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  1. Will be sailing with Meraviglia next week! I am wondering if the Polar Waterpark (bridge) is free of charge? If not, how much is it? Besides the main restaurant and buffet, are there any other included restaurants? I was thinking of burgers, pizza... Thanks for any input!
  2. Agree. Customer sevice at MSC can be (much) better. But ... their ships are a-m-a-z-i-n-g!
  3. Hi everyone! Does anyone know which cabins on MSC Meraviglia that have tubs? Thanks!
  4. Hi there What would you do if you booked a cruise and read negative reviews afterwards? People calling the ship not classy, over the top, etc. I read that some people even cancel the cruise based on opinions of others? That's really sad no? What is your opinion on this matter?
  5. I do agree with most of the replies! The one thing that really bothers me, is that some people can not say one good word about some cruiselines. For example, one told me that the ship is the most ugly ship she/he has ever seen. Not nice when you booked a cruise on that specific ship. Although 99% does love the ship 🙂
  6. Can't really compare. Allure of the seas was built 10 years ago. MSC Meraviglia and Seaside are brand new ships. Cruise Critic Editor Rating for both Meraviglia and Allure of the Seas = 5/5. Seaside 4,5/5. They're cruise fanatics and can compare in my opinion.
  7. Hi there We will be sailing with the MSC Meraviglia in a few weeks. The ship looks absolutely stunning and I can't wait to explore and experience it myself! Overall, the reviews are great, but some are negative. I read that some people even cancel a cruise (whatever cruiseline...) based on opinions of others. That's kind of sad, no? Everyone likes something different. What I do not appreciate is that someone totally defames a ship. A lady wrote that she didn't like anything about the ships: the decor, the food, service, etc. Some people do not like all the glitter and glamour. I hate it when they discourage a cruiseline when they don't even know what they're talking about. What is your opinion on this matter?
  8. Hello there! We will be sailing on the Meraviglia in a few weeks and we have the Easy Package. I understand that drinks up till 6 EUR are included. Are milshakes included as well? Thanks.
  9. Hi there! We will sail with the MSC Meraviglia in a few weeks and I have a few questions about the on board food. Which restaurants are included? Is an à la carte breakfast possible? What are the dining hours? We are seated in the early dining section. Thanks Christophe
  10. Hi there! We will be sailing with MSC Meraviglia in the Mediterranean in April. Kids love the waterslides ... will they be open? I do realize it depends on the weather, but what are your overall experiences? Thanks Christophe
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