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  1. They usually involve a walking tour of the old town sections of whatever city/town you are visiting. You'll learn a bit more & see more than if you do the panoramic tour. You'll usually end up at a local market or maybe a specialty store to try a small snack that the area is famous for & then have some time on your own to explore a little more or shop (or have a cappuccino or glass of wine:)) As PP said the Cruise Director will have more info on the excursions-they usually go over each of the next days options at the evening Port Talk the night before. Enjoy your planning!!
  2. Overall I'm fine w/ their water-it's just the carafe that I'm not a fan of. I feel like they just fill it in the bathroom & put it back out. I know they don't do that, I know it's filtered & all but it's just the mental picture I can't get out of my head. 🙂
  3. We brought our own water bottles from home last time too & filled them for all our excursions & anytime we were up on the sundeck-they're 2x the size of the ones Uniworld provides. I'm packing ones that have a built in filter this time too. I was just looking for another option in addition to those.
  4. Hey All, We are taking Uniworld's Castles on the Rhine in July-sailing on the River Empress (very excited) & were wondering if we are able to bring a small case of water (maybe 6 bottles) onboard w/ us? I'm not sure if that's allowed or not. We'd pick it up a local market over there & maybe get another small case in another port along the river. I love Uniworld but hate the glass carafe of water they put in the room. I know they have the water/coffee station in the hall & a bar where we can get water but last year we wound up carrying 4-5 glasses at a time back to our room for after dinner/overnight/early morning. For context-we just got back from 8 days at Disney World & I had a local grocery service deliver two cases (40 bottles each) to our hotel-we only had 6 left at the end of the trip. I know, we nuts when it comes to water😳. Thanks in advance!!
  5. We travel in July so we always change for dinner-too hot & sticky after being on the go all day:) My hub goes w/ dockers, dress shirt w/ sleeves rolled up & boat shoes & I go w/ black or white crops, a dressier top, slingbacks & jewelry. Most people change for dinner-maybe a step or two up from daytime wear. Everyone usually steps it up a bit more for the Welcome/Farewell Dinner. I usually wear a sundress of some sort for those. Enjoy yourself & have a great time!!
  6. I'm sorry I can't help w/ your AMA question but we always get our Euro's before we leave home. I pick them up from our local bank & when we get to Europe we're ready to hit the ground running & not have to start looking for an ATM. As a bonus-if we have some leftover after our trip they go in the travel fund for the next year:)
  7. I felt the same way on our Venice cruise. It was the first morning & a very fast moving vaperetto sailed by while we were still docked, the ship rocked sideways a bit & I felt a little queasy for a few minutes. That was the only time over the course of the week (& indeed 2 other river cruises) that I felt slightly sick.
  8. Hey LoisR, You are going to love this trip! Venice is one of my favorite cities-so much so that we almost did this cruise again this July (took it in 2017). If you're looking for a hotel we have stayed at both the Bauer Palazzo & the Luna Baglioni-both top notch hotels in great locations near St Marks Square. Enjoy your trip!!
  9. Looks great! I'll be following along-have a great time & please do review when you get back home. We did Venice on the River Countess in '17, I hope you enjoy it as much as we did!
  10. Looks great, looking forward to the next installment!
  11. Thanks everyone for all the great suggestions. I think I'll go with a combo of several of the ideas/books/maps above. CruiseCritic members really comes thru again!
  12. Thanks Everyone! I'll check out the books recommended above & also try printing out some things online. I love the "old fashioned" guidebooks though. I usually rip out the pages for the places we'll be visiting so I don't have to carry the whole book & then use them in the photo album I put together when we get home. Yup, "old fashioned" on that too-and I'm only 48:) Now, on with the search...
  13. Can anyone recommend a good guidebook for a cruise on the Rhine? We are on Uniworld's Castles on the Rhine itinerary (very excited). We always use the Rick Steves guidebooks but since this itinerary encompasses several different countries I'd have to buy about 3 different books just for a small blurb about each area. Any/all suggestions welcome! Thanks!
  14. Hi Boblerm, We did the Normandy cruise on the Joie De Vivre last summer & the only dinner buffet was the day we did the Normandy beaches. It was a long day & we got back to the ship about the same time as the dining room opened for dinner. Some people changed for dinner & some just went straight in from the busses. We spruced ourselves up a bit but not as much as usual & had our "pre dinner" cocktails " after dinner. Hope this helps, enjoy your cruise!
  15. Hey Jeter55, We did this trip in July '17 (flew Delta direct from NY-we live on LI) & it was awesome! Since there isn't much sailing & you stay in Venice the majority of the time you really get to experience the feel of the "city". We docked in 2 different areas of Venice over the week which made it really easy to see a lot on our own in addition to the excursions thru Uniworld. We found we would just hop off the ship, go for a walk, maybe grab a gelato then get back on the ship. We even skipped dinner one night & ate at our favorite restaurant in Venice. Sitting up on the sundeck watching the water taxis & even cruise ships go by was so relaxing. We are actually thinking of repeating it for 2020. Enjoy your trip & have fun!!
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