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  1. Maybe they are concerned that one of the smaller ships may not be available in 2022?
  2. Science is simple - they believe the Brazilian / South American version to be more deadly. That’s why the countries chosen are in that area / have close links (e.g. Portugal)
  3. I believe the talk of Quarantine hotels which the broadsheets ran with on Sunday may have spoked P&O - how would that apply to cruises? The data is looking good but with no visible sign of restrictions easing on the previously notified date in February, it must be frustrating for P&O.
  4. Worth pouting out that Azura now publically shows as at Newcastle through 23:59 on 28/02.
  5. My honest feeling is that Azura will be sailing by then. No comments on where at present but I’m not expecting her to still be laid up.
  6. Stick with it - I know it’s unsettling. You are top of my list as far as trying to find information out goes.
  7. Let’s be clear, they only have one bar, one pool, one buffet restaurant. The Spa’s, casino, shops etc are all closed. All it’s really done is give the crew some more daylight and a bit more space - before anyone thinks they are having a ball. On arrival on board, all crew are still subject to two weeks quarantine in their cabin. Then they start work / get access to the ship. It’s not a life I’d like.
  8. The crew are living on the passenger decks and using the passenger buffet, gym etc. It therefore makes sense for health and safety reasons to have lights on. Also identifies itself to other traffic.
  9. Except the politics around ships sailing in US waters and those sailing out of Southampton are completely different.
  10. No news on substance. I expect it to include some cancellation as we’re now getting tight to restart on 24/04 but could include a couple of other things a) new trial cruises, b) longer term cancellations on specific ships. Carnival Cruise Line is not a good indicator of what P&O will do. Nor is Cunard. Both companies have very mixed nationality audiences which makes matter complex. P&O is something like 98% British resident which makes planning easier. Not expecting any further announcement today as this morning P&O launched their new marketing campaign. Thi
  11. Jan 14th was the vesting date for employee/executive share bonuses. These would have been given out over time, most likely before anyone heard of Covid. The vesting date would have been set in stone since they were issued. They get 2 options; sell all or sell enough to cover taxes. Those individuals who were reportable in their own right each only sold enough to cover taxes. This is a massive non story. No insider trading. In fact, at least one story only mentions the new shares that remained without releasing that each executive they named had considerably more already
  12. As I said, moveable target. Will try to get an update first thing tomorrow but announcement may happen first.
  13. From Summer 2020, P&O were trying to increase activities on sea days on family ships.
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