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  1. But old posts I have read indicate that some cruisers do care.
  2. I have seen several posts in the past which mention the disappointing lack of an International Cafe on the Island Princess. Why would it be mentioned if it is not significant?
  3. I think many are disturbed by the lack of an International Cafe and Princess disinterest in finding a spot to put one in. There may be plenty of food on the Island Princess but what about the hours of availability?
  4. Though I thought the Chateaubriand I swiped from DH was very good, I was rather disappointed in my lobster and other selections. Except for the aforementioned beef DH was in agreement. And their fee is nearly double the other cruise lines' specialty restaurants.
  5. Definitely Celebrity! Their buffet is topnotch.
  6. The Island Princess may be getting some flak due to not having an International Cafe.
  7. I've only been on Solstice class ships, but I found the buffet far superior on Celebrity compared to Princess. The number of cook to order options is amazing--pizza, pasta dishes, steaks and other meats, omelets, eggs benedict, etc. In addition to the expected salad bar there was a Caesar salad bar. There are at least half a dozen flavors of hand dipped ice cream (in addition to the for fee gelato on deck 5) and soft serve in one station at the side of the buffet Though not my style, there was a dedicated station for vegans! And this list is just a portion of it. What I don't like are the hours of operation and that they don't have 24 hour savory dishes (like the International Cafe) at their Cafe al Bacio. Add to that the ridiculously high priced specialty dining. I give Celebrity the edge on production shows but I think Princess has the more talented musicians in their small venues.
  8. DH and I have made reservations for Murano on the Reflection. DH is a beef eater and will surely want the Chateaubriand for two. I am not so much a beef eater. Would there be a problem with his ordering that beef dish for himself while I order a fish dish? Also, in the main dining rooms has anyone noticed whether the steaks cooked to order tend to be under cooked or over cooked? He is a medium rare guy.
  9. Have a very similar experience on my one and only Carnival cruise.
  10. I do know that Concierge Class after boarding gets to eat lunch in one of the main dining rooms instead of the buffet but this is not true of Aqua Class or Suite passenger. They may have other options instead but I am not sure. You might wish to go to the Celebrity website and find if there are more differences.
  11. Been on Princess quite a bit. As much as I like Princess I give the edge to Celebrity for the food and entertainment. I would downgrade Celebrity (in comparison to Princess) for not having passenger operated laundries and not as good loyalty program.
  12. Those type of activities are more suited to the Cruise Director and his/her staff. I agree with the dignity issue. Captains should preserve some kind of mystique and/or gravitas in line with their premier position on the ship. It instills a sense of confidence in the passengers in that they are in capable and sober hands. I don't mind the joking but leave the fluff activities to the crew.
  13. I think a female cruise captain is great and past due but I can't help but think her footwear is more a slave to fashion then a professional maritime look like the US Navy or Coast Guard which tops it out at 2 5/8".
  14. Not sure when it happened but Bailey's is definitely in the Premium Package now.
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