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  1. cruzysuzy

    New to Celebrity - Help!!

    You may find that paying the difference between your $9 limit and the more expensive cocktail (this is allowed) is cheaper than upgrading your package before or during your cruise.
  2. You need to go to the Britain forum on this website.
  3. cruzysuzy

    Classic Drink Package or Not?

    Can someone definitely confirm the 'fresh squeezed' orange juice in the Classic Package? I thought it only covered orange juice in a carton.
  4. DH and I cancelled this cruise due to our house build not being finished. Glad we avoided the aftermath of a hurricane.
  5. cruzysuzy

    RC vs carnival food and service

    I've only been on Carnival once, but found the food on RCI to be superior. Of course, it have been a number of years since I have been on RCI. Since my first cruise with them in 1994, their quality has decreased at a noticeable rate. Right now I sail Princess and Celebrity (and give the edge to Celebrity on food).
  6. cruzysuzy

    price of drinks in different beverage packages

    I'm not understanding the Passport Bar Classic Menus. I understood the the cap on Classic Packages was $9, not the $11 dollars listed.
  7. cruzysuzy

    Regal Princess in Martinique

    I realize that Princess changed a port from Dominca to Martinique for their 12/28/17 cruise but there are no excursions listed for Martinique in my Personalizer. Does anyone know if Princess is going to add any?
  8. cruzysuzy

    Goodbye to Dining Room Embarkation Lunch?

    I picked up that date from the final roll out of the Club Class on the April 11, 2917 sailing of the Star Princess. Someone mentioned that on a recent Ruby Princess cruise someone was checking names on a clipboard at the entrance to the dining room for the embarkation lunch.
  9. If I am reading the posts correctly, then by April 2017 the dining room embarkation lunch will only be available to the Club Class and the BVE. This was one of my favorite perks and I sense that Princess is inching toward a 'class' model of sailing somewhat akin to Celebrity. And there is not enough in the Club Class offerings to tempt me to pony up for it.
  10. cruzysuzy

    Pure selfish

    I might see your point about chair hogs, food, the crowded theater, etc., but I draw the line in regard to the smoking issue. And if he were still alive, I believe Mr Richard Liffidge might agree with me.
  11. cruzysuzy

    Pure selfish

    I'm guessing your advice is the same for those complaining about the chair hogs.
  12. cruzysuzy

    Pure selfish

  13. cruzysuzy

    Pure selfish

    Not even that. The folks next door smoked through our entire seven day Caribbean Princess cruise (we smelled rather than saw but theirs was the only door that smelled of smoke in the hallway). Front desk was called twice but the neighbors were still going at by the end of the cruise. Princess' lack of enforcement of the rules is disgraceful.
  14. cruzysuzy

    Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice

    Ever since it's inception we have purchased the Soda & More Package (four different Princess ships) and have been able to get fresh squeeze orange juice on it. For the first time (on the Star) we have been told that we must have the all inclusive package in order to get that option. Anyone else have this experience?