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  1. I think if they issue docs and then cancel, you get a full cash refund. If they cancel before docs due to covid, you only receive a FCC. They are slimy.
  2. All, just received a marketing email from Uniworld. It announces that their first European river cruise will be in Italy on June18th. It is asking people to sign up for their first cruise.
  3. Well, well, well. Just got email from Uniworld. My June 20th cruise is canceled.
  4. I’m booked in France for a June 20th river cruise. They might be asking the passengers if we would like to learn to be deckhands, waiters or butlers. I fly direct from Dallas into Paris. Macron says he will open France to vaccinated Americans on June 9th. Yes, I’m fully vaccinated. The cruise is totally within France’s borders. I connect thru Heathrow on my return flight. I need a covid test to transit Heathrow and one to enter the US. Will find a test that satisfies both. Unless things go bad in France, I think this will happen. It will be an adventure.
  5. The EU voted to allow all vaccinated people into the EU. No date announced. They also raised the threshold for “red” countries.
  6. Finally canceled! If you or anyone else needs a recommendation for a local guide in Porto, I have a great one.
  7. So do you have a verdict from Uniworld yet? I have a saying, you judge a person/company on how they respond during the emergencies, not on what they do during normal times. I understand that during normal times Uniworld has a great product and is 6 star. But, they show their true colors now, when things aren’t so good. Given their recent performance, I have serious doubt on how they will perform in the future. If I’m on a Uniworld cruise and a crisis occurs, will I be told, sorry the cruise is terminated, we hope you have insurance (I did get that email from Uniworld), good luck getting h
  8. Interesting, given that the “Condition of Calamity” in Portugal has been extended until May 30th. This morning Uniworld took down all French cruises prior to June 20th. My Grand France cruise is June 20th. Given France plans to open on June 9th to non EU tourists, I expect my cruise to be a go.
  9. I predict the next week will be exciting. With Italy opening up to all Americans who fly in on covid tested flights and Greece being open, those countries presently not open to Americans may suddenly rush to open. The grab for the all mighty tourist dollar! I find some of the best information on IFAR.COM.
  10. Well, as of Monday, Brits are allowed into Portugal. I’m sure Uniworld is pushing their Portugal cruises. Might sail with Brits and EU passengers only if Americans not allowed in. The São Gabriel Is still underway this morning. Looks more and more like a test voyage.
  11. You don’t claim your checked luggage. It is a long connection. You live out of your carry on. Done this several times.
  12. So, where do you change planes? I don’t see a Boston to Porto nonstop. Present arrival time in Porto? I think you previously mentioned you were on Delta. Might be changing at AMS. I believe there is a hotel inside AMS. If all true, Delta might be willing to let you layover in AMS and fly into Porto on the 30th.
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