board where they enjoyed their drink and so much more. Through their systems, they can see how busy the lounge was during the happy hour period, drinks consumed, age groups, which brands used (and in turn understand what sells and what doesn't, after all- beverage costs are always audited). They can track that Sally with diamond status, visits the lounge each evening for 1 hour, consumes 2 glasses of Chardonnay in the lounge and then has another 2 at other bars on the ship, during the happy hour period. They also know that Sally does not buy a beverage package. They can see occupancy of the lounge daily and peak times. Asides from standard corporate audits, all this will of course determine future strategies for beverage costs, lounge capacities, Crown and Anchor opportunities , brand selection, consumer preferences and of course the % of D's, D+'s etc on-board per cruise. That little swipe of the seapass is a gateway into passenger movement.
  12. As always- thank you for the great intel!
  13. There is a great Facebook page for Perfect Day at Coco Cay that contains live updates to the island, ongoing enhancements, etc. There are a ton of pics and videos being posted daily, including cabanas and food/beverage. Many ongoing discussions...
  14. @crewsweeper you are a wealth of information! I find this port the most difficult one to narrow down for beach clubs as there are so many and will be our first time in Costa Maya. What would you recommend between Jaimie's, Pez Quadro or Nohoch Kay if you had the choice? All adults sailing.... Thank you in advance!
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