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  1. Don't mind the traffic. Some of the dishes seemed interesting and I'm a sucker for French/French inspired food. I knew about the additional charge for an entree at other venues but find it hard to believe that Princess would break tradition and charge for sides. Who knows? 🙄
  2. Fingers crossed we will be on a short cruise on the Sky next year. I was looking at the menu of the Bistro and wonder if I am missing something. The dinner menu seems to indicate that it is only a three course meal - appetizer or soup or salad/entree/dessert. Is this correct? I usually get an appetizer, salad, entree and dessert (at least I have at Sabatini's and Crown Grill). But the menu has 'choose one' in parenthesis above the choices.
  3. Thanks for the replies. Right now, we're thinking either rafting or something to do with the Wrangell St. Elias National Park.
  4. Finally, DH and I booked our dream Alaska Cruisetour for late May 2021- Anchorage (1 day), McKinley (1 day), Denali (2 days), Copper River (2 days) and then onto the ship. I've done my CruiseCritic searches but can can't seem to find many opinions on the excursions available at Copper River. Can anyone suggest good ones or point out ones that are not as worthy?
  5. Sadly, I believe covid 19 is just the beginning. I worked in microbiological medical testing until retirement and it seems we were getting hit with the 'next' superbug every few years. Considering, in reality, how long it takes to develop a vaccine safely (one that doesn't make things worse) I am not hopeful.
  6. No, only about the EU sailings but it's likely that their guidelines might influence any eventual US sailings.
  7. In two words - closed foreign borders - like Canada right now.
  8. Even if we didn't have Covid 19 cruising should in the future be avoided by anyone with an immnocompromised system or risk factors in any case. Maybe Norovirus was the warning we didn't heed. And then there is SARS, H1N1, etc. The reality is that cruise ships sanitation efforts are pretty anemic against these virus strains.
  9. My travel agent referred to it as the Jones Act when I booked a one day cruise along with a seven day cruise that would have violated it. I cancelled that cruise. I bring it up for a very rational reason. The EU has put it in their suggested guidelines for restarting cruising and I wondered if the same idea could be applied to US only port cruises with a change of the law.
  10. With suggestions for shorter cruises and dealing with closed borders anyone heard of any activity to rescind the Jones Act?
  11. By the same token a passenger could experience severe anxiety from the presence of a dog (took my son years to get over that) or could suffer from medically significant allergies to dogs.
  12. I cruised Alaska on the Solstice on May 8, 2015. For the life of me I cannot remember the name of the naturalist on board. I remember he did a dramatic presentation with audio-visuals on Alaska that gave me goosebumps and made me think he had some kind of acting background. His wife also did some presentations but he was the real star. Any ideas who he was?
  13. I've wondered if getting two coffees at one time might be a problem. As with all things Princess it probably will depend on the ship's staff.
  14. I copied the following from the Princess site: The package may be pre-purchased up to 4 days prior to boarding the vessel. The package is NOT available for pre-purchase within 3 days of sailing. The coffee package is valid only on the voyage for which it is purchased. If the maximum number of coffees pre-purchased are not used during the voyage, the remaining value will NOT be credited or refunded and is NOT transferable for any purpose. Coffee packages cannot be sold or otherwise transferred to any individual. Pre-purchased specialty coffees may be shared, but complimentary brewed coffee, teas and hot chocolate continue to be limited to the purchaser. My question is about the bolded/underlined statement. Does this mean a single purchase coffee package can be shared with another person? And does it mean that only pre-purchased coffee packages can be shared but not one purchased on board?
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