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  1. Belize is beautiful. we did the Mayan ruins through Carnival and it was amazing. Never felt unsafe. All the locals were so happy we were there and grateful. Honestly the only place i was ever even slightly uncomfortable was the Bahamas. To much arm grabbing to buy knock off garbage from china...
  2. Interesting. I wonder what the charges are for extra apps or entrees.
  3. So i was watching a cruise vlog on Cucina Del Capitano ( not sure if that's spelled correct) and this couple order multiple apps and entrees. Is this possible. The description on the web site reads like you get one of each. Can you folks that have been confirm?
  4. I cannot speak for the Sunrise but the Sensation was my first.. She will always be special for me. I also sail on her again next Thursday and i cannot wait. She is an old ship but i loved her. The smaller ships feel less crowded.
  5. We were on the Conquest last October. The HUB app was cool for information but really sucked for communication. Messages never received and many dead zones on the ship. for instance if you were in the casino you could forget ever getting a message. We sail on the Sensation next week and im just wondering if any changes or improvements have ben made?
  6. Of course i do not break rules and show respect to others who do not have a smoking or vaping habit.
  7. Of course. im not into illegal activities or breaking any rules.
  8. A question to fellow vapors. i have an upcoming Carnival cruise and i recently stopped smoking and switched to vaping. My question is how to you pack your vape products. I will be bringing my Smok Nord a couple extra coils just in case and a small bottle of juice. Do you put your supplies in with your bathroom products or in your backpack? Share your experience please.
  9. Hadiez

    Authentic Dinner

    Carnival Sensation.
  10. Hadiez

    Authentic Dinner

    I know this question is very subjective but here we go. We are stopping in Cozumel and will be there late so we are having a fun day at Mr. Sanchos and then will go back to the ship shower and head back off to have a nice authentic dinner while we are still in Cozumel. Can you folks recommend some good spots to eat that are close to the pier?
  11. Hello sea lovers! I have an upcoming cruise and I would like to buy my wife and daughter some goodies to be in the room when we board. How do I keep that a secret??? My wife is on our account more than I am which is a lot. I need some tips or tricks to get some strawberries and cookies in my room without old eagle eyes knowing about it.
  12. Excellent thank you!
  13. So I was just reading a Fascination review and I was a little shocked to read that she does not have a fridge in each room. So I ask my fellow cruisers what do you do to keep some cold dinks in your room besides the tiny ice bucket?
  14. Hello Cruisers Can you buy new carnival beach/pool towels? if so how? do you ask your room steward for bagged new ones?
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