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  1. Thank you for that additional information Nebr.....Particularly confirming the food piece as we have a diabetic in our group of four. And I am glad that the hurricane did not take out the gardens. I have read such mixed reviews on this island. The positive ‘loved it’ reviews seem to come from those who took independent tours. Maybe that is my prejudice for DIY travel speaking! I did ask Levi if he is able to keep us ahead or behind the tour busses on some of these spots, and he said he’s pretty good at that! Works for me.
  2. In my research it sounded like the botanical gardens were really wiped out with the hurricane. Not sure how the recovery is at this point. Morne Bruce I believe is basically an overlook? I also looked at Pepper. He gets great reviews. We emailed a few times. My impression, and I could be wrong, is that his tours are a bit less active than Levi. Ultimately we didn’t want to miss the Gorge and really wanted to experience it. I also was advised that we should plan on bringing some food with us from the ship. It does t sound like there is much opportunity for that while on tour for the day. We will be there in October and would be happy to give feedback afterwards.
  3. We have been looking to book a catamaran in our trip in October. I read a recent good review of Aristocat and I have reached out to them, however the person who is most responsive is Dee from Adventure Charters BVI. While there are not as many reviews, both here and on TA they are all excellent reviews. Anyone have any experience with Adventure? My only concern is that (as they all do) required minimum is 10 people, and since we are the only ship in port that day, I don’t want to miss out on sailing.
  4. Really glad to hear that they have it cracked open. The heat and humidity in there with the roof closed can be stifling so maybe they have found a simple way to address this. gretschwhtfalcon- do use that infinity pool on your next cruise of the opportunity presents - it’s pretty darned nice! We were lucky to have several opportunities to, and plan to do so again in October if the weather cooperates!
  5. Thanks Clay. Looks like the pool roof is closed. Are cool temps the reason? Looks so lovely
  6. Just an FYI - I checked with Gail about a Monday arrival that we have scheduled later this year and they will be open - so I guess this is not a weekly closed on Monday.
  7. Thank you for posting this! Looks pretty perfect to me! I looked at several catamaran rentals and pretty sure we will be going with Aristocrat. Communication with Dee has been great. We are a party of four adults and this is a first visit to Tortola for all of us. Deciding on the snorkeling vs Baths is a big question. We know that this is some of the best snorkeling in BVI, but also the Baths are unique. So what to do. My my only concern is that we will be the only ship in port. I have posted on our roll call for any interest, but quite honestly our roll call is very inactive, so I worry that there may not be 10 people, which is the lowest minimum that any catamaran requires.
  8. Interested in feedback on this. We also have been in this area multiple times during late April/early May and love traveling during this time. We are looking at an itinerary that is only showing one sailing at this point - departing March 11, and the date has me hesitating.
  9. We are on Viking in October with an overnight - docking in Hamilton. We do not arrive until 5:00 on that first day, full day the following. I really wish we were able to arrive earlier, but we are excited to be in Hamilton and to have this port stop.
  10. My opinion is that the Captain should not worry. Levity and laughter make for good medicine.
  11. Now that is a really good one! Thanks for the laugh from sharing with us!
  12. Thanks for another vote in the direction we are moving towards. I hope that you enjoyed the itinerary in spite of the included excursions.
  13. I can only speak for myself, but I am not so sure that it is the sense that some may agree the cruise industry might benefit from some type of oversite, review, or whatever, but rather politicians in the US being the appropriate group to decide how to make any improvements. Far be it from me to know who would be appropriate, but IMHO it isn’t Congress.
  14. Thanks both Clay and geospyder. I think the catamaran followed by a couple hours in Phillipsburg will be a perfect day. We reserved a private in Dominica, another Catamaran in Tortola for great snorkeling - the rest of the ports will be DIY. St Marting was my ‘on the fence’ port so I appreciate this. Enjoy your voyage Clay and raise a glass for all of us wishing we had your views!
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