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  1. I don't follow this logic. If a river cruise passenger shows signs of covid-19 then they can be sent to a hospital, yes, but then everyone on board, guests and crew, must be quarantined for 14 days because they may have been in contact with the person who is positive. I have heard that when a person contracts the disease they are most contagious on the 4th and 5th day, and yet they themselves might not show symptoms for up to 2 weeks, so who knows how many people they have come in contact with during that time. We are fortunate we have the financial stability to afford this type of vacation, even though it is upsetting we cannot do it now. RB
  2. Well, here's a kicker....Canada's two largest airlines are back to packing passengers into every seat. No more spacing them out. Do I want to sit next to a stranger for a 7 hour flight, even if they are wearing a mask? RB
  3. Last year Uniworld announced that after the 2020 sailing season the River Queen is supposed to be refurbished and become a SS. Looking at the info for 2021, there is no mention of a made over Queen, no doubt as a cost saving measure after this non existent cruising season. The River Queen is my favourite ship. She has a personality that for me is very welcoming and cozy. The Antoinette is beautiful with all the extras you see in the video, however it was too posh for me. Her cabins are larger, which is a big plus. The crew on both were amazing. The food top notch on both. Whatever you decide will be the right choice for you. Enjoy your cruise. RB
  4. Roz, I am excited for you! Time will fly. I just pulled the plug on our October 2020 cruise, and now have a FCC burning a hole in my pocket. Surely there will be a vaccine by the end of 2021. RB
  5. A few weeks ago was Mother's Day here in Canada. Many visits took place that pushed the limits, including the family of a provincial premier. And wouldn't you know it, there was a surge in c19 cases in the weeks after. We are nowhere near the end of this pandemic if people cannot social distance. I understand the Czech Republic just opened everything this evening, so we will see over the next 2 weeks how that pans out. As for river cruising, if all the plans the cruise companies are put into place, I don't think it will be a pleasant vacation at all. RB
  6. Did you notice Uniworld has suggested two seating times for each meal.? In the past dinner was usually a drawn out meal from 7 until 9. Where are they going to slot in another 2 hour meal time? I understand every business is hurting and trying to do everything to make it work, but maybe putting the river cruising on hold for a whole cycle until there are vaccines and a new normal that most passengers and crew can feel comfortable with would be the right thing to do. The economic ramifications would be mind boggling. RB
  7. A few years ago we were on the first river cruise ship to officially stop in Straubing. The TV crews, an oompa band, dignitaries, the Lord mayor, etc were all there. The locals on shore were taking our pictures. A very nice town to visit with interesting churches and breweries. RB
  8. You have to be of a certain age to understand that comment 😄
  9. We have been hunkering down for three weeks now and locally things are doing pretty well. It is time to reminisce about previous cruises and places we have been. Many river cruises have one day optional day trips to Salzburg, so here is a video to make you smile. https://youtu.be/MMBh-eo3tvE
  10. Latest news in Ontario...if you are ordering food for takeout / delivery you can now get adult beverages included with your order. Assuming the food establishment already served alcohol. Senior citizens have the advantage of grocery shopping at select chains for an hour before regular shopping hours. Being able to purchase beer along with my eggs and bread at 7am does lead to an interesting outcome for the rest of the day. Did you hear...John Travolta thought he had covid-19. Turns out it was only Saturday night fever. 😊 RB
  11. Thom, the reason my question was so vague was because I saw a quick news item on a website and then could not find it again. Apparently the Anna Karoline, a passenger ship went down near Boca do Jari, Brazil, early on the 29th of February. Passengers are still missing. I am curious to know if the ship is one leased out or a local company. RB
  12. Does anyone have any details about a cruise ship that sank in the Amazon yesterday?
  13. Mrs. Miggins, I hope you will write a review for us when you get back. I had to look up the ship as I had never heard of her. A number of your stops are of great interest as they are not on most of the North American known cruise line itineraries. The Moselle river is beautiful, so we are going again in October with Uniworld. Someday we want to do a driving holiday and see what is just beyond the river and check out Burg Eltz. RB
  14. We just booked our 10th with Uniworld! I guess that means we like them. RB
  15. And the bar stays open until the last guest leaves the lounge!
  16. Sam, When you say your wife enjoys relaxing and doing nothing then I think a river cruise would be ideal for the both of you. But only if your / her definition of relaxing and doing nothing is the same as mine. Sleeping in, sitting in the lounge or on deck, reading, perhaps watching the world go by, being pampered by the staff, maybe go for a massage...that sort of thing. However, if she is looking for full spa treatments, casinos, fancy entertainment, then, no. If you can narrow down to a specific cruise you may be able to get detailed information...just ask. RB
  17. A quick question about events along the Moselle at the end of October, ... is Halloween a 'thing'? RB
  18. Momma Rene, I have just come from booking our 10th Uniworld cruise . It will be on the final cruise of the River Queen before she goes into dry dock and her magical transformation into a SS at the end of 2020. I have toured a few of the SS ships, but never travelled on one. Why? Not sure, but maybe because we have always felt comfortable on the original fleet. Yes, some of the ship may show a bit of wear, but not where it counts, imho. The beds are wonderful and made up in whatever fashion you like...duvets, or American style with sheets and blankets. Your cabin will be immaculate. The crew / staff will do everything to make your trip something special. Yes, the dining room may be a bit noisy but that is the nature of low ceilings and a space with a lot of people in it. It will be the same on any ship. I agree, spring or fall are preferred because of the weather and the sites being somewhat less crowded. Have fun deciding on the perfect itinerary, RB
  19. Happy to cruise, There are no hotels within walking distance of the docking area . Cruise ships are located in a canal in an industrial area that is not easy to get to via local transit, especially if you are carrying suitcases. My suggestion would be to find a hotel within or near the old town and take a cab to the dock. A few years ago we took the train from the airport to the main train station and then followed the walkway under the tracks and road into the old city and stayed at hotel Victoria just inside the old city wall. Super staff. They will call a cab for you when you are ready to go to the ship. RB
  20. That's where I read it, too. So why has no one ever told us that on board? RB
  21. Depending on where the ship is docked, and how comfortable you are with public transit and how many bags you have, the ship my be right next to the central station where you can easily catch a train right into the airport. RB
  22. To all of you Uniworld fans, were you aware of the extra 3%(I think) discount you can get if youput down a deposit for your next cruise while on board? Just a deposit for your next cruise, you don't have to be specific as to when and where it will be. We have been on 9 Uniworld cruises and have never heard of this extra perk. No one has ever spoken to us on board about booking the next one. Definitely no hard sell. The present deal is a small discount if you book before tomorrow the 31st. I am going to wait for a better offer in the new year. Wish me luck! RB
  23. The glass is not half empty, it is the wrong size!
  24. From your suitcase, take out half of what you packed, fill the empty spaces with bubble wrap and take twice as much cash as you originally budgeted. Now you'll have lots of spending money and a spot in your suitcase to stash your treasures safely. 😉😁 Have a wonderful trip, we'll be waiting for your review! RB
  25. Looking forward to your report.. Safe travels! RB
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