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  1. Thanks to all for advice. Yes, I wanted a different river than the Rhine since we are doing that this year. Some of the lines mentioned I had not heard of so that will help my search. And I definitely want to be able to dock in Paris and have no allegiance to Viking or any other line so I'm open to exploring options.
  2. Which cruise lines travel in France? I was hoping for Crystal but didn't see any itineraries for France in 2021. Viking does but wondering what other cruise lines offer France? We are going from Amsterdam to Basel this summer on Tauck so we'd like to try a different country and possibly different cruise line next year.
  3. My booking window opens 9/13/20 for a 4-night cruise on Wonder. So I assume that means midnight on 9/12...first minute of 9/13 EST? What things should I book first and what things can I come back and enter later? (such as passport #s, etc.) I'll be checking in for 6 people so I don't want to waste time entering information that I could come back later in the day to enter. We are only interested in character meets (kids will be 6 and 8 )and getting the earliest boarding time possible. No character breakfast on this short cruise and we don't want tastings or Palo. We might be interested in an excursion in Cozumel on our only port day or we may book that on our own elsewhere TBD.
  4. We spent a week at Hotel Helka this past summer - lovely property - great included breakfast - convenient location.
  5. Ok thanks for info. I was doing a present booking for 2020 since that's the furthest out the calendar goes. I did not see an option for a family suite. In fact, on the initial page when I enter the number of people going, the website doesn't allow for more than 2 adults and two children, unless I missed something. Would I have to call to book for 5? I know it's way early but with the cost of the cruise and excursions I want to be prepared for how much to budget and also be familiar with ship layout so I can get the cabins we want. Assume booking opens about 18 months in advance? Is it posted on this forum?
  6. We are doing very early planning for a multi-generational cruise (or cruise tour) to Alaska in 2022. We haven't 100% decided on Princess - considering RCL as well. We will need 3 cabins. Cabin 1: 2 adults Cabin 2: 2 adults + 2 kids ages 8 and 9 Cabin 3: 2 adults + 3 kids ages 3,5 and 9 As I look at deck plans for the Princess Royal, the mini-suite says maximum is 4 guests. Is it possible to put the third child in cabin 3 on the reservation for cabin 1? But then move that child to the cabins with their parents (if we bring a toddler air mattress). We'd rather not do this. Are there any cabins at all that sleep 5? DCL has cabins that sleep 5 but their cruises are RT and we prefer one-way.
  7. We will be on a 4-night cruise in November 2020 with two sea days and one port day at Cozumel. My husband and I have been to Cozumel before and are ok staying on the ship. My son and family - kids ages 7 and 8 - may want to go to a beach - either on their own or with a Port Adventure. If they decide to stay on the ship, are characters available? Dining room open? I know we can get food somewhere. Anything else child-oriented that would make the ship even more enjoyable while others are on excursions?
  8. I booked a cruise for my husband and myself in one cabin and for my son and wife and children (ages 7 and 8 in a connecting cabin.) I am taking care of doing the online check in for both cabins (I have them both linked in my account). So it looks like I can enter all of the pertinent information during online check-in, including listing all 4 adults as people who can pick up. Then the kids can go when the parents choose? I just didn't want to have to decide 75 days in advance which days or times the kids might go to the club. Thanks.
  9. When do you sign up for the kids club? What's the limit on number of kids it can take?
  10. My thoughts exactly. If it had mattered I would have pursued this with them. But sadly I'm pretty familiar with Disney technical issues:(
  11. We will be in port from 8:00 am - 5:00 pm. Is this enough time to rent a car and enjoy some scenic drives and a picnic? Any particular route you'd recommend? None of the ship's excursions and those elsewhere appealed to us. More interested in a day on our own. Thanks for advice.
  12. Thank you - I am not regretting that I let the concierge cabins go before the deposit was due. Actually DCL let them go for me - the website was down and phone lines closed the night the deposit was due so I couldn't have completed my deposit even if I'd wanted to LOL. It must have been a sign! I was able to find two family verandah cabins that connect midship so now no worries if the balcony divider can be opened or not. The connecting rooms will work better for our situation. And yes, I must have had RCCL on the brain when I said Coco Cay!
  13. Not necessarily...when I see rooms that I think will work for us, I often book even if I don't have all the questions answered yet. Then I as I gather more information with the helpful people here and elsewhere, I can keep or change my booking. The cruise is still 16 months out so I'm still gathering info, but wanted a reservation in place as it's over Thanksgiving and is filling pretty quickly:)
  14. I have 2 cabins on hold for a 4-night cruise over Thanksgiving 2020 on Wonder. I chose the "entry level" concierge cabins which are the same size as family verandah cabins from what I have read. I have read numerous blogs and opinions as to the "value" of concierge perks. I know only we can decide if it's "worth it" but before my 24-hour hold expires at midnight, I wanted to be sure I have the facts to make my decision. This cruise does not go to Coco Cay so no help needed in securing a cabana. The only port is Cozumel and we will plan our own outing. We are not likely to eat at a specialty restaurant, preferring main dining with the kids. Of course the included drinks are handy, but no way will 4 adults drink enough to offset the upcharge. And it concerns me that the concierge lounge is two decks up from deck 8 where all the concierge cabins are. How often are we likely to go up there just for a better cup of coffee? The biggest plus I had read about was getting early access to make reservations for character meets (as well as character visits in the lounge). But if I am prompt can't I make my own character meet reservations online? Or maybe I misunderstood something. Is there a special breakfast with characters that the concierge staff could reserve for me that I can't do on my own if non-concierge? I know there is also some pampering...first in line to board and disembark. But we are looking at a $3000 difference for the two cabins between concierge and non-concierge so I might rather enjoy an additional vacation somewhere for that $3000! I am really good at getting online exactly when needed to make dining and Fast Pass reservations at WDW so I' trying to wrap my mind around needing or having the luxury of someone doing this for me. Help clarify if you can - thanks! The clock is ticking LOL!
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