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  1. My understanding is that the new company is a part of Steiner. Peggy
  2. I took an audio tour on the Riviera several years ago - got the information/equipment at reception. I'd love to do the same thing on the Explorer and - in the future - on the Splendor. Peggy
  3. Talk to the GM and/or F&B person. I'm sure they'll be glad to help. Peggy
  4. I was in 751 - it was quiet . . . . Peggy
  5. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone Peggy
  6. Yes, Brownie is correct. I heard from my friend and Canyon Ranch included the 18% tip in the posted costs. Peggy
  7. Thanks Sheila, Are we correct in thinking that with Canyon Ranch the price listed INCLUDED the tip? I have a friend on the Mariner now, I'll email her to ask. Peggy
  8. And for the people who have visited the Spa, what's the answer? Is the tip included in the price or is it an additional charge over and above the price listed? Peggy
  9. Sheila, See you in November . . . . Peggy
  10. I won't be on the Splendor until November, 2020. VERY anxious to hear everyone's opinions though.
  11. Sheila, I'm glad you were happy . . . .is the Spa busy? Is it possible for you to post a price list? Enjoy the rest of your cruise! Peggy
  12. I miss the plaques. They are not only the ship's history, they are my sailing history as well. Peggy
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